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Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Cardinals, The The Door is Still Open Atlantic R&B (Vol 3) (1955)
2 Crosby Stills, Nash & Young Wooden Chips Woodstock (1970)
3 Mountain Theme From an Imaginary Western Woodstock Two (1971)
4 Dylan, Bob Highway 61 Woodstock '94 (1994)
5 Traffic Pearly Queen Woodstock '94 (1994)
6 Adams, Ryan Manchester Big Colors(2021)
7 Adams, Ryan Middle of the Line Big Colors(2021)
8 A.J. Plug Gimme a Smile Killer King (2021)
9 Dingemans, Nienke Tennesee River Devil On My Shoulder (2021)
10 Captain Morgan Express Hanging Tree No Weirdos Please (2021)
11 Bacon Fat Louis Wait and See BFL#3 (2021)
12 Old Salt Pastures of Plenty Live in Room 13 (2021)
13 Noe, Ian Irene  Between The Country (2019)
14 Brace, Eric & Last Train Home If I Had A Nickel Everything will Be(2022)

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New goods

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Jessie Lee & The Alchemists Get Out Of My Head Let it shine 2021
2 The Ragged Roses  Do Me Right Do Me Right (2021)
3 The Blue Chevys Willow Tree The Night Calls (2022)
4 Kardang Magic  
5 Dipner, Pierce  We're Not Leaving Goin' Back (2022)
6 Sugar Queen & The Straight Blues band Better Ways  
7 PD Martin Come To Bed Sinle (2021)
8 Guitar Jack Wargo Livin' In The Blues Til The Money's Gone (2021)
9 Big Red Machine Phoenix (feat. Fleet Foxes) How Long Do You Think It's Gonna Last?
10 Bony Man Cinnamon Fields Cinnamon Fields (2021)
11 Mick Flannery & Susan O'Neill Trouble In the Game (2021)
12 JW Roy Laat Het Leven Maar Zweven Kouwe Kermis (2022)
13 Woodpickers All Life Matters The Woodpickers Singles (2021)
14 Gov't Mule Snatch It Back And Hold It Heavy Load Blues (2021)

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Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Van Morrison  Song of Being a Child The Philosophers Stone (1998)
2 Earl, Ronnie Beatiful Child Language of the Soul (1994)
3 Carpaneto, Henry Angel Child Voodoo Boogie (2014)
4 Mayfield, Curtis  If I were Only A Child Again Back To The World (1973)
5 Gaye, Marvin Save The Children What's Going On (1971)
6 Kinks, The Mindless Child Of Motherhood BBC Session (1970)
7 Old Crow Medicine Show Child of The Mississippi Volunteer (2018)
8 Taylor, Chip Storybook Children Hit Man (1996)
9 Simon, Paul Mother and Child Reunion Paul Simon (1971)
10 Earle, Steve Nothing But A Child Copperhead Road (1988)
11 Earle, Justin Townes Kids in The Street Kids in The Street (2017)
12 Holiday, Billie God Bless The Child Best Of (1942)
13 King, Carole Child of Mine The Carnegie Hall Concert (1971)
14 Isbell, Jason  Only Children Reunions (2020)
15 Lowe, Nick Children Go Where I Send Thee Quality Street(2013)


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In Memoriam 2021

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 John Miles Now that the magic has gone Upfront (1993)  
2 Charlie Watts The Red Rooster The London Howlin' Wolf Sessions (1971)
3 BBA (Tim Bogart) Blues deluxe Live (1974)
4 Moore, Gary  In My Dreams How Blue Can You Get (recensie)
5 Moore, Gary  Done Somebody Wrong How Blue Can You Get (recensie)
6 Nancy Griffith Love At The Five And Dime One Fair Summer Evening (1988)
7 Poco (Rusty Young & Paul Cotton) Hoe down From the inside (1971)
8 Carlsberg (Jaap Castricum) All The President's Men Single 1979
9 Nesmith, Michael (Monkees) Tomorrow and me And the Hits Just Keep on Comin' (1972)
10 Michael Stanley Let's Get The Show On The road  Friends & Legends (1973)
11 Staple Stingers (Pervis Staples) A Hard Rain's A Gonna Fall This Little Light (1964)
12 Supremes (Mary Wilson) You move me Right On (1970)
13 ZZ TOP (Dusty Hill) Tusk Live At Montreux (2014) 


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Eerbetoon aan wijlen Jan Duyf

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 PF Sloan From A Distance Sailover (2006)
2 Lux, Kaz Between Alpha and Omega Guitar/Vocal (2001) 
3 Lee, Albert  If I Needed You  Heartbreak Hill (2003)
4 Derix, Egbert & John Helliwell Mood Piece for John Anthony Paintings in A Minor Lila (2012)
5 Matthews, Iain & Egbert Derix Buddha dials your Number In The Now (2012)
6 Rens, Sue van No Words Closure (2008)
7 Jodymoon Never Run Out A Love Brand New (2019)
8 Hinojosha, Tish Aquela Noche Aquela Noche (1991)
9 Baartmans, BJ Klaar Voor / Achter (2010)
10 Baartmans, BJ & Mike Roelofs Goodnight Lester Ins Blaue Hinein(2019)
11 Kuhn, Josie La Luna Loca La Luna Loca (2000)
12 Kvitnes, Henning Younger Voices Scandicana
13 Adams, Arno D'r is gen Verschil D'r is gen Verschil ( 2000)
14 Engels, Ton & Egbert Derix In de Kroeg In het zuiden opklaringen (2005)
15 Matthews, Iain Morgan The Pirate If you saw Thro'My Eyes (2005)
16 Matthews, Iain If you saw Thro'My Eyes If you saw Thro'My Eyes (2005)

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Black Friday

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 STEELY DAN BLACK FRIDAY (Geen Black Friday maar Black Flaaiday) Katy lied (1975) 
2 Los Lonely Boys Friday Night Live At Blue Cat Blues (2006)
3 SEALS, SON Friday AGAIN Bad Axe (1984)
4 TRAVERS, PAT BLACK FRIDAY Don't Feed the Alligators (2000)
5 Lewis, Alfred  Friday Moan Blues Trains On The Highway (1996)
6 King, Chris Thomas Friday night bleu Hotel Voodoo (2017)
7 Rascal Flatts Friday  Changed (2012)
8 Easybeats Friday on my mind Single 1966
9 Yola Diamond Stutted Shoes. Stand for myself (2021)
10 Yola Stand For Myself  Stand for myself (2021)
11 J.J. Cale Friday "5" (1979)
12 Sinatra, Nancy Friday’s child Nancy in London (1966)
13 Carlton, Larry  Friday Night Shuffle Eric Clapton's Crossroads Festival - Dallas (2004)

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Een muzikale ontdekkingstocht

