Red Rooster is a Dutch radio blues and roots station from Omroep Venlo, broadcasting in the South of the Netherlands, every Sunday evening from seven until nine 'o clock. Until now they have had more than 1000 radio shows. They started in April 1995

Blues- and roots music is hot in this region.Throughout the year there are several blues and roots festivals, like the Bluesrock festival (Tegelen) and the Moulin Blues festival (Ospel). Also the various singer-/ songwriter concerts in Café Cambrinus in Horst are well-known. Many famous artist already have been playing there, like Albert Lee, Tish Hinojosa and Iain Matthews

Well, what can one expect during these two hours? The first half starts with bluesrock, next the music slows down with traditional blues music and slow blues. In the second hour there's room for singer/songwriters, americana bands, and musical styles like country, soul, jazz and rock. New blues and roots albums are reviewed by Fons Daamen from Moulin Blues. The program closes with a liveblok.

At regular times there are guests and bands in the studio (see Pictures - Dutch version).



The Red Rooster team (from left to right): Huub Hovens, Peter Gubbels, Frank Schatorjé, Fons Daamen (standing), Gerard Muileman, Hans Stikkelbroeck (sitting), Thijs Persijn en Henk Maeghs

Address Red Rooster studio:

Nedinscoplein 7-9
5912 AH Venlo