Playlist 1165  van zondagavond 15 juli 2018 van 19 tot 21 uur  (non-stop samenstelling Peter Gubbels)

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Brainbox summertime Mythology
2 Cuby and the Blizzards go down sunshine live in het oude Luxor
3 Chubby, Popa 3rd stone from the sun electric chubbyland
4 Vaughan, Stevie Ray couldn't stand the weather couldn't stand the weather
5 Travers Pat heat in the street four play
6 Thin Lizzy the sun goes down thunder and lightning
7 Uriah Heep sunrise the magicians birthday
8 Stillwater sunshine blues stillwater
9 Taste morning sun I'll remember
10 White, Snowy like the sun melting
11 Vedder, Eddie hard sun into the wild
12 Fischer-Z barbera sunlight building btidges
13 Treble Spankers, the I follow the sun hasheeda
14 Tabor summertime o'dschipen
15 America indian summer here & now
16 Remmelt, Muus & Femke here comes the sun the long way round
17 Firefall here comes the sun acoustic (the Beatles)
18 Young, Neil harvest moon harvest moon
19 Furay, Richie look at the sun I've got a reason
20 Hart, Beth summer is gone immortal
21 Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young clear blue skies american dream
22 Zandt, Townes van don't let the sunshine fool ya legendary
23 Allah Las worship the sun worship the sun
24 White, Andy last day of summer speechless
25 Vanderveen, Ad sunshine wonders of the world
26 Drake, Nick Saturday sun five leaves left
27 Dunnery, Francis sunshine a collection
28 Whitesnake summer rain good to be bad

Playlist 1164  van zondagavond 8 juli 2018 van 19 tot 21 uur  (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé)

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Morrison, Van Bright Side of the Road (Provincie maakt geld vrij voor snelfietsroutes) Live(1979)
2 Verlinde, Guy & The Mighty Gators Bon Ton Roulet X (2018)
3 Trout, Walter Gonna Hurt Like Hell We're all in this Together(2017)
4 Rayford, Sugarray Take me Back The World That we live in(2017)
5 Ex Ronnie Tober Pauli Blierock 2018
6 Ex Ronnie Tober Ordinaire Wiever Blierock 2018
7 Boozze Hey Joe Blierock 2018
8 Veldman Brothers Hoochie Coochie Funk Blierock 2018
9 Mirage Medley Fleetwood Mack tracks Blierock 2018
10 Supersonics Medley Rockabilly/Rock&Roll Blierock 2018
11 Thorns, The Long Sweet Summer Night (Hittegolf en voorlopig geen regen) The Thorns(2003)
12 Johan Day is Done Pergola(2001)
13 Taylor, Sean The Cruelty of Man Flood and Burn(2017)
14 Dylan, Bob Ballad of Hollis Brown The Times They Are A Changing(1967)
15 Hollis Brown The ballad of Mr. Rose  3 shots(2015)
16 Black Keys, The Psychotic Girl Attack & Release(2008)
17 Steve Miller Band High On Your Mama Recall The Beginning…a journey From Eden(1972)
18 Prine, John The Lonesome Friend of Science The Tree of Forgiveness(2018)
19 Cooder, Ry Straight Street The Prodigal Son(2018)
20 Allman Brothers Band In Memory of Elisabeth Reed An Evening With The Allman brothers 2nd Set(1995)

Playlist 1163  van zondagavond 1 juli 2018 van 19 tot 21 uur  (samenstelling Henk Maeghs)

Little Feat Join The Band (plek-voor-bedrijfsbands-op-vrijmibo-zomerparkfeest) Waiting for Columbus (1978)
Malo Merengue evolution (1973)
Benitez Vida Nocturna Chicano Power sampler (1998)
Iguanas Nuevo Boogaloo Nuevo Boogaloo (1994)
Chango Mira Pa'ca Chango (1975)
Black Sugar Too late Black Sugar (1971)
Blazers el ano viejo Short Fuse (1994)
Sapo Sapo's Montuno Sapo (1974)
Massada sibu sibu Astaganaga (1978)
Santana Medley: Choo Choo / All Aboard  Santana IV live
Abraxas pool szabo Live at the house of blues (2016)
The Byrds Jesus is Just Allright (marcel-claessen-speelt-jezus-in-nieuwe-passiespelen) Ballad of Easy Rider(1969)
Jones, Laurence Can't go on without you The truth
Farnhem, John Burn for you Chain reaction (1990)
Atkins, Chet The Day Finger Pickers Took Over the World The day the finger ….. (1997)
Lamontagne, Ray Paper Man Part of the Light (2018)
Lamontagne, Ray Let's make it last Part of the Light (2018)
Fantastic negrito dark windows Please Don't Be Dead (2018)
Outlaw, Sam Trouble Tenderheart (2017)
Stevens, Sufjan Mystery of Love Call Me By Your Name OST (2017)
Pilot Hold me Live (1975)
Average White Band Pick up the pieces Person to person (1977)

Playlist 1162  van zondagavond 24 juni 2018 van 19 tot 21 uur  (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé)

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Sledge, Percy I've Got Dreams to Remember (Nostalgische avond in Tegelen razendsnel uitverkocht) Blue Night (1994)
2 Celso Salim Band No Need To Be Alone Mama's Hometown(2018)
3 Beck, Jeff & Joss Stone I Put A Spell On You Emotion & Commotion(2010)
4 Murphy, Matt Guitar Sweet Home Chicago The Blues Brothers Soundtrack(1980)
5 Douwe Bob How Lucky We Are Fool Bar(2016)
6 AJ Plug Trouble Chew Chew Chew(2016)
7 Walden  Artefacts Walden (2017)
8 Birth of Joy You are Many Hyper Focus(2018)
9 Dylan, Bob see that my grave is kept clean (Grafheuvels ontdekt in Venlo en Baarlo) Bob Dylan(1962)
10 CCC inc Castle In Spain Castle In Spain(1973)
11 Old Crow Medicine Show, The A World Away Volunteer(2018)
12 Ragtime Rumours, The Everywhere I Go Comic and Other Songs for Smoking Concerts(2018)
13 Fleetwood Mac Looking For Someone The Pious Bird Of Good Omen(1969)
14 Williams, Brooks & Hans Theessink Rock Me Lucky Star(2018)
15 Reverent Shawn Amos, The Moved Breaks it Down(2018)
16 Reverent Shawn Amos, The Ain't Gonna Name Names Breaks it Down(2018)
17 Alvin, Dave & Jimmie Dale Gilmore Get Together Downey To Lubbock(2018)
18 Folk Road Show, The Tourist Eyes Gold(2017)
19 Ann, Stevie You Versus me Away From Here(bonus CD) (2006)
20 Ann, Stevie Toxic Away From Here(bonus CD) (2006)

Playlist 1161  van zondagavond 17 juni 2018 van 19 tot 21 uur  (samenstelling Henk Maeghs)