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Moody Blues, The The Story in Your Eyes Every Good Boy Deserves Favour(1971)
2 Bryant, Danny Rescue Me The Rage To Survive(2021)
3 Boogie Beasts Howl Love Me Some(2021)
4 Bailey, Ellis Sunshine City Shining In The Half Light(2022)  single release
5 McKeon, Scott Third Eye Witness New Morning(2021)
6 McKeon, Scott Take me Back New Morning(2021)
7 Seven Stars over Sicily The Loner & The Lifeguard The Endless Sea(2021)
8 Ragged Roses, The Do Me Right Do me Right(2021)
9 Tip Jar Tell Me Something One Lifetime(2021)
10 Pollux, Frans & Baer Traa t Waas Beloaf Single(2021)
11 Eric Devries Little White Lies Song & Dance Man(2021)
12 Honeyrunners, The Honeymoon Everything is on Fire(2021)
13 Curse Of Lono Let Your Love Rain Down On Me People in Cars(2021)
14 Verlinde, Guy Ain't Nobody Gonna Hold Me Down All is Forgiven(2019)
15 Bell, Nathan Angola Prison Red White and American Blues(2021)
16 Morlix, Gurf Blood on The Page The Tightening of the Screws(2021)

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Martin Barre (Jethro Tull) 75 jaar

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Jethro Tull Someday the sun won't shine A Little Light Music (1992)
2 Jethro Tull Songs from the wood Songs from the wood (1978)
3 Barre, Martin Count The Chickens Stage Left (2003)
4 Jethro Tull Jack-A-Lynn Early version (Heavy Horses) (1978)
5 Jethro Tull Bouree A Little Light Music (1992)
6 Jethro Tull Thick as a brick Thick as a brick (1972)
7 Jethro Tull Singing all day Benefit (1970)
8 Jethro Tull Mother goose Aqualung (1971)
9 Jethro Tull Living in the past Living in the past (1972)
10 Jethro Tull Reason For Waiting This Was (remastered 2001)
11 Jethro Tull Christmas song This Was (remastered 2001)
12 Barre, Martin Life is a long song 50 years of jethro tull (2020)
13 Barre, Martin One white duck 50 years of jethro tull (2020)
14 Jethro Tull Locomotive Breath Aqualung live (2005)

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Autumn blues

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Pentangle The Trees They Do Grow High ("Aktief Greun Belvend wil Burgerbos Belfeld") Sweet Child (1968)
2 Roy Buchanan Black autumn Anthology (1992) - 1969 unreleased debut album
3 Mississippi John Hurt blue harvest blues "1929"
4 Hart, Beth & Joe Bonamassa Lullaby Of The Leaves blue harvest blues (2018)
5 Susanna & David Wallumrřd Chelsea Hotel #2 Live
6 Susanna & David Wallumrřd For No One Live
7 Healey Band, The Jeff Harvest Borrowed tunes - A tribute to Neil Young (1994)
8 young, neil harvest moon harvest moon (2004)
9 Kinks Autumn almanac Something Else (1967)
10 Iron and wine Autumn town leaves Weed Garden (2018)
11 Morrison, Van Autumn song Hard Nose The Highway (1973)
12 Dylan, Bob Autumn leaves Shadows in the Night (2015)
13 Allman Betts Band Autumn Breeze Down to the River(2019)

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Red Rooster's Folkbox mét Boxin' The Vox

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Benson, George Take Five Bad Benson (1974)
2 Bloom, Luka Out of the Blue Out of The Blue(2020)
3 Moore, Christy Before The Deluge Box "Magic Nights on The Road"(2017)
4 Boxin'The Vox   Seven White Horses Seven White Horses(2021)
5 Boxin'The Vox   Mr. Alzheimer Seven White Horses(2021)
6 Boxin'The Vox   The Whiskey War Seven White Horses(2021)
7 Black, Mary Japanese Deluxe Full Tide(2005) bonus Track
8 Mittchell, Joni The Dawnreader Song To A Seagull(1968)
9 Fotheringay The Sea Box "Nothing More"(1970)
10 Pentangle Travelling Song Box "The Time Has Come" (1968)
11 Shannon, Sharon Cavan Potholes Common Ground (1996)
12 Chapman, Michael In The Valley Window(1970)
13 Pogues, The The Leaving Of Liverpool Red Roses For Me(1984) bonus track
14 Woods Band, The Dreams Box "Terug Naar Lochem" (1971)


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Haandert Rock

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Broes, Walter & The Mercinaires Closed Movin' Up (2016)
2 What The FRNK Speed of Light Speed of Light(2021)
3 Carolyn Wonderland Fragile Peace and Certain War Tempting Fate(2021)
4 Daffodils, The Living Like an Animal Haandert Rock 2021
5 Cool O' Keefe War Pigs Haandert Rock 2021
6 Mad Murdock Twilight Zone Haandert Rock 2021
7 Chartrand, Brian Worth The Fight Worth The Fight(2015)
8 Matthews Baartmans Conspirancy Writing Of The Blues Distant Chatter(2021)
9 Los Lobos For What it's Worth Native Sons(2021)
10 Los Lobos Sail On Sailor Native Sons(2021)
11 Boxin' The Vox Keep the Fires Burning Seven White Horses(2019)
12 NinaLynn Seasons Hummingbird(2020)
13 Honeyrunners, The What are you scared of? Everything is on Fire(2021)
14 Seven Stars Over Sicily Ghostdancer The Endless Sea(2021)


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Bluesrock 2019

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 King Mo Make It Right Sweet Devil (2009)
2 Vendetta Drive Wrong Side of The Bed Sampler (2018)
3 Cards, The Bandid On The Run The Cards(2019)
4 Dede Piest  Blues, Is Running Red Kinky At The Root(2011)
5 Bryant, Danny Big Band Too Far Gone Means Of Escape(2019)
6 Neal, Kenny Caught Your Backdoor Man Big News From Baton Rouge!!(1988)
7 Neal, Kenny I Go By Feel Bloodline (2016)
8 Sas, Julian Home Feelin' Live! (1998)
9 Sas, Julian Shake Your Money Maker Live! (1998)
10 DeWolff Outta Step & Ill at Ease Outta Step & Ill at Ease (2016)
11 DeWolff Double Crossing Man Thrust (2018)

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The world is a ghetto

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Kubek, Smokin' Chain smokin Chain smokin (1992)
2 DVL I wish you would  Bluesrock 2016
3 Skip James Drunken Spree Live 1964
4 Keb mo Suitcase Suitcase (2006)
5 Durand jones & the indications Witchoo private space
6 Durand jones & the indications The Way That I Do private space
7 Yola Barely alive Stand For Myself (2021)
8 Los Lobos The world is a ghetto Native Sons (2021)
9 Dylan, Bob Dark Eyes Springtime in New York (2021)
10 Villagers So Sympatico Fever dreams (2021)
11 Slovenska gruda grajski vrtnar Pesmi (1986)
12 Vaughan, Stevie Ray The Sky Is Crying (Live) The essential (2002)

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Bluesrock 2018

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Jongh, Ralph de More Than Words More Than Words(2011)
2 Stompin'Grounds Last Night Live at Bluesrock 2018
3 Neilson, Taimie Holy Moses Don't Be Afraid(2015)
4 Ben Miller Band Akira Kurosawa Choke Cherry Tree(2018)
5 King King Rush Hour Reaching For The Night(2015)
6 Bintangs, The Riding On The L&N Travelling in the USA(1970)
7 Jones, Laurence Never Good Enough The Truth(2018)
8 Jones, Laurence Daytripper Laurence Jones Band(2019)
9 Trout, Walter & Charly Musselwhite The Other Side Of The Pillow We are all in This Together(2017)
10 Trout, Walter & Jeff Healey Working Overtime Full Circle (2006)
11 Trout, Walter & Joe Bonamassa We are all in This Together We are all in This Together(2017)

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GAST: Peter Beeker

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Bonzo Dog doo da Band Can Blue Men Sing The Whites? Beyond Missisippi(1968)
2 T Model Ford She Asked Me So I Told Her Motion Picture "Big Bad Love"(2002)
3 GA-20  Sadie Does Hound Dog Taylor(2021)
4 Kimbrough, Junior Junior's Place Motion Picture "Big Bad Love"(2002)
5 Little Axe All Night Party Beyond Missisippi(2002)
6 Drum & Beeker Biestig GRMBL. (2021)
7 Drum & Beeker Medicien GRMBL. (2021)
8 North Mississippi Allstars Snake Drive It Came From Memphis(2003)
9 Payton, Aysie I Love You Motion Picture "Big Bad Love"(2002)
10 Belfour, Robert My Baby's Gone Motion Picture "Big Bad Love"(2002)
11 Hemphill, Jesse Mae Loving In The Moonlight Beyond Missisippi(1980)
12 Drum & Beeker Juek GRMBL. (2021)
13 Drum & Beeker Ekster GRMBL. (2021)

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Nieuwe releases met veel 'vette blues'

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 BB King & Bobby Bland Let The Good Times Roll Live in LA 1976
2 Alabama 3 They Shoot Horses Step 13(2021)
3 GA-20  Give Me Back My Wig Does Hound Dog Taylor(2021)
4 Burnside, R.L. Boogie Chillen A  Ass Pocket of Whiskey(1996)
5 Jackson, Calvin Hard To Get Along Going Down South (1999)
6 Burnside, Cedric Step In I'll Be Trying(2021)
7 Drum & Beeker Kaole Hand GRMBL. (2021)
8 Vaughan, Jimmy & Bonnie Raitt The Pleasure is all Mine Jimmy Vaughan Story (BOX) (2021)
9 Milligan, Malford & The Southern Aces Ain't No News Like Bad News I Was A Wittness(2021)
10 Helm, Amy Wait For The Rain What The Flood Leaves Behind(2021)
11 Allman Betts Band Pale Horse Rider Bless Your Heart(2020)
12 Robert Jon & The Wreck Hurricane Shine A Light On Me Brother(2021)
13 Browne, Jackson A Little Soon To Say Downhill From Everywhere(2021)
14 Capps, Garrett T Everybody I Know I Love San Antone(2021)
15 Los Lobos Bluebird / For What it's Worth Native Sons(2021)


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Bluesrock 2017

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Klaver, John F I Told Ya Wheels in Motion (2013)
2 Dynamics, The Johnny B Goode Live Zoetermeer 2018
3 Michelle David & The Gospel Sessions My Praise Gospel Sessions Vol 2 (2015)
4 Danny Vera Expandable Time The New Black & White  II (2015)
5 Akkerman, Jan Nail The Snake Focus in Time (1996)
6 Liberators, The Troubled Mind Troubled Mind (2020)
7 Nine Below Zero Stop Your Nagging Live in London 2014
8 Nine Below Zero Egg On My Face Live in London 2014
9 Yardbirds, The Smokestack Lightning  Sampler Smokestack Lightning (1981)
10 Yardbirds, The & Sonny Boy Williamson Pontiac Blues Sampler Smokestack Lightning (1965)
11 Yardbirds, The Steeled Blues Sampler Smokestack Lightning (1965)

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It was 20 years ago today: 9/11

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Etheridge, Melissa Tuesday morning Lucky (2004)
2 Daniels, Charlie  This Ain't No Rag, It's A Flag  live 2001
3 Young, Neil  Let's Roll Are You Passionate? (2001)
4 Dieter & Eric van der Westen  Erie Canal The Sun Will Rise Again
5 Dieter & Eric van der Westen  Blue Skies Above The Sun Will Rise Again
6 Vega, Suzanne  Anniversary Beauty & Crime (2007)
7 Springsteen, bruce the rising the rising (2002)
8 Matthews & Ad Vanderveen, Ian  Rerun Matinee More than a song (2001)
9 Cohen, Leonard  On That Day  Dear Heather (2004)
10 Jansch, Bert  Bright Sunny Morning  Edge Of A Dream (2002)
11 Mayer, John  Covered in rain  Live at the oak mountain theatre (2002)
12 Mccartney, paul Freedom Back in the u.s. (2002)

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Charlie Watts: zonder Charlie geen Stones!

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Exbats, The I Got The Hots For Charly Watts Digitale download (2018)
2 Blues Incorporated (Alexis Korner) Hoochie Coochie Man  Alexis Korner 1961-1972  (opname 1962)
3 Frampton, Peter, Charlie Watts & Bill Wyman Cornerstones  Fingerprints (2006)
4 Charlie Watts Jim Keltner Project  The Elvin Suite Charlie Watts Jim Keltner Project (2000)
5 Tim Ries Project No Expectations Stones World II (2008)
6 Charlie Watts Orchestra Lester Leaps In Live At Fulham Town Hall(1986)
7 Rolling Stones, The Little Baby Stripped(1995)
8 Rolling Stones, The Moon is Up Voodoo Lounge(1994)
9 Rolling Stones, The Undercover of The Night Undercover(1983)
10 Rolling Stones, The Tumbling Dice Exile On Mainstreet(1972)
11 Rolling Stones, The Honky Tonk Woman Single 1969
12 Rolling Stones, The Paint it Black Single 1966/ Aftermath(1966)
13 Rolling Stones, The Get Off Of My Cloud Single 1966/ Decembers Children(and Everybody's)
14 Rolling Stones, The 19th Nervous Breakdown Single (1966) Big Hits(High Tide and Green Grass)
15 Rolling Stones, The Beast of Burden Some Girls(1978)
16 Rolling Stones, The I Can't Get No(Satisfaction) Single 1965  Out Of Four Hads