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Them Bright Lights Big City(1967 (muzikaal-eerbetoon-aan-venlo-675-jaar-stad)     Gloria & other great hits
2 Bintangs Travelling in the USA Travelling in the U.S.A. (1970)
3 reed, eli paperboy As I live and breathe meets high and mighty brass band (2018)
4 Blackberry smoke I'll keep ramblin Find a Light (2018)
5 Fantastic Negrito scary woman last days of oakland (2016)
6 Wainwright, Victor Thats love to me Victor Wainwright & The Train (2018)
7 Steven Troch Band THE SHORT END Rhymes For Mellow Minds
8 Steven Troch Band RAIN RAIN Rhymes For Mellow Minds
9 Dion & The Belmonts Abraham, martin and John  
10 Cookie & the cupcakes Mathilda  
11 Santana Anyway you want to go Santana IV live
12 Abraxas pool Don't give up Abraxas pool (1997)
13 Burke, Solomon Meet me in Church(1962) (Frans Pollux doet dorpentour over krimp)  
14 Lamontagne, Ray Paper man Part of the Light (2018)
15 Walker, Ryley Rocks on rainbow Deafman glance (2018)
16 Evans, dave Rosi The Words in Between (1971)
17 Jurado, Damian Allocate RR200518 - 
18 Outlaw, Sam say it to me Tenderheart (2017)
19 Callier, Terry Ho Tsing Mee (A Song of the Sun) What Color Is Love (1972)
20 Dorough, Bob Three is a magic number  
21 Morrison & joey defrancesco, Van Have i told you lately you're driving me crazy (2018)
22 Bridges, Leon Bet ain't worth the hand Good Thing (2018)
23 kiwanuka, michael Cold little heart out loud!  (2018)
24 kiwanuka, michael One more night out loud!  (2018)

Playlist 1160  van zondagavond 10 juni 2018 van 19 tot 21 uur  (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé)

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Junior Brown Surf Medley (Venlo Stormt) Semi Crazy(1996)
2 Howlin'Wolf You Can't Be Beat Anthology(1956)
3 James, Skip I'm So Glad Pre War Blues(1931)
4 Ace, Johnny Don't You Know Memorial Album(1954)
5 Strange Angels Dust My Broom In Flight with Elmore James(2018)
6 Strange Angels Bobby's Rock In Flight with Elmore James(2018)
7 Blind Boys of Alabama Jesus Gonna Be Here Spirit of the Century(2001)
8 Gallager, Rory & Bert Jansch She Moved Thro'The Fair Wheels Within Wheels(2003)
9 AJ Plug Trouble Studio opname(2016)
10 Birth  of Joy Let it Slide Hyper Focus(2018)
11 Fleetwood Mac Albatross Box Peter Green
12 Bryant, Danny Yours For A song Revelation(2018)
13 Sultans of Ping Lets Go Shopping  (Laatste rijdende winkel stopt er mee) Casual Sex in the Cineplex(1993)
14 Ben Heights Somewhere in the Winter Demo(2017)
15 Ragtime Rumours Ain't Nobody Ain't Nobody(2016)
16 Folk Road Show Something in the Water Gold(2017)
17 Beeker, Peter Dit is Legaal Dit is Legaal(2007)
18 Harris, Emmylou It's a hard Life/Abraham, Martin & John At The Rayman(1992)
19 Byrds, The Hickory Wind Sweetheart of the Rodeo(1968)
20 McGraw, Dave & Mandy Fer Shake Off Grid Lo-Fi(2016)
21 Benjaman, Paul Showdown State Sneaker(2015)
22 Williams, Brooks Goin'Away Shreveport Sessions(2014)
23 Williams, Brooks Time I Spend With You Shreveport Sessions(2014)
24 Williams, Brooks Three Little Words Shreveport Sessions(2014)

Playlist 1159  van zondagavond 3 juni 2018 van 19 tot 21 uur  (samenstelling Henk Maeghs)

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Fabulous Thunderbirds, The You Can’t Judge A Book by it’s Cover (Tegelse-vestiging-bieb-vandaag-geopend ) Hot Stuff(Best of) (1992) 
2 Taylor, Koko It got what it takes Koko taylor (1969)
3 Rogers, Jimmy Act like you love me Chicago Bound (1976)
4 Five keys She's the most single (1956)
5 Royal Crown revue She walks on fire Walk on fire (2005)
6 Setzer, Brian Nosey joe The Dirty Boogie (1998)
7 Fantastic Negrito Working Poor last days of oakland (2016)
8 DeWolff double crossing man Thrust (2018)
9 reed, eli paperboy Take my love with you meets high and mighty brass band (2018)
10 Trout, Walter Death letter blues Breaking the rules
11 Clearwater, Eddy Gotta move on West side strut 2009
12 kiwanuka, michael Black man in a white world out loud!  (2018)
13 Stevens, Cat Where do the Children Play (Seelpark-klein-zwitserland-morgen-weer-open) Tea For The Tillerman (1970)
14 Lamontagne, Ray Such A Simple Thing Part of the Light (2018)
15 Jurado, Damian the last great washington state The horizon just laughed(2018)
16 Blackberry smoke Mother mountain Find a Light (2018)
17 Holcomb, Drew Don't Think Twice, It's Alright Through the Night (2012)
18 Outlaw, Sam Everyone's Looking for Home Tenderheart (2017)
19 Neilson, Tami only tears Don't Be Afraid (2015)
20 Bridges, Leon Mrs Good Thing (2018)
21 The Waters Trying hard to look inside Waters (1975)
22 Hunter, Ian God [Take 1] All American boy (1975)
23 Stevens, Sufjan Mystery of Love Call Me By Your Name OST (2017)

Playlist 1158  van zondagavond 27 mei 2018 van 19 tot 21 uur  (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé)

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Helm, Levon & The RCO All-Stars That's My Home (Expositie Tegele wie ut Waas) Helm, Levon & The RCO All-Stars(1977)
2 Shakedown Tim and the Rhythm Revue Drop You Like A Bad Habit Shakedown's Thówdown(2018)
3 Schwarz, Zoe & Blue Commotion The Blues and I Should Have a Party The Blues and I Should Have A Party(2018)
4 Fuchs, Dana Same Sunlight Love Lives On(2018)
5 Colney Hatch Waiting For You Colney Hatch & The Backyard Big Band(2015)
6 Colney Hatch I've Been Searching Colney Hatch & The Backyard Big Band(2015)
7 Decennium Highway Son Highway Son(1976)
8 Whale Great Robert Southern Harvest(1978)
9 Pat Cool When Someday Daybreak(1973)
10 Denny, Sandy Crazy Lady Blues (Tegelse Kim Westheim gaat voor wereldrecord Spraytan) Live at the BBC(1971)
11 Baez, Joan Seven Curses 75th Birthday Celebration(2016)
12 Prine, John Caravan of Fools The Tree of Forgiveness(2018)
13 Scruggs, Randy(& Earl Scruggs) Somethin'Just Ain't Right Earl Scruggs and Friends(2001)
14 Cooder, Ry Straight Street The Prodigal Son(2018)
15 Cooder, Ry The Podigal Son The Prodigal Son(2018)
16 Neville Brothers, The  The Ballad of Hollis Brown Yellow Moon(1998)
17 Crowded House Better Be Home Soon Live London 9 November 1991
18 Croce, A.J. Gotta Get Out of My Head Just Like Medicine(2018)
19 Springsteen, Bruce Point Blank The River(1980)
20 Madeleine Peiroux Please Baby Things About Coming My Way(2009)
21 Phelps, Kelly Joe  Livin'in A Strain Things About Coming My Way(2009)