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Bluesrock 2016

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 BluesVocation Little Red Rooster Live in Grenswerk (2017)
2 Howlin' Stone Evil Woman Blues Demo Southern Blues Night 2014
3 Greasy Slicks, The Barefoot The Greasy Slicks (2016)
4 Wayne, Bob Sympathy For The Devil Hit The Hits (2015)
5 Birth Of Joy Make Things Happen Live op Best Kept Secret (2014)
6 Harman, Jo Unchanged and Alone People we become(2017)
7 Fantastic Negrito Sceary Woman The Last Days of Oakland (2015)
8 Bryant, Danny Tell Me Night Life - Live in Holland (2012)
9 Barrelhouse Three Times A Fool Barrelhouse Live (2004)
10 Barrelhouse Skin and Bones Barrelhouse Live (2004)
11 DVL - Hoax, The Hungry Man's Blues Live Forever(1999)
12 DVL - Forsyth, Guy Going To The Church Unrepentant Schizophrenic Americana (2006)
13 DVL - 13 Featuring Lester Butler So Low Down 13 Featuring Lester Butler (1997)

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ABIK Productions (& more)

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Charles, Ray A song for you My world  (1993)
2 Randall, Georgia Fever Hound dog (2021)
3 Nelson & Jambalaya West, Kirk  I Love the Life I Live Lagniappe (2021)
4 The Hello Darlins Still Waters  Go By Feel (2021)
5 The Hello Darlins Prayer For A Sparrow Go By Feel (2021)
6 Knipp, Katie Better me The Well (2021)
7 Hangan, Elizabeth Notorious Woman Single (2021)
8 The Weber Brothers and Timothy Bracken Listen Choose Your Own Adventure (2021)
9 Clayton, Cass  City Noise City Noise (2021)
10 Everly Brothers  I wonder if i care as much Roots (1968)
11 Purdy, Brigitte Time For Love Time For Love (2021)
12 Johns, Will Oh well Bluesdaddy (2021)
13 Debra power Before my time (Live) Before my time (Live) (2021)

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Bluesrock 2015

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 2 Bonheur BV Bis Diech 't Ech? Blues in Tegelen 1997
2 Blackwater Experience, The What Never Was Will Never Be Peacemaker(2015
3 Delta Saints, The A Bird Called Angola The Delta Saints(2011)
4 My Baby Meet me at The Wishing Well Shamanaid(2015)
5 Sven Hammond Brother Drunk IV (2015)
6 Dirty Aces, The Anna Marie From The Basement(2015)
7 Dr. Feelgood Milk & Alcohol Stupidity(1979)
8 Reed, Eli "Paperboy" Pick A Number Come and Get It! (2010)
9 Reed, Eli "Paperboy" I Found You Out Come and Get It! (2010)
10 DeWolff Outta Step  & Ill at Ease Live & Out of Sight II (2019)
11 DeWolff Double Crossing Man Live & Out of Sight II (2019)
12 DeWolff Love Dimension Live & Out of Sight II (2019)

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Bluesrock 2014

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Big Blind Dressed To Win Dressed To Win(2007)
2 Red Devils (Dead Revils, The) Devil Woman King King (1992)
3 Ruben Hoeke Band Soul of a Man Loaded (2013)
4 Hamilton Loomis Stuck in A Rut Give it Back(2013)
5 Thorbjorn Risager & The Black Tornado Too Many Roads Too Many Roads (2014)
6 Beans & Fatback Beggin' With Skin Attached(2013)
7 Slobberbone Your Excuse Barrel Chested(1997)
8 Royal Southern Brotherhood Trapped Heart Soul Blood (2014)
9 Royal Southern Brotherhood Groove On Heart Soul Blood (2014)
10 Fuchs, Dana I've Been Loving You Too Long Love to Beg(2011)
11 Fuchs, Dana Nobody's Fault But Mine Love Lives On(2018)
12 Fuchs, Dana Helter Skelter Live in  NYC(2008)

Playlist 1307 opgenomen maandag 25 juli 2021 (samenstelling Henk Maeghs)

Down in the flood

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Buchanan, Roy Down by the river You're Not Alone (1978)
2 Bonamassa, Joe How Deep This River Runs Blues Of Desperation (2016)
3 Trout, Walter The Bottom of the River The Blues Came Callin' (2014)
4 Ticket West  Mess Around Cab Driving Man
5 Ticket West  Low Down Dog Cab Driving Man
6 Dylan, Bob Down in the flood The Basement Tapes (1975)
7 Russell, Leon Watching The River Flow Tangled Up In Blues (1999)
8 Allen, Jon Deep River Deep River (2014)
9 Adams, Ryan  Invisible Riverside Ashes & Fire (2011)
10 America Don't Cross the River Homecoming (1972)
11 Loggins & Messina Watching The River Run Full Sail (1973)
12 Bibb, Eric  Flood Water Booker's Guitar (2010)
13 Bergh, Bert van den  Oh sister 24 mei 2012 Omroep Venlo

Playlist 1306 opgenomen maandag 12 juli 2021 (samenstelling Henk Maeghs)

"You'll get the strangest feeling" (when a guitar plays the blues)

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Russel, Calvin One meatball Crossroad Live (2001)
2 Buchanan, Roy  When A Guitar Plays The Blues When A Guitar Plays The Blues (1985)
3 Allison, Bernard   just my guitar and me chills & thrills (2007)
4 Vidar Busk Guitarmageddon Guitarmageddon (2005)
5 Little Hat If You Think I’ve Lost You Wine Whiskey & Wimmen
6 Little Hat Highway 61 Wine Whiskey & Wimmen
7 Winter, Johnny  Johnny Guitar Hey, Where's Your Brother? (1992)
8 Earl, Ronnie Blue Guitar The Very Best of Steve Earle: Angry Young Man(1999)
9 Hiatt, John  Perfectly Good Guitar (Acoustic) Collected (2012)
10 Young, Neil  This Old Guitar Prairie Wind (2005)
11 Munyon, David  Guitar Road Poet Wind (1998)
12 Healey, Jeff  While My Guitar Gently Wheeps Hell To Pay (1990)
13 Breuer, Paul You're a big girl now Live studio OV (24-5-2021)