Playlist 1157  van zondagavond 20 mei 2018 van 19 tot 21 uur  (samenstelling Henk Maeghs)

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young  Deja Vu (Déjŕ vu: Jacobs één punt van podium X-Games) Deja Vu 
2 Hooker, Archie lee 90 days Chilling (2018)
3 Apsy, Yuri Magic blues Nothin' But The Blues
4 Robert Jon & The Wreck Cold night Glory Bound IBack (2015)
5 Stompin grounds Make Some Noise  
6 Bintangs Agnes Grey Genuine Bull (1975)
7 Bintangs Hobo man Genuine Bull (1975)
8 King King Betrayed me  Exile & Grace (2017)
9 Neilson, Tami Lonely Don't Be Afraid (2015)
10 Trout, Walter Red House Life in the jungle (1990)
11 Dylan, Bob Blowin in the wind (Geen provinciale meerderheid voor windmolenpark) The freewheelin'
12 West, hedy 500 Miles  
13 cher a house is not a home Stoffer & bentz collection (radio tapes)
14 Heyward, Nick It's a beautiful morning Woodland Echoes (2017)
15 Nora Jane Struthers Grit Champion (2017)
16 Jones, & steve baker, Chris  Long after you're gone Moonstruck & No Looking Back (2000)
17 Sara K I can't stand the rain hell or high water (2006)
18 Newbury, Mickey An american trilogy Frisco Mabel Joy (1971)
19 Jurado, Damian Allocate The horizon just laughed(2018)
20 Pat Cool when someday Daybreak (1973)

Playlist 1156  van zondagavond 13 mei 2018 van 19 tot 21 uur  (samenstelling Richard Barendsen / Will Peeters / Henk Maeghs)

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Cream Politician (16 mei installatie gemeenteraad Venlo) Royal Albert Hall (2005)
2 Bintangs La Femme Sans Tete La Femme Sans Tete (2003)
3 Finley, Robert Honey, let me stay the night Goin' Platinum! (2017)
4 Clapton, Eric  Steady rollin' man 461 ocean boulevard (1974)
5 Moreland, John Ain't we gold Big Bad luv (2017)
6 Sas, Julian Signature Ragin'River (2002)
7 ZZ TOP Bedroom thang First album (1971)
8 B.B. King Broken Promiss Blues on the Bayou (1998)
9 The Greatful dead Cumberland blues Workings man dead (1970)
10 Charlie McCoy Atribute to Little Walter Harpin the Blues uit (1975)
11 Morrison, Van Being green (plaag buxusrups) Hard Nose The Highway (1973)
12 Lindsay beaver & Jimmy Vaughan   Youtube
13 Boone, Pat Bernadine Unforgettable memories Part VI (1960)
14 Valens, Richie Donna Unforgettable memories Part II (1958)
15 Little Richard Lucille Back in time (1957)
16 The Wood Brothers LAUGHIN’ OR CRYING One Drop Of Thruth
17 The Wood Brothers ONE DROP OF TRUTH One Drop Of Thruth
18 Orbison, Roy Only the lonely The wonderful world (hit 1960)
19 Jackson, Chuck Any day now Back in time (hit 1961)
20 Holly, Buddy Heartbeat Unforgettable memories Part II (1958)
21 Beck, Jeff Double talkin baby Rock 'n' roll party (2011)
22 Beck, Jeff Cruisin Rock 'n' roll party (2011)
23 Beck, Jeff The train kep a rollin' Rock 'n' roll party (2011)

Playlist 1155  van zondagavond 6 mei 2018 van 19 tot 21 uur  (samenstelling Henk Maeghs)

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Santana Changes (Goud voor Hertog Jan op world beer contest) Zepob! (1981)
2 Blackwell, Otis return to sender these are my songs (2018)
3 Wainwright, Victor Thank you Lucille Victor Wainwright & The Train (2018)
4 Hooker, Archie lee big ass fun Chilling (2018)
5 Gales, Eric Miss you A Night On The Sunset Strip (2016)
6 Moss, Nick Get right before you get left  The High Cost of Low Living (2018)
7 Lee Lee Ainley's Blues Storm Dream Catcher Shoot Me Down (2018)
8 Blackberry Smoke I've got this song Shine a light (2018)
9 Hart & Joe Bonamassa, Beth Soul on fire Black Coffee (2018)
10 Washington, Walter Wolfman  lost mind My future is my past (2018)
11 Beck, Jeff I'd rather go blind Live at the hollywood bowl (2017)
12 Beatles Savoy truffle (Provisorisch herstel gevel chocoladefabriek) White album (1968)
13 Nora Jane Struthers each season Champion (2017)
14 McLennan, Grant Girl in a Beret Horsebreaker Star (1994)
15 Seger, Bob (& John Fogerty) Who'll stop the rain Wrote a Song for Everyone (2013)
16 Gilmore, Jimmie Dale Santa fe Thief Spinning around the sun (1993)
17 Christopher, sean Paper Plane Pilot Yonder (2018)
18 Japing, Femke Bring me a flower Ready as I'll ever be ((2009)
19 Bonny Doon Where do you go Longwave (2018)
20 Veirs, Laura Seven Falls The lookout (2018)
21 Pat Cool The sun king found his kingdom here Single (1973)
22 Decennium A Morning Minded Thought in the Blue Carrier of an Everyday Musician Songs of the sad time (1974)
23 Loeb, Lisa Stay Reality Bites OST (1994)
24 Loeb, Lisa Do You Sleep  Live

Playlist 1154  van zondagavond 29 april 2018 van 19 tot 21 uur  (samenstelling Fons Daamen)

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Clapton, Eric & BB King Riding with the King (Koningsdag in Venlo) Riding with the King(2000)
2 LaVendore Rogue Dead Man's Chest A night In The North(2017)
3 Bluesbones, The Seesaw Blues Chasing Shadows(2017)
4 Richardson, John Del Torro  Love If You Want it Tengo Blues(2015)
5 Siegal, Ian Jacob's Ladder All The Rage(2018)
6 Siegal, Ian Sweet Souvenir All The Rage(2018)
7 Doghouse Sam & His Magnatones Roll Up My Sleeves Buddha Blue(2012)
8 Anderson, Hamish Hold On Me Trouble(2016)
9 Welch, Mike & Mike Ledbetter Cry For Me Baby Right Place Rigt Time(2016)
10 Blevins, Chris Jezebel Better Than Alone(2017)
11 Smith, Bette Manchild  Jetlagger(2017)
12 Morrison, Van In The Garden (Theetuin op het kazerneterrein)) No Guro, No Method, No Teacher(1986)
13 Ragtime Rumours Ain't Nobody Ain't Nobody(2016)
14 The Electrophonics Steppin' Out Catch That Swing Train(2007)
15 Cornfeds, The Got A Woman Like That The Cornfeds(2016)
16 Keylock, Aaron Against The Grain Cut Against The Grain(2017)
17 Corey Dennison Band Don't Say You're Sorry Corey Dennison Band(2016)
18 Robbert John & The Wreck Cold Night Glory Bound(2015)
19 Paul Benjaman Band Ball and Chain Sneaker(2015)
20 Gales, Eric Boogie Man Middle of The Road(2017)
21 Hollis Brown Run Right To You Audiotree live(2016)
22 Kim Wilson Time Is On My Side That's Life(1994)

Playlist 1153  van zondagavond 22 april 2018 van 19 tot 21 uur  (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé)

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Miller, Steve Take The Money and Run (3 ton aan wachtgeld gemeente) Fly Like An Eagle (1976)
2 Jones, Laurence What Would You do The Truth(2018)
3 Doghouse sam& His Magnatones Go Get Some Grut Going Places(2017)
4 Hart, Beth Let's get Together Front and Center(2018)
5 MacLeod, Doug & Smith, George "Harmonica" It's The Blues No Road back Home(1984)
6 Macleod, Doug St. Elmo's Room and Pool There's A Time(2013)
7 Harper, Ben & Charly Musselwhite Bad habits No Mercy in this Land(2018)
8 Frampton, Peter Changing All The Time Peter Frampton(1994)
9 Havens, Richie What's Going On Portfolio(1973)
10 Bluesbones, The Romance For Rent Chasing Shadows(2017)
11 Young, Neil Speakin'Out Tonight's The Night at The Roxy (1973)
12 Remmelt, Muus en Femke Here Comes The Sun  (zomer is begonnen) The Long Way Round(2005)
13 Matthews Southern Comfort I Believe In You Bits and Pieces (EP) (2018)
14 Bony King of Nowhere Wild Flowers The Bony King Of Nowhere(2012)
15 Cash, Rosanne Girl From The North Country The List(2009)
16 Dickenson, Jarred Your Heart Belongs to me Ready The Horses( 2018)
17 Dickenson, Jarred A Cowboy & The Moon Ready The Horses( 2018)
18 Birds of Chicago Remember the Wild Horses Real Midnight(2017)
19 David, Michelle My Praise Gospel Session Vol 2 (2016)
20 Prine, John The Lonesome Friends of Science The Tree of Forgiviness(2018)
21 Tweedy, Jeff Dawned On Me Together At Last(2017)
22 Crosby, Stills Nash & Young Long Time Gone Live 1974

Playlist 1152  van zondagavond 15 april 2018 van 19 tot 21 uur  (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé)

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Winter, Johnny No More Doggin' (Poging tot hondenroof Blerick) Hey, where’s your brother (1992)
2 Bryant, Danny May I Have A Talk With You Revelation(2018)
3 Gallagher, Rory Cruise On Out Photo -Finish(1978)
4 Hart, Beth & Joe Bonamassa Lullaby Of The Leaves Black Coffee(2018)
5 Taylor, Sean Bad Case of The Blues Flood and Burn(2017)
6 Williams, Brooks My Babe Brook's Blues(2016)
7 Shaggy Dogs Facebook Fury All Inclusive(2018)
8 Frost, Frank & Sam Carr Will It Be You The Jelly Roll Kings(1999)
9 Smith, Bessie Kitchen Man Ladies Sing The Blues(1929)
10 Staple Singers, The Slow Train Soul Folk in Action(1968)
11 Croce, AJ I Meant What I Said That's Me In The Bar(1995)
12 Golden Earring, The As long as the wind blows (Provinciale powerplay: toch windmolenpark) Golden Earring(1970)
13 Dempsey, Damien Sing Al Our Cares Away Shots(2006)
14 Hart, Beth Forever Young 37 Days(2007)
15 Rivers, Johnny Positively 4th Street Realization(1968)
16 Forbert, Steve It Isn’t  Gonna Be That Way Alive On Arrival(1978)
17 Fogelberg, Dan Tucson, Arizona Windows and Walls(1984)
18 Blues Band, The People Get Ready Brassed Up(2003)
19 America My Back Pages Back Pages(2011)
20 Moore, Christy Shine On You Crazy Diamond Listen(2009)

Playlist 1151  van zondagavond 8 april 2017 van 19 tot 21 uur  (samenstelling Henk Maeghs)

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Who, The Won’t Get Fooled Again (Nieuwe coalitie in Venlo met linkse partijen)          Who's next (1971)
2 Sayce, Philip Evil woman Influence (2014)
3 Crow Evil woman Crow Music (1969)
4 Spooky tooth Evil woman Spooky Two (1969)
5 Gales, Eric Don't fear the reaper ANightOnTheSunset Strip '16
6 Moss, Nick Sadie Mae Sadie Mae (2005)
7 Hart & Joe Bonamassa, Beth Black Coffee Black Coffee (2018)
8 The National Murder me Rachel SadSongsForDirtyLovers 2003
9 Principato, Tom Slippin into darkness Not one word (2000)
10 Carlton & Lee Ritenour, Larry LA Underground Larry and Lee (1995)
11 Peter, Paul & mary 500 miles  
12 Beatles Free as a bird (Ooievaarsei in Arcen) Anthology (1995)
13 Jackson, JJ But It's Alright (1966 / 1969)
14 Farlowe, Chris Paint it Black TheArtOfChrisFarlowe (1966)
15 Family My friend the sun Bandstand (1972)
16 CSN Marrakesh Express  CSN (1969)
17 Folk road show  Something in the water Gold
18 Folk road show  Over again Gold
19 Byrds Jesus is just Allright Ballad of Easy Rider (1969)
20 Art Reynolds singers Jesus is just Allright Tellin' It Like It Is (1966)
21 Pat Cool what are you about Daybreak (1973)
22 Mason & Jim Capaldi, Dave Feelin Allright live (1999) 

Playlist 1150  van zondagavond 1 april 2018 van 19 tot 21 uur  (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé)

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Johnson, Syl Is It Because I'm Black (Abbie Chalgoum: ‘Discriminatie is vernederend’ – bij zoektoch huis in Amsterdam) Is It Because I'm Black(1970)
2 Hoey, Gary Dust and Bones Dust and Bones(2016)
3 Ford, Robben & Warren Hayes High Heels and Throwing Things Into The Sun(2015)
4 Brooks, Ronnie Baker Times Have Changed Times Have Changed(2107)
5 The Blues Bones A Better Life Chasing Shadows(2017)
6 The Blues Bones Seesaw Blues Chasing Shadows(2017)
7 Small Faces Lazy Sunday Ogden's  Nut Gone Flake(1968)
8 Parker, Graham Lady Doctor Not If It Pleases Me(BBC 1977)
9 Clapton, Eric & Paul McCartney While My Guitar Gently Weeps Concert For George(2003) reissue
10 Winter, Johnny & John Primer I'm Ready Muddy Waters 100(2015)
11 Fogelberg, Dan A Cry In The Forest (Groot deel Klein Zwitserland onveilig verklaard: het bos is instabiel) Greetings From the West(1991)
12 Leger, Jerry & The Situation You're Not Alone Live cover van Jeff Tweedy (2016)
13 Kacy & Clayton This World has Seven Wonders Kacy and Clayton(2017)
14 Twain Dear Mexico Rare Feeling(2017)
15 Deep Dark Woods, The Bourbon Strreet Jubilee(2013)
16 Yawpers, The A Visitor is Welcome Boy in A Well(2017)
17 Combs, Andrew Dirty Rain Canyons of my mind(2017)
18 Jay-Roon & The Loose Ends Lumberyard Blues Home to Many a Creature(2018)
19 Hoek, Maurice van Give it a Try Single(2017)
20 Sheesham, Lotus & Son Down in You Pocket Clear The Table(2018)
21 Blitzen Trapper Wild and Wreckless Wild and Wreckless'(2017)
22 Young, Neil & Crazy Horse Down By The River Live at The Fillmore(1970)