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Bluesrock 2013

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Mighty Ya Ya, The Tupelo Tree Harakiri Blues(2020)
2 Guy Smeets Band I Just Don't Care Guy Smeets Band(2014)
3 Faulkner, Jaimi All My Hope is Gone Back Road (2017)
4 Perpetrators, The Call Me Towtruck(2007)
5 Walter, Khailif "Wailin" Reign Down Fire Nothin'Left to Lose(2018)
6 King of The World If You Want To Leave Live at The Paradiso (2015)
7 King of The World Let's Go Get Stoned Live at The Paradiso (2015)
8 Forsyth, Guy Play To Loose The Pleaser (2015)
9 Forsyth, Guy Carried By Six The Pleaser (2015)
10 Hoax, The High Expectations Humdinger(1998)
11 Hoax, The Groovebreaker Humdinger(1998)

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Bluesrock 2012

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Litte Hat Just Keep Lovin' Her Wine Whiskey & Wimmen (2020)
2 Handsome Fellows, The Full Time Lover Demo (2014)
3 Mighty Ya Ya Shake & Quake Harakiri Blues(2020)
4 Ganashake Special Sauce Live at The Montmartre(2011)
5 Band of Friends Body and Soul Too Much is Not Enough(2013)
6 My Brainbox (feat Jan Akkerman) Down Man A & B Sides and More(1969)
7 My Brainbox (feat Jan Akkerman) Dark Rose A & B Sides and More(1969)
8 Clearwater, Eddy "The Chief" Lowdown Lonesome Feeling A Real Good Time - Live! (1990)
9 Clearwater, Eddy "The Chief" Crossover Help Yourself (1992)
10 Paladins, The Keep on Lovin'Me Baby Slippin'in Ernesto's (2016)
11 Paladins, The Follow Your Heart Slippin'in Ernesto's (2016)
12 Paladins, The Let's Buzz Slippin'in Ernesto's (2016)

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Something old, something new

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 The Smoke Wagon Blues Band Cigar store  Cigar store (2016)
2 McKeon, Scott fight no more New Morning (2021)
3 Ben Poole & Guy Smeets  Too tired Acoustic Duo Live (2021)
4 Harman, James that's not your baby strictly live in '85 (1990)
5 Moore, Gary In my dreams How blue can you get (2021)
6 Western Centuries Everytime It’s Raining Call the Captain
7 Western Centuries Before The Final Bell Call the Captain
8 Secret combination  Ain't no crime Finally (2021)
9 Lucky bones Matchstick men Matchstick men (2018)
10 Gray, David The White Owl Skellig (2021)
11 Hanson, Cory Pale Horse Rider  Pale Horse Rider (2021)
12 Hurst, Mike To my daughter Home (1970)
13 Newman, Randy Memo to my son Sail away (1972)
14 Wilmer, Jelske One more cup of coffee Live studio OV

Playlist 1302 opgenomen zondag 20 juni 2021 (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé)

Bluesrock 2011

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Jagger, Chris Waiting in Line Mixing Up The Medicine(2021)
2 Matchless Blue Sugar Sweet Demo CD (2010)
3 Dede Priest Freddie King Way Down Deep Kinky At The Root (2011)
4 Mallone, Marcus Let The Sunshine In Let The Sunshine In (2011)
5 Sultans of Slide Going Upstairs Lightning Strikes(2011) Sampler RR 2010-2011
6 Siegal, Ian Moonshine Minny The Skinny (2011)
7 DeWolff Evil and The Midnight Sun Orchards & Lupine (2011)
8 DeWolff Pick Your Bones Out Of The Water Orchards & Lupine (2011)
9 Canned Heat One Kind Favor Canned Heat Blues Band(2000)
10 Canned Heat Oh Baby Canned Heat Blues Band(2000)
11 Canned Heat Gorgo Boogie Canned Heat Blues Band(2000)

Playlist 1301 opgenomen zondag 20 juni 2021 (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé)

Bluesrock 2010

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Juke Joints, The Out On The Western Plain Crossroads (2011) Sampler RR 2010-2011
2 Clark, Johnnie & The Outlaws From Da South Two Tears in a Bucket (2009) Sampler RR 2010-2011
3 Schill, Stefan Just Not Today Don't Say a Word(2010)
4 Freischlader, Henrik The Bridge Tour 2010 Live
5 Saint Jude Soul On Fire Diary Of A Soul Friend(2010)
6 Trower, Robin Once The Spell is Broken What Lies Beneath(2009)
7 Fuchs, Dana Cool Enough Live in NYC(2007)
8 Fuchs, Dana I'd Rather Go Blind Live in NYC(2007)
9 Los Lonely Boys Crazy Dream Live At Fillmore October 23 (2004)
10 Los Lonely Boys Hollywood Live At Fillmore October 23 (2004)
11 Los Lonely Boys Heaven Live Acoustic(2010)

Playlist 1300 opgenomen zondag 13 juni 2021 (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé)

Bluesrock 2009 met gast Niek Murray (Buro Pinkpop)

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Smeets, Guy Lost in The Blues Demo Southern Blues Night 2011
2 Little Tony & Greyhound Levy Stoned Spotify
3 Gogo, David Over and over Different views (2010)
4 Legendary Shack Shackers, The Old Spur Line Swampblood (2009)
5 Hunter, James People Gonna Talk Live Moulin Blues 2009
6 Hunter, James Riot in My Heart Live Moulin Blues 2009
7 Sas, Julian Turpentine Moan Live (2011)
8 Sas, Julian Moving To Survive Resurection(2007)
9 Cuby & The Blizzards Hobo Blues 35 jaar C&B Blues Traveller (2000) Live 1997
10 Cuby & The Blizzards Last Minute Flight 35 jaar C&B Blues Traveller (2000)
11 Cuby & The Blizzards Stranger Cats Lost (2010)
12 Hank III & Jackass Satan is Real / Straight To Hell Straight To Hell (2006)
13 Hank III & Jackass Thrown Out Of The Bar Straight To Hell (2006)
14 Hank III & Jackass Trashville Lovesick, Broke & Driftin'(2002)

Playlist 1299 opgenomen zondag 6 juni 2021 (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé)

Bluesrock 2008

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Seatsniffers, The We're Gonna Rock Let's Burn Down The Cornfield (2004)
2 Boogaboo Tang Gumbay Rock -2008
3 Rhythm Chiefs, The What's Your Color  Ships Of Wonder (2008)
4 Big Blind Mr. Right Dressed To Win (2007)
5 McKeon, Scott ( Jesse Davey) Last Thing I Do Can't Take No More (2007)
6 White Cowbell Oklahoma Koko Girl Casa Diablo (2006) 
7 Mac Cormack, Eamonn  Gypsy Woman Storyteller (2020)
8 Mac Cormack, Eamonn  Help me Understand Storyteller (2020)
9 Trout, Walter Welcome To The Human Race The Outsider (2008)
10 Trout, Walter Go The Distance Go The Distance(2001)
11 Trout, Walter & Friends (James Harman) A Busy Man Walter Trout & Friends(2006)

Playlist 1298 opgenomen zondag 6 juni 2021 (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé)

"Red Rooster News: frontpage blues & roots!"

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Bonamassa, Joe  High Water Everywhere You & Me (2006)
2 Travellin'Blue Kings Too Many People Single (2021)  
3 Verlinde, Guy Blind Willie McTell Single (2021)  
4 Beaux Gris Gris & The Apocalips Don't Let The Bastards Let You Down Love & Murder (2018) 
5 Jones, Laurence Take Me High Take Me High (2016) 
6 Michelle David Nobody But The Lord The Gospel Sessions Vol 3 (2018)
7 Gales, Eric Change in Me (The Rebirth) Middle of The Road(2017) 
8 What The FRNK Get Down There's something about You (2021) 
9 Tip Jar Tell me Something One Lifetime (2021)
10 Westen, Dieter van der & Eric van der Westen Erie Canal The Sun Will Rise Again (2021)
11 Lynn, Nina Clear Blue Skies Hummingbird (2021)
12 Verlinde, Guy Keppe, 'K Zien Ier Vur Joen Single (2021) 


Playlist 1297 opgenomen zondag 30 mei 2021 (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé)

Bluesrock 2007

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Rooster Cogburn Can't Hold Out Night Before 1998
2 Fister, Steve Age of Sweet Dreams Live Bullets (2007)
3 Stoolgang, The Farmer John  
4 Dirty Sweet Baby Come Home …… Of Monarchs and Beggars(2007)
5 T 99 Sun Vagabonds(2007)
6 Pittman, Shawn Slip Away Stay(2004)
7 Ten Years After Relegion Rock & Roll Music To The World(1972)
8 Ten Years After Choo Choo Mama Rock & Roll Music To The World(1972)
9 Ten Years After Slip Slide Away Evolution(2008)
10 Popa Chubby Little Wing Electric Chubby Land(2006)
11 Popa Chubby Voodoo Chile Electric Chubby Land(2006)

Playlist 1296 opgenomen Pinkstermaandag 24 mei 2021 (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé / Henk Maeghs)

Jubileum Red Rooster (25 jaar) / Bob Dylan 80

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Dylan, Bob Mr. Tambourine Man Bringing it all Back Home(1965)
2 Dylan, Bob When I Got Troubles 1959/Bootleg Series Vol 7
3 Dylan, Bob Visions of Johanna Blonde on Blonde (1966)
4 Staple Singers, The Masters of War How Many Roads(Black America Sings Bob Dylan(1964)
5 Adams, Arno Ich Bun Ut Zat (I Threw it all Away) Dylan Geit Plat (2008)
6 Dylan, Bob (keuze Sef D) Like a Rolling Stone Highway 61 Revisited (1965)
7 Dylan, Bob (keuze Sef D) Just Like a Woman Blonde on Blonde (1966)
8 Dylan, Bob  Rita Mae CD Podcast 1293 - Single 1976
9 Dylan, Bob It's All Right Ma I'm Only Bleeding Bringing it all Back Home(1965)
10 Dylan, Bob Tomorrow night Good as I Been to You (1992)
11 Dylan, Bob All Along The watchtower Before The Flood(1974)
12 Breuer, Paul Dow Bus ein Goete Meid now(You’re a big girl now) Live optreden
13 Dylan, Bob Death is Not The End Down in the Groove (1988)
14 Lafave, Jimmy Sweetheart Like You Buffalo Return To The Plains(1995)
15 Ochs, Phil  Bound For Glory Box Phil Ochs
16 Dylan, Bob Tangled Up In Blue Bootleg series volumes 1-3
17 Dylan, Bob Senőr Street Legal (1978)
18 Dylan, Bob Going Going Gone Planet Waves(1974)
19 Wilmer, Jelske Blowin'In The Wind Live optreden
20 Wilmer, Jelske One More Cup of Coffee Live optreden
21 Cash, Johnny & The Avett Brothers One Too Many Mornings Chimes Of Freedom (Songs of Bob Dylan(2012)
22 Presley, Elvis Tomorrow is a Long Time CD Sounds (Spinout soundtrack - 1966)
23 Dylan, Bob Jokerman Infidels (1984)
24 Dylan, Bob I Pity The Poor Emigrant John Wesley Harding(1967)
25 Dylan, Bob Lay Lady Lay Nashville Skyline(1969)
26 Dylan, Bob Million Dollar Bash Basement Tapes(1975)
27 Dylan, Bob  Not Dark Yet Time Out of Mind(1997)
28 Dings, Ron Dink Neet Noa Kump Good (don't think twice it's all right) Live optreden
29 Dings, Ron like a rolling stone Live optreden
30 Dylan, Bob I'm Not There The Basement Tapes Raw (2014) bootleg 11
31 Ceasar, Shirley Gotta Serve Somebody The Gospel Songs of Bob Dylan(2001)
32 Dylan, Bob & The Band Knocking On Heaven's Door Pat Garrett & Billy The Kid(1973)
33 Dylan, Bob A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall Freeweelin'Bob Dylan(1963)
34 Dylan, Bob Subterranean Homesick Blues Bringing it All Back Home(1965)
35 Dylan, Bob (keuze Daan D) Murder Most Foul Rough and Rowdy Ways(2020)
36 Bergh, Bert van den To make You Feel My Love Live optreden
37 Bergh, Bert van den Oh Sister Live optreden
38 Bergh, Bert van den Maetje van ut Zwarte water(Girl From The North Country) Live optreden
39 Dylan, Bob Pay in Blood Tempest(2012)
40 Dylan, Bob If Not For You New Morning(1970)
41 Dylan, Bob (keuze Sef D) Workingman's Blues Modern Times
42 Dylan, Bob It Ain't Me Babe Another Side Of Bob Dylan(1964)
43 Beeker, Peter Door ut Stof Neet Mier(Maggie's Farm) Dylan Geit Plat(2008)
44 Dylan, Bob What Was it You Wanted Oh Mercy(1989)
45 Wilson, Cassandra Shelter From The Storm Belly of the Sun (2002)
46 Dylan, Bob High Water (For Charly Patton) Love and Theft(2001)
47 Dylan, Bob & The Band I shall be released Last Waltz


Playlist 1295 opgenomen zondag 16 mei 2021 (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé)