Playlist 1149  van zondagavond 25 maart 2018 van 19 tot 21 uur  (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé)

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Russell, Calvin One Meatball (Kookbattle keert terug op Lekker Venlo) Sounds from the Fourth World (1991)
2 Chubby, Popa Three Little Words I'm Feeling Lucky(2014)
3 Rootbag Tired of Being the Fool That I Am Richard van Bergen's Rootbag(2016)
4 King King What I'm supposed to do Standing in The Shadows(2013)
5 MOCT - Big Pete Way Down South Look at the Time(2010)
6 Led Zeppelin Babe I'm Gonna leave You Led Zeppelin 1(1969)
7 Healey, Jeff As the Years Go Passing By Live at Grossman's in 1994
8 Thomas,Henry Bull Doze Blues Epic Americana(1928)
9 Wayne, Bob Till The Wheels Fall off Till The Wheels Fall off(2012)
10 Franklin, Aretha Maybe I'm a Fool Aretha Sings the Blues(1960)
11 Harrison, George Dark Horse Live in Japan(1992)
12 Gorka, John A Saint's Complaint (Venlo loopt niet warm voor landelijke intocht Sinterklaas) The Company You Keep (2001)
13 Pennylane Help Me Still Waters Savge Waves(2017)
14 Dekker, Melanie Front Row Secret Spot(2018)
15 Calexico Music Box The Treath That Keeps Us(2017)
16 Knight, Demi Burried Cold Budapest(2018)
17 Knight, Demi Walk of Shame Budapest(2018)
18 Deep Dark Woods, The Bourbon Street Jubilee(2013)
19 Kacy & Clayton The Light of Day Kacy & Clayton(2017)
20 Yawpers, The Room With A View Boy in A Well(2017)
21 Folk Road Show Something in The Water Gold(2017)
22 Curren, Amelia I Am The Night They Promised You Mercy(2014)
23 Little Feat Dixie Chicken Waiting For Columbus(1978)

Playlist 1148  van zondagavond 18 maart 2018 van 19 tot 21 uur  (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé)

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Buchanan, Roy Running Out (voorbereidingen Venloop) A Street Called Straight(1976)
2 Juke Joints, The Black Stabbing Woman Live(2018)
3 Siegal, Ian Sailor Town All The Rage(2017)
4 Steven Troch Band Walk Away Rhymes For Mellw Minds(2018)
5 Lavette, Bettye Person to Person In Flight With Elmore James(2018)
6 Crowell, Rodney Shake Your Money Maker In Flight With Elmore James(2018)
7 Jong, Michael de Somewhere along The Way Park Bench Serenade(2001)
8 Evans, Terry The River Come To The River(1997)
9 Henry, Clarence "Frogman" Ain't Got No Home Chess Chartbusters (Vol 3) (1956)
10 Berry, Chuck No Particular Place To Go Reelin'And Rockin'(1964)
11 Pickett, Wilson If You need me The Definitive(1966)
12 Como Mamas, The Out Of The Wilderness Move Upstairs(2017)
13 Davis, Guy My Eyes Keep Me In Trouble Juba Dance(2013)
14 Dylan, Bob A Political World (aanstaande verkiezingen) Oh Mercy(1989)
15 Eagles, The After The Thrill is Gone One of these Nights(1975)
16 Nyro, Laura It's Gonna Take A Miracle Gonna Take a Miracle(1971)
17 Crazy Horse I Don't Want To Talk About it Crazy Horse(1971)
18 Blitzen Trapper Sadie Destroier of The Void(2010)
19 Sheesham and Lotus and "Son" Darling Cora Clear The Table(2018)
20 Ragtime Rumours Ragtime Rumours The Thread That Keeps Us(2018)
21 Fungus Kaap'ren Varen Fungus(1974)
22 Dickenson, Jarrod Nothing More Ready The Horses(2018)
23 Deneckere, Bruno How Far How near Walking On Water(2011)
24 Jong, Michael de Sinner's Prayer Lone Wolf Howlin'- Live Tour 2012
25 Jong, Michael de Blues For Jimmy/Mean Old World Lone Wolf Howlin'- Live Tour 2012

Playlist 1147  van zondagavond 11 maart 2017 van 19 tot 21 uur  (samenstelling Henk Maeghs)

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Los Lobos Will The Wolf Survive (Wolf terug in Venlo???) How Will The Wolf Survive(1984)
2 Jones, Laurence What would you do The truth (2018)
3 Hart & Joe Bonamassa, Beth give it everything you got Black Coffee (2018)
4 Fabulous thunderbirds I hear you knockin' Live
5 Verlinde & The Might Gators, Guy Gator Bop -2018
6 Linton, Errol Packing my bags Packing my bags (2017)
7 Cain, Chris Know who you can trust Somewhere along the way (1995)
8 Davis, Guy & Fabrizio Poggi Evil hearted me Sonn & Brownie's last train (2017)
9 Barrelhouse Hard feelings Almost there (2016)
10 Crenshaw, SaRon Jailer Blues Drivin' (2017)
11 Chubby, Popa Little Wing Electric Chubbyland (2007)
12 Foley, Blaze  Election Day (Omroep Venlo pakt uit rond de verkiezingen!) Live at The Austin House (1999)  
13 Kinks Schooldays Schoolboys in Disgrace (1976)
14 Jackson, George Aretha, Sing One For Me (1972) "1972" single
15 Little feat Willin Sailin' Shoes (1972)
16 First Aid kit Postcard Ruins (2018)
17 Parson, Gram Return of the Grievous Angel Grievous angel (1974)
18 Gauthier, Mary The War After the War (3:44) Rifles & Rosary Beads (2018)
19 Gauthier, Mary Stronger Together (3:41) Rifles & Rosary Beads (2018)
20 Combs, Andrew Dirty rain Canyons of My Mind (2017)
21 Orbison, Roy You got it Mystery Girl (1989)
22 Bloom, Luka In my secret life Refuge (2017)
23 Williams, Marlon nobody gets what they want anymore Make way for love    

Playlist 1146  van zondagavond 4 maart 2018 van 19 tot 21 uur  (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé)

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Morrison, Van Keep it Simple (Landelijke pilot taalontwikkeling in Venlo) Keep it Simple(2008)
2 Blues Bones, The Demon Blues Chasing Shadows(2018)
3 Steven Troch Band Short End Rhymes For Mellow Minds(2018)
4 Gallagher, Rory Used To Be Deuce(1971)
5 Tricklebolt Open The Gate Triclebolt(2017)
6 Pelt, Joep & Lobi Traoré Baba Kansaye I Yougoba!(2008)
7 Johnson, Willie & Sammy Lewis So Long Baby Goodbye Sun Records-The Blues Years 1950-1958
8 Primer, John Feel Like Going Home Chicago Blues - A Living History(2009)
9 Reverend Shawn Amos, The Moved Breaks it Down(2018)
10 Siegal, Ian Eagle - Vulture All The Rage(2018)
11 Crystals, The  There's No Other Like My Baby Phil Spector Box(1961)
12 Womack, Bobby That's The Way I Feel About Cha Communication(1971)
13 Drivin'N Crying Catch the Wind (Gemeenteraad stelt besluit over negen windturbines uit) Whisper Tames the Lion (1987)
14 Dickinson, Jarrod Take It From Me Ready The Horses(2017)
15 Myles, Lynn Sunset Boulevard Live Blue Highways (1999)
16 Warnes, Jennifer Coming Back To You Famous Blue Raincoat(1987)
17 Yawpers, The A Visitor is Welcome Boy in A Well(2017)
18 Yawpers, The Reunion Boy in A Well(2017)
19 Pollux, Frans Raegenwaeg (Thunder Road) Pollux Duit Springsteen(2012)
20 Matthews Southern Comfort Been Down So Long Like A Radio(2018)
21 Kacy & Clayton This World Has Seven Wonders The Siren's Song(2017)
22 Officiele Jingle Omroep Venlo- Map Vormgeving- Sweepers    
23 Wood Brothers, The River Takes The Town One Drop of Thruth(2018)
24 Raitt, Bonnie Woman Be Wise Live Philadelphia 22 februari 1975
25 Raitt, Bonnie Bluebird Live Philadelphia 22 februari 1975

Playlist 1145  van zondagavond 25 februari 2017 van 19 tot 21 uur  (samenstelling Henk Maeghs)

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Ex Ronny Toober  Ordinaire Wiever (zanger gitarist band "ex-Ronnie Tober" overleden) Clip 2018       
2 Jones, Laurence Give me your time The truth (2018)
3 Piazza, Rod Sunbird Soul Monster (2009)
4 Musselwhite, Charlie Hear me talkin In My Time (1993)
5 King King nobody knows your name Exile & Grace (2017)
6 Chubby, Popa Lie down with the blues New York City Blues (1999)
7 Cockburn, bruce cafe society bone on bone (2017)
8 Finley, Robert Honey, let me stay the night Goin' Platinum! (2017)
9 Franklin, Aretha My song Stoffer & Bentz (1968)
10 Pelt, Joep Something's wrong I'm Off! (2010)
11 Fabulous thunderbirds Mean Love Roll of the Dice (1995)
12 Keylock, Aaron No matter what the cost Cut against the grain (2017)
13 Jethro Tull  Skating Away On The Thin Ice Of The New Day (IJsbaan in Belfeld) War Child
14 Rhodes, Emitt Live till you die Emitt Rhodes (1970)
15 Harrison, George Run so far Brainwashed (2002)
16 Combs, Andrew Foolin All these dreams (2015)
17 Blunstone & Zombies, Colin Care Of Cell 44 Odessey & Oracle (1968)
18 Blunstone & Zombies, Colin Edge of the Rainbow Still Got That Hunger (2015)
19 Bakersongs Insomnia Words / In a dream
20 Williams, Marlon i know a jeweller Make way for love    
21 Diane, Alela pirate's gospel pirate's gospel (2006)
22 Diane, Alela albatross Cusp (2018)
23 Matthews Southern Comfort Bits And Pieces  Like a radio (2018)
24 Simon & Garfunkel America The Concert in Central Park (1982)
25 Outlaws So long Legacy live

Playlist 1144  van zondagavond 18 februari 2018 van 19 tot 21 uur  (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé)

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Waters, Muddy Forty Days and Forty Nights (De GGD start campagne om de alcohol veertig dagen te laten staan) Chicago/London(1956)
2 Myles, Gervis ft. Tweed Sippin Misery Southern Blues Night(2018)
3 Cain, Chris Know Who You Can Trust Somewhere along the way(1995)
4 Crenshaw, Saron Jailer Blues Drivin'(2017)
5 Wallen, Brian Keith Tied Live Eutin (2017)
6 Wallen, Brian Keith Trouble Live Eutin (2017)
7 Ben Heights Somewhere in the Winter Demo(2018)
8 Ben Heights Sun and Moon Demo(2018)
9 Pelt, Joep Wiling to Stay I Yougoba!(2008)
10 Williams, Brooks Statesboro Blues Brook's Blues(2016)
11 Buckley, Jeff The Last Goodbye (Doek met afbeelding Tegels mozaďek weggehaald) Grace(1994)
12 Wainwright Sisters, The El Condor Pasa Songs in the Dark(2015)
13 Miles, Lynn Rainmaker Love Sweet Love(2005)
14 McQuaid, Sarah Break me Down If We Dig Any Deeper It Could get Dangerous(2018)
15 Yusuf Olive Hill The Laughing Apple(2017)
16 Yusuf Don't Blame Them The Laughing Apple(2017)
17 Rapp, Tom After The Goldrush This Note's For You Too!(1998)
18 Dylan, Bob Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues Royal Albert Hall(1966)
19 James, Etta At Last At Last(1960)
20 Creedence Clearwater Rivival It's Just A Thought Pendulum(1970)
21 Little Feat Willin' Halloween Broadcast(1975)

Playlist 1143  van zondagavond 4 februari 2018 van 19 tot 21 uur  (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé)

Artiest Titel Titel cd
1 Stray Cats, The Stray Cat Strut (Kattencafé strijkt neer op Parade) Best of (1981)
2 Musselwhite, Charlie The Blues Overtook Me Ace of Harps(1990)
3 Juke Joints, The Rock me Baby Crossroads Un & Plugged(2017)
4 Emmannual, Tommie Purple Haze Accomplice One(2017)
5 Holmes, Sherman Green River Richmond Sessions(2017)
6 Strange Angels(Elayna Boynton) Can't Stop Loving You In Flight With Elmore James(2017)
7 Landreth, Sonny Creole Angel Live in Lafayette(2017)
8 Watson, Johnny Guitar I Want To Ta-Ta You Baby Ain't That A Bitch(1976)
9 Reverend Shawn Davis, The Moved Breaks it Down(2018)
10 Penny Leen Not Good Enough Still Waters Savage Waves(2018)
11 Shaw, Eddie I Ain't Superstitious The Songs of Willie Dixon(1999)
12 Temptations I Can't Get Next To You Box Motown Hitsville USA(1969)
13 Adams, Ryan When The Stars Go Blue ('sterre baove straole' nummer 1 in vasteloaves Top 555) Gold(2001)
14 Calexico Music Box The Thread That Keeps Us(2018)
15 Etzioni, Marvin You are The Light Marvin Country! (2012)
16 Gauthier, Mary Still on the Ride Rifles & Rosary Beads(2018)
17 Nile, Willie I Want You Positively Bob "Nile Sings Bob Dylan"(2017)
18 Nile, Willie Abandoned Love Positively Bob "Nile Sings Bob Dylan"(2017)
19 Barr Brothers, The Song That I Heart Queens of the Breakers(2017)
20 Yawpers, The Room in a View Boy in A Well(2017)
21 Souther JD Show Me What You Mean Tenderness(2015)
22 Butterill, Kenny Good Thing That Couldn't Happen Here Troubadour Tales(2014)
23 Lofgren, Nils Keith Don't Go Acoustic Live(1997)
24 Lofgren, Nils Wonderland Acoustic Live(1997)