Bluesrock 2006

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 CC Rider Lady Lizard Night Before 1998
2 Danny Bryant's Redeye Band Heartbreaker Live (2010)
3 Danny Bryant's Redeye Band Slow Blues/Sweet Little Angel Live (2010)
4 Steckel, Eric The Ghetto Feels Like Home(2008)
5 Juke Joints, The Born in Chicago 30 Years of Rock & Roll Blues ( 2018)
6 Bottle Rockets, The You Can't Hide A Redneck (Under Thst Hippie Hair) Songs Of Sahm (2001)
7 Bonamassa, Joe No Slack So, It's Like That(2002)
8 Bonamassa, Joe Blues DeLuxe Blues DeLuxe (2004)
9 Bonamassa, Joe Livin'Easy Live at Carnegie Hall an Acoustic Evening (2017)
10 Winter, Johnny Highway 61 Rivisited Second Winter (1969)
11 Winter, Johnny Bladie Mae Nothin'But The Blues (1977)
12 Winter, Johnny Johnny B Goode Highway 61 Rivisited (2010)


Playlist 1294 opgenomen zondag 9 mei 2021 (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé)

Bluesrock 2005

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Electrophonics, The Boogie Party Catch That Swingtrain(2007)
2 Booz N' Blues Hey Joe Sampler Bluesrock (2005)
3 Superfloor Soulshaker Live it Up (2004)
4 Tognoni, Rob Catcher in The Rye Casino Placebo(2013)
5 Little Charlie & The Nightcats Smart Like Einstein Captured Live(1991)
6 Forsyth, Guy Needlegun Needlegun (1995)
7 Sas, Julian Don't Let Me Down Stand Your Ground(2019)
8 Sas, Julian Howlin'Wind Stand Your Ground(2019)
9 Gov't Mule About To Rage bonus CD Deja Voodoo / Live in Chicago 2004 
10 Gov't Mule Perfect Shelter bonus CD Deja Voodoo / Live in Chicago 2004
11 Gov't Mule Beatifully Broken bonus CD Deja Voodoo / Live in Chicago 2004


Playlist 1293 opgenomen zondag 2 mei 2021 (samenstelling Henk Maeghs)

"In De Hemel Is Geen Dylan"

(daarom draaien wij hem hier)

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 De Nieuwe Snaar In De Hemel Is Geen Dylan Jan de Smet
2 Dylan, Bob & Pete Seeger Ye Playboys And Playgirls newport folkfestival 1963
3 Dylan, Bob Rita May Single 1975
4 Dylan, Bob I'm Not There The Basement Tapes (1975) outtake
5 Dylan, Bob Open the Door Homer (Restored version)  The Basement Tapes (1975) outtake
6 Nash, Israel  Down In The Country  Topaz
7 Nash, Israel  Canyonheart  Topaz
8 Dylan, Bob Tangled up in Blue Blood on the tracks (1975) outtake
9 Dylan, Bob If You See Her, Say Hello (Take 2) Blood on the tracks (1975) outtake
10 Dylan, Bob sweetheart like you #2 (outtake) Infidels (1983) outtake
11 Dylan, Bob George Jackson (Big Band Version) Single 1971
12 Dylan, Bob Every Grain of Sand Shot of Love (1981) outtake (bootleg series 1 t/m 3)
13 Dylan, Bob When He Returns (Take 2) Slow Train Coming (1979) outtake
14 Dylan, Bob All the Tired Horses Self Portrait (1970)
15 Dylan, Bob Cross The Green Mountains (Gods and generals) soundtrack 2003

Playlist 1292 opgenomen zondag 25 april 2021 (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé)

Bluesrock 2004

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Fusebusters Laying on a Shelf Night Before 1998
2 Electrophonics, The Misunderstood Laughin' Clown Feels Like A Million(2006)
3 Electrophonics, The Steppin'Out Catch That Swingtrain(2007) Live @ Moulin Blues
4 Hart, Beth Caught out in The Rain Bang Bang Boom Boom(2012)
5 Hart, Beth (& Joe Bonamassa) I'd Rather Go Blind Live in Amsterdam(2014)
6 Hole, Dave Cold Blue Moon Ticket To Chicago(1997)
7 Strikes, The Crack Smokin'Woman Bathroom Acoustics(2003)
8 Kingsnakes, The So Many Lines Don't Let Me Down(2003)
9 Divided By Three Thousand Eyes EP 2004
10 Divided By Three Searching EP 2004
11 Ten Years After I'd Love To Change The World A Space In Time(1971)
12 Ten Years After I Say Yeah WATT(1970) remasterd in 2004
13 Ten Years After I Think It's Gonna Rain all Night Evolution(2008)

Playlist 1291 opgenomen zondag 18 april 2021 (samenstelling Henk Maeghs)


Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Prince Sometimes It Snows In April RR cd - Score: Under the Cherry Moon (1986)
2 Deep Purple April (edit) RR cd - Deep Purple (1969)
3 Wainwright, Rufus  April Fools RR cd - Rufus Wainwright (1998)
4 Raymond, Corin give it april (give it may) RR cd - Record Lonesome Night (2004)
5 stillwater April love RR cd - stillwater (1977)
6 Chubby, Popa Something Soon (Change Is Gonna Come) Tinfoil Hat
7 Chubby, Popa 1968 again Tinfoil Hat
8 Campbell, Jimmy  April Morning RR cd - Jimmy Campbell (1972)
9 Simon & Garfunkel April Come She Will RR cd - Sounds Of Silence (1966)
10 Three Dog Night Pieces of April RR cd - Seven Separate Fools (1972)
11 Pitney, Gene Morning In April Running away from love (1976)
12 Poco Rose of Cimarron Rose of Cimarron
13 Poco Crazy love Legend
14 Holiday, Billie  April In My Heart RR cd - single 1939
15 London, Julie  I'll Remember April  RR cd - single 1956

Playlist 1290 opgenomen zondag 11 april 2021 (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé)

Bluesrock 2003

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Slo Yo Yo I'm In Love Night Before 1997
2 Doctor Rhythm Whole Lotta Nuthin' Medication Time(2000)
3 Costello, Sean Cold Cold Ground Cuttin'In (2000)
4 James, Jan Justify Justify(2020)
5 Popovic, Ana Steal Me Away Blind for Love(2009)
6 Forsyth, Guy Cadillac Steak(2000)
7 Forsyth, Guy Tattle Tail Can You Live Without(1999)
8 Chubby, Popa Messin With The Kid Black Coffee(2002)
9 Chubby, Popa Rock On Bluesman Big Bad and Beautiful  LIVE! (2015)
10 Burke, Solomon Down in The Valley Single 1962
11 Burke, Solomon Soul Searchin' Don't Give Up On Me(2002)
12 Burke, Solomon Don't Give Up On Me Live @ Montreux 2006

Playlist 1289 opgenomen zondag 4 april 2021 (samenstelling Henk Maeghs)


Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Clarke, William  easter bunny boogie Deluxe Edition (1999)
2 Catfish Keith Jumpin' Jack Rabbit Mississippi River Blues (2017)
3 Gilbert, Paul Blues For Rabbit Behold Electric Guitar (2019)
4 Waits, Tom Eggs & Sausage Nighthawks at the Diner (1998)
5 Burks, Michael Snake eggs I Smell Smoke (2003)
6 Johnny Mastro & Mama’s Boys If You Think I’ve Lost You Elmore James For President
7 Johnny Mastro & Mama’s Boys Little Freddie Is King Elmore James For President
8 Wild turkey easter psalm Battle Hymn (1971)
9 Fats Domino Easter parade Single 1959
10 Chris Thomas King What Would Jesus Do Rise (2006)
11 Cave, Nick Dread the passage of jesus for he will not return B. Sides And Rarities - Volume (2005)
12 Harper, Ben  I'll Rise Welcome to the cruel world (1994)
13 Dylan, Bob When he returns Slow train coming (1979)
14 Cash, Johnny He is risen The Gospel Road (1973)
15 Cash, Johnny we'll meet again American IV: The Man Comes Around (2002)

Playlist 1288  opgenomen zondag 28 maart 2021 (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé)

Bluesrock 2002

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 King Mo Big Legged Woman Sweet Devil(2010)
2 Vibrotones, The Peggie Lee Strike!(2001)
3 Mike & The Mellotones Showdown Thumbs Up (1999)
4 Erickson, Craig Doomsday Blues Shine(2001)
5 Sharpville, Todd Bird on the Wire The Meaning of Life(2001)
6 Peer Gynt I Can Tell You Fairytale(2002)
7 Blazers, The Going Up The Country Mini Album "Live on The Air"(1996)
8 Blazers, The Cumbia Del Sol East Side Soul(1995)
9 Alvin Lee Band Moving the Blues Zoom(1992)
10 Alvin Lee Band Lost In Love Zoom(1992)
11 Alvin Lee Band Boogie All Day Nineteen ninety Four(1994)
12 Alvin Lee Band I Want You Nineteen ninety Four(1994)

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Techniek: Peter Gubbels
Presentatie en samenstelling: Frank Schatorjé

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Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Edwards, jango springtime Jango Edwards live in Amsterdam Dez. (1979)
2 Smith, Bessie Hot Spring Blues single 1927
3 John Lee Hooker Hot Spring Water Urban blues (1967)
4 Nile, Willie  Rite Of Spring Places I have never seen (1991)
5 It Bytes I'll meet you in the spring single
6 Tip Jar Go On To Get Lucky One Lifetime
7 Tip Jar Find your way One Lifetime
8 grant lee phillips taking on weight in hot springs The Narrows (2016)
9 Waterboys Spring Comes to Spiddal Room to Roam 1990)
10 Avett brothers A Fathers First Spring The Carpenter (2012)
11 Lauderdale & Donna the Buffalo, Jim Wait 'til spring Wait Til Spring (2003)
12 Lynn, Loretta Spring Fever Out of My Head And Back In My Bed (1978)
13 Tucker, Tanya Spring You're So Beautiful (1977)
14 Blackfoot Sue The Spring Of '69 Nothing To Hide (1973)
15 Hunters Spring The Hunters (1967)
16 Donovan The Lullaby Of Spring A Gift From A Flower To A Garden (1967)
17 Beach Boys Spring Vacation That's Why God Made the Radio (2012)

Playlist 1286  opgenomen zondag 14 maart 2021 (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé)

Bluesrock 2001

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Jack Ass Hurricane Blues A Donkey Never Bump His Head on the Same Stone Twice (1998)
2 Regulars, The My Baby Wears Black Live in Luik(2014)
3 Hooks, Jay Staight Whiskey Jay Hooks(2000)
4 T-99 Drunk Vagabonds(2007)
5 Five Horse Johnson Rolling Thunder The Mystery Spot(2006)
6 Cuby & Blizzards & Eelco Gelling Night Train Groeten uit Schiedam Live Zaal Arcade Schiedam 1970
7 Amor Changed AMOR (2001)
8 Amor Lowdown Even after That (2003)
9 Moore, Gary Too Tired Still Got The Blues(1990)
10 Moore, Gary Enough of The Blues Back to the Blues(2001)
11 Moore, Gary You Upset Me Baby Back to the Blues(2001)

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Omroep Venlo start Maand tegen Eenzaamheid

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 crazy horse  all alone now Loose (1972)
2 hound dog taylor sitting here alone Single 1967
3 fowler, damon lonely blues Sugar Shack (2009)
4 Nile, Willie  Heaven Help The Lonely Places I Have Never Been (1991)
5 Scaggs, Boz  We're All Alone Silk Degrees (1976)
6 The Texas Gentlemen Train To Avesta FLOOR IT !!
7 The Texas Gentlemen Skyway Streetcar FLOOR IT !!
8 Lucky Bones Together we are all alone Together We Are All Alone (2010)
9 outlaw, sam  lonely man nobody loves (2013)
10 Green, Al  tired of being alone Single 1971
11 Floyd, Eddie  Lonely All Alone (1967)
12 Gallahads Lonely guy Single 1959
13 Knight, Frederick  I've been lonely too long  I've Been Lonely for So Long (1973)
14 romano, Daniel  I'm alone now Mosey (2016)
15 Buckley, Tim  so lonely Blue Afternoon (1969)

Playlist 1284  opgenomen zondag 28 februari 2021 (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé)

What's New Pussycat?

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Guy, Buddy I Smell Trouble Slippin'In(1994)
2 Mastro, Johnny & The Mama's Boys Bottle Won't Save You Elmore James For President(2021)
3 Chubby, Popa Tinfoil Hat Tinfoil Hat(2021)
4 What The FRNK Come With Me There's something about you(2021)
5 Shemekia Copeland Walk Until I Ride Uncivil War(2021)
6 Reiter, Jim Waiting for my luck to Change Live(2021)
7 Plankenhorn, Jeff Murder of Crows  
8 Tibbs, The Damaged Heart Another Shot Fired(2020)
9 Vintage Dutch It Must be Love In my Own Vice(2021)
10 Tip Jar Go On To Get Lucky One Lifetime(2021)
11 McQuaid, Sarah Charlie's Gone Home The St Buryan Sessions(2021)
12 Swinkels, Loes Day Dawning Ocean Heart(2021)
13 Swift, Emma Queen Jane Approximately Blonde On The Tracks(2020)

Playlist 1283  opgenomen zondag 28 februari 2021 (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé)

Bluesrock 2000

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Fake No Troubles Too Blues in Tegelen 1998
2 Starfish Bowl Heather Open Up(2003)
3 Cuby & The Blizzards Blues is a Bad Habit Cats Lost (2009)
4 Lush, Connie & Bluesshouter Morning Blues Send me No Flowers(2010)
5 Sas, Julian Sugar Cup Boogie Live(1998)
6 Katon, Michael