Playlist 1142  van zondagavond 28 januari 2017 van 19 tot 21 uur  (samenstelling Henk Maeghs)

Artiest Titel Titel cd
1 Wyman, Bill & His Rhythm Kings  Breaking Up The House (instorten huis op Q4) Double Bill (2000) 
2 King, Chris Thomas Friday night bleu Hotel Voodoo (2017)
3 Dr. Wu' And Friends Lost in louisiana Ridin' With Dr. Wu', Vol. 5 (2017)
4 Sweet bourbon Enfant terribles Night turned into day (2017)
5 Sweet bourbon Kicked me out Night turned into day (2017)
6 Rex Granite band Steamroller spirit - matter - truth - lies (2017)
7 Mayal, John Gimme Some Of That Gumbo Talk About That
8 Mayal, John Across The County Line Talk About That
9 Dixon, Willy Spoonful Story of the blues (sampler)
10 Robert Finley - Goin' Platinum! (2017) Medicine woman Goin' Platinum! (2017)
11 Bland, Bobby Blue Two steps from the blues Two steps from the blues (1961)
12 Creedence Clearwater Revival  Wrote a Song For Everyone (geen Venlose nummers op LVK)  Green River (1969
13 Jim James (2018) Lucky man Tribute To 2 (2018)
14 Seeger, Pete Paths of victory  
15 Tyler Childers - Purgatory (2017) Feathered indians purgatory (2017)
16 First Aid Kit Ruins Ruins (2018)
17 Horslips trouble (with a capital t) Roll Back (sampler)
18 Olney, David (69) + John Prine Barrymore Remembers Real Lies (1997)
19 Zandt, Townes van (52) Kathleen At the Old Quarter Houston Texas (1977)
20 Guthrie, Woodie I Ain't got no home (1961) Music that inspired BD for JWH and NS
21 Bragg, Billy  I Ain't got no home Tooth & Nail (2013)
22 Moonshine Brigade  Roll in My Sweet Baby's Arms  Voodoo lady (2017)
23 Waters, Muddy I'm ready Chicago-London (1971)

Playlist 1141  van zondagavond 21 januari 2018 van 19 tot 21 uur  (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé)

Artiest Titel Titel cd
1 Deep Purple Stormbringer (storm Venlo) Stormbringer(1974)
2 Bergen, Richard van & Rootbag Walk on in Walk On In(2017)
3 MYLK Nasty Crazy Woman Live it Loud(2016)
4 Hoey, Gary Dust and Bones Dust and Bones(2016)
5 Morganfield, Mud Baby Please Don't Go Southern Blues Night(2013)
6 Waters, Muddy You Can't Lose what You ain't never Had Folk Singer(1964) bonus track
7 Verlinde, Guy & The Mighty Gators Ain't No Sunshine Ten(2018)
8 Barrelhouse Shake 'em Down Vintage Blues (2010)
9 John Dear Mowing Club The First Time I Heard Townes Singing John Dear Mowing Club(2008)
10 Dowd, Johnny John Deer Yeller Wrong Side Of Memphis(1998)
11 Hammond, John Stop and Listen Things About Comin'My Way(2009)
12 Cockburn, Bruce Honey Babe Let The Deal Go Down Things About Comin'My Way(2009)
13 Dylan, Bob Shelter from The Storm (storm Venlo) Blood On The Tracks(1975)
14 Eaglesmith, Fred Jenny Smith Standard(2016)
15 King, Carole It's Too Late Tapestry(1971)
16 Isbell, Jason & The 400 Unit White Man's World The Nashville Sound(2017)
17 Byrnes, Jim The Shape I'm In Long Hot Summer Nights(2017)
18 Byrnes, Jim Long Hot Summer Days Long Hot Summer Nights(2017)
19 Blitzen Trapper The Tree Destroier of The Void(2010)
20 Jodymoon Hitchhike Overdrive All is Waiting(2015)
21 Paisley, Doug & Garth Hudson Whispering Pines Celebration of The Band(2010)
22 Fridolijn Whimsical Catching Currents(2014)
23 Calexico Para Spiritoso(2012)
24 Calexico Quattro Spiritoso(2012)

Playlist 1140  van zondagavond 14 januari 2017 van 19 tot 21 uur  (samenstelling Henk Maeghs)

Artiest Titel Titel cd
1 Steely Dan Everyone’s Gone To The Movies (Start Limburg  Filmfestival in Venlo) Katie Lied (1975)
2 Wildcards Hell Raising hell (2007)
3 White, Snowy Long time no c Reunited (2017)
4 Morganfield, Mud (with Kim Wilson) Going to main street For Pops, a tribute to MW
5 Mylk Johnny had a rifle Rough Riders And Underdogs
6 Mylk Lie to me Rough Riders And Underdogs
7 Mylk Pillar to post Rough Riders And Underdogs
8 Son Little charging bull New Magic (2017)
9 Son Little asap New Magic (2017)
10 Leadbelly Rock Island Line O Brother, Where Art Thou? (2007)
11 Morrison, Van Start all over again Versatile (2017)
12 Morrison, Van Down By The Riverside (Nieuw kunster Frans Schobbers aan de Maas) Tupelo Honey
13 King, Chris Thomas Les bleus was born in louisiana Hotel Voodoo
14 Blessing Hurricane room 2 meter sessies vol. 3
15 Deep dark woods Glory, Hallelujah Hang Me, Oh Hang Me (2007)
16 First Aid Kit Postcard Ruins (2018)
17 Lafave, Jimmy Tomorrow is a long time Trail five (2016)
18 One bar town Say me a rosery Say me a rosery (2003)
19 King, Carole Hey Girl Pearls (1980)
20 Pogues, N. Cave, K Milogue, PJ Harvey Death is not the end 2008

Playlist 1139  van zondagavond 7 januari 2018 van 19 tot 21 uur  (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé)

Artiest Titel Titel cd
1 Hooker, John Lee Bus Station Blues (staking openbaar vervoer) Live at Newport 1959
2 Landreth, Sonny Walking Blues Live in Lafayette(2017)
3 Jongh, Ralph de Right Here, Right Now Slow Turtle Sundance(2017)
5 MYLK Life Ain't Easy Rough Riders and Underdogs(2017)
6 Finley, Robert Honey, Let Me Stay The Night Goin'Platinum!(2017)
7 Auerbach, Dan Shine On Me Waiting On A Song(2017)
8 Black Operator Marita single(2017)
9 Bailey, Ellis Wildfire Wildfire(2017)
10 Patershuk, Mat Sometimes You've Got To Do Bad Things to Do Good Same As I Ever Have Been(2017)
12 Morrison, Van Too Much Trouble Roll With The Punches(2017)
13 Allman, Gregg My Only True Friend Southern Blood(2017)
14 Salgado, Curtis & Alan Hager So Near To Nowhere (wateroverlast diamanthof) Rough Cut(2017)
15 Beach Boys, The Don't Go Near The Water Surf's Up(1971)
16 Young, Neil & Promise of The Real Almost Always The Visitor(2017)
17 Folk Road Show Gold Gold(2017)
19 Williams, Lucinda Sweet Old World This Sweet Old World(2017)
20 Price, Margot A Little Pain All American Made(2017)
21 Price, Margot Loner All American Made(2017)
22 Newman, Randy The Great Debate Dark Matter(2017)
23 Moreland, John Amen, So Be It Big Bad Luv(2017)
24 Cameron, Steph Winterwood Daybreak Over Jackson Street(2017)
25 Roy, JW & Ilse DeLange We're still Here A Room Full Of Strangers(2017)
26 Bergh, Bert van den Who By The Fire Akoestisch Live 2017
27 Bergh, Bert van den Dance me to The End Of Love Akoestisch Live 2017

Playlist 1138  van zondagavond 31 december 2017 van 19 tot 21 uur  (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé en Henk Maeghs)

Artiest Titel Titel cd
1 Sahm, Doug T Bone Shuffle Oudjaarsavond 19 - 20 uur
2 Bramhall, Doyle Change it  
3 Electric Kings Long distance call  
4 Arnold, Billy Boy I ain't got you  
5 Blues 'n Trouble Honey Pot  
6 Mack, Bobby Somebody's readin' my mail  
7 Reed, eli paperboy  Young girl  
8 fabulous thunderbirds Early every morning  
9 J. Geils band Full court press  
10 Clark Jr., Gary When My Train Pulls In  
11 Thoroghood, George Bad to the bone  
12 Morello, Jimmy Hey Brother  
13 Bonamassa, Joe your funeral my trial  
14 Dirty White Boys five long years  
15 Beans & Fatback Beggin Oudjaarsavond 20 - 21 uur
16 Raitt, Bonnie Shakin Shakin Shakes  
17 Katz, Bruce Wild About You Baby  
18 CW Stoneking We Gon'Boogaloo  
19 Cash Box Kings Baby Without You  
20 Gales, Eric Good Time  
21 Unknown Feelin'Happy  
22 Fabulous Thunderbirds Strong Like That  
23 Doghouse Sam Why  
24 The Dynamite Blues band Boogie Through The Night  
25 Thorogood, George One Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer  
26 Forsyth, Guy Good Stuff  
27 Imperial Crowns Grace Under Pressure  
28 Vaughan, Jimmy Just Like Putty  
29 JJ Apleton & Jason Ricci Can't Believe It's This Good  
30 Roomful of blues Blues - Flip Flap Jack Oudjaarsavond 21 - 22 uur
31 Watson, Johnny guitar Gangster of love  
32 Cranston, Lamont Cranston - I don't wanna know  
33 Little charlie deep Pockets  
34 Los Lobos Don't worry baby  
35 Monophonics Mirage  
36 Amundson, Monti Lesson or two  
37 Moss, Nick Sadie Mae  
38 Morgan, Mike Cause I love you  
39 Nine below zero On the road again  
40 Paladins Keep on loving me  
41 Red Devils Automatic  
42 Smokin' Joe Kubek & Bnois King Telll me why  
43 Mighty Houserockers I'll play the blues for you  
44 Cotton, James No Cuttin' Loose Oudjaarsavond 22 - 23 uur
45 Collins, Cray & Copeland Black Cat Bone  
46 Bell, Carey Low Down Dirty Shame  
47 Diddley, Bo Heart-O-Matic Love  
48 Ellis, Tinsley Double Eyed Whammy  
49 SRV & AC Reed These Blues Is Killing Me  
50 Musselwhite, Charly Leaving Your Town  
51 St. Paul & The Broken Bones Dont Mean A Thing  
52 Dixon, Willie Crazy For My Baby  
53 CJ Chenier Man Smart, Woman Smarter  
54 Troch, Steven Grease My Up  
55 Sugar Blue I Ain't Got You  
56 Nick Nixon Band Shut The Front Door  
57 Thomas, Rufus Walking The Dog  
58 Broes, Walter & The Mercenaries Movin Up  
59 Magic Dick Full Court Press  
60 Earl, Ronnie Green Light  
61 Willis, Chick I Want A Big Fat Woman  
62 Southern Hospitality Southern Livin'  
63 Moore, Gary Cut it out Oudjaarsavond 23 - 24 uur
64 Vaughan, Stevie ray mary had a little lamb  
65 Sweet Betty They call me sweet Betty  
66 Castro, Tommy Big Sister's Radio  
67 Morgan, teddy make up your mind  
68 Piazza, Rod Southern Lady  
69 Red Devils, the Blackwater Roll  
70 Instigators, The Bogie O  
71 Bus, Vidar Stompin our feet with joy  
72 Wailin Walker Red headed woman  
73 Foghat & Robert Johnson intro Sweet home chicago   

Playlist 1137  van zondagavond 24 december 2017 van 19 tot 21 uur  (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé en Henk Maeghs)

Artiest Titel
1 Danko, Fjeld & Anderson Blue River
2 Blood Sweat and Tears God Bless The Child
3 Costello, Elvis Baby Plays Around
4 Olabelle Soul of a man
5 Oh Suzanna Forever at Your Feet
6 Cockburn, Bruce Closer to The Light
7 Bright Eyes First Day of My Life
8 Ian, Janis In The Winter
9 Charles, Bobby I Must Be In A Good Place Now
10 Ten Years After I'd Love To Change The World
11 Danko, Rick It Makes No Difference
12 Zijlstra, Jeroen Durgerdam Slaapt
13 Fairport Convention Who Knows Where the Time Goes
14 Cowboy Junkies Misguided Angel
15 Clay & Johnny Rawls, Otis Hallelujah Lord
16 Tedeschi, Susan lord protect my child
17 Smith, O.C. Little Green Apples
18 Journeymen 500 Miles
19 Wainwright III, Loudon I'll be killing you this christmas
20 War on Drugs thinking of a place
21 Texas Red Book
22 Gaye, Marvin Gos is love
23 Kingston Trio Deportee
24 Baez, Joan ballata di Sacco et Vanzetti
25 Band, The I Shall Be Released
26 Collins, Judy With God On Our Side
27 Rosa, Dona Verdes sao os campos
28 Housemartins Caravan Of Love
29 Berry, Chuck Run Rudolph Run
30 Alexander, Arthur Sharing The Night Together
31 Birds Of Chicago Birds of The Palasides
32 Jones, Sharon Ain't No Chineys in The Projects