Playlist 1114  van zondagavond 16 juli 2017 van 19 tot 21 uur  (non-stop / samenstelling Huub Hovens)

Artiest Titel Titel cd
1 Clapton, Eric  Let it grow 461 Ocean Boulevard
2 Omar & the Howlers Lee Anne Live at Paradiso
3 King, Freddy  t ain't nobody's business if i do Freddy King 1934-1976
4 Vaugahn, Albert King & Stevie Ray  Pride and Joy In Session
5 Earl, Ronnie Thank you mr T-bone (dedicated to Duke Robbilard) Blues and Forgiveness
6 Gallagher, Rory  As the Crow Flies Irish Tour '74 Belfast 2
7 Bonamassa, Joe  Tiger in your Tank Muddy Wolf at Red Rock
8 Yngstrom, Clas  The Supernatural Peter Green Songbook
9 Allman & Cowboy, Duane  Please be with me Skydog The Duane Allman Retrospective
10 Bonamassa, Joe  Woke up Dreaming Live at Carnegie Hall an acoustic evening
11 Kaukonen, Jorma  Blue Railroad Train Blue Country Heart
12 Phil Bee's Freedom Down the line Memphis Moon
13 Hiatt, John  Perfectly good guitar Perfectly good guitar
14 Ofarim, Esther & Abi  Viva la feria Songs of our life
15 Vanderveen, Ad  Faithful to love Live at Crossroads
16 National, The Mansion on the hill The Virginia EP
17 Pentangle The Time has come Live at the Royal Festival Hall 2-6-68
18 Johnson, Jack  Belle/Banana Pancakes Jack Johnson en Concert
19 Sjoerdsma, Margriet  High and Dry Songs from Odelien
20 Savoretti, Jack  Deep Waters Sleep no more
21 Denny & Trevor Lucas, Sandy  Forever Young The attick tracks 1972-1984
22 Fairport Convention Fotheringgay BBC Sessions
23 Baartmans, Bart Jan  Land waar alles overwaait Verpand
24 Baez, Joan  Gracias a la vida Live
25 Passenger Let her go All the little lights acoustic
26 White & Kersten de Ligny, Stef  A Million Cries Stef White Kersten de Ligny
27 Loggins & Messina Golden ribbons On Stage

Playlist 1113  van zondagavond 9 juli 2017 van 19 tot 21 uur  (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé)

Artiest Titel Titel cd
1 Jayhawks, The Don't Let the World Get in Your Way (G20 top) Rainy Day Music (2003)
2 Landreth, Sonny Back To Bayou Teche Live in Lafayette(2017)  
3 Leif de Leeuw Band Until Better Times Nieuwe Single(2017)
4 Hendrix, Jimi Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window BBC Sessions (1967)
5 Cut The Crap I don't want to lose you yet Acoustisch (2017)
6 Cut The Crap Soul Shine Acoustisch (2017)
7 Colney Hatch Go To Your Mama EP Go To Your Mama (2014)
8 Nick Moss I'll Turn Around Here I Am(2011) 
9 Auerbach, Dan Never In My Wildest Dreams Waiting On A Song(2017)
10 Brandos, The What Kind of A World Los Brandos(2017) 
11 Prophet, Chuck Jesus Was A Social Drinker Bobby Fuller Died For Our Sins(2017)
12 Tweedy, Jeff Via Chicago Together at Last(2017) 
13 Mercy John This ain't New York This Ain't New York(2017)
14 Mercy John Strangers This Ain't New York(2017)
15 Corley, David What Zero Moon(2017)
16 Moreland, John Latchkey Kid Big Bad Luv(2017)
17 Zandt, Townes van  Dollar Bill  Blues Live at The Down Home in Johnson City (1985)
18 Zandt, Townes van  Pancho and Lefty Live at The Down Home in Johnson City (1985)
19 Zandt, Townes van  Buckskin Stallion Blues Live at The Down Home in Johnson City (1985)

Playlist 1112  van zondagavond 2 juli 2017 van 19 tot 21 uur  (samenstelling Henk Maeghs)

Artiest Titel Titel cd
1 Paxton, Tom  What did you learn in School Today? (onderbetaalde leraren en hoge werkdruk) Broadside 1962-1988   
2 Harris, Wynonie Lovin Machine This is Charlie 
3 Guilande, Orlanda Gate of Hell Guilande
4 Ryynanen & Sons of the Desert, Jaakko Big Water Hybrid soul
5 Lafave, Jimmy Have you ever loved a woman Trail
6 Nijhoff, Erwin In the ghetto  
7 Adams, Ryan To be without you Prisoner
8 Adams, Ryan We disappear Prisoner
9 Johnson, Syl Is it because I'm black  
10 Dixon, Willie (& Memphis Slim) That's my baby All that blues
11 Hurt, mississippi John Payday  
12 Wilson, Cassandra Death letter Women of spirit
13 The Watchman Dorset Moon Dorset Moon
14 Lafave, Jimmy Tear Behind Your Smile Down under (1979)
15 Lafave, Jimmy Feelings Gone broken line (1981)
16 Lafave, Jimmy Is it still raining Highway angels Full moon (1988)
17 Sugarland Steve Earle  
18 Earle, Steve Before they make me run  
19 Bragg, Billy  Deportees Tracks inspired by Bob Dylan
20 Caroll, Marc Gates of Eden Tracks inspired by Bob Dylan
21 McNabb, Ian Working Class Hero  
22 Dona Rosa Verdes sao os campos  
23 Stevens, Sufjan fourth of july Carrie & Lowell (2015)
24 Farnham, John Burn for you together in concert (2005)

Playlist 1111  van zondagavond 25 juni 2017 van 19 tot 21 uur  (Frank Schatorjé)

Artiest Titel Titel cd
1 Larson, Nicolette Lotta Love (Venlo mag Roze zaterdag organiseren in 2019) Sound of The Westcoast(1978)
2 Nine Below Zero Stormy Monday Live in London 2014 (2014)
3 Vera, Danny In Every Way The New Black & White Prt II(2015)
4 David, Michelle & Gospel Sessions My Praise The Gospel Sessions Vol 2(2016)
5 Webster, Sean Broken Man Leave Your Heart At The Door(2017)
6 Webster, Sean Leave Your Heart at The Door Leave Your Heart At The Door(2017)
7 Wilson, Big Daddy 7 Years Neckbone Stew(2017)
8 Birchwood, Selwyn Heavy Heart Pick Your Poison(2017)
9 Seeds, The Can't Seem to Make You Mine Nuggets 1965-1968 (1965)
10 Colney Hatch to an imaginary lover Opaque(2010)
11 Simon, Carly Waterfall Playing Possum (1975)
12 Curse Of Lono Five Miles Severed(2017)
13 Palmer, Jack & Amanda You Got Me Singing You Got Me Singing(2016)
14 Isbell, Jason & The 400 Unit Tupelo The Nashville sound(2017)
15 Living Room Heroes Head Over Heels Days Well Spent(2017)
16 Earle, Justin Townes Kids in the Street Kids in the Street(2017)
17 It's a Family affair    
18 Buckley, Tim Happy Time Blue Afternoon(1968)
19 Buckley, Jeff So Real Grace( 1994)
20 Vintage Trouble Not allright by me The Bomb Shelter Sessions(2011)
21 Black Sorrows, The Rise and Fall Harley and Rose(1990)
22 Cave, Nick & The Bad Seeds Stranger Than Kindness Live From KCRW 18 april 2013
23 Cave, Nick & The Bad Seeds The Mercy Seat Live From KCRW 18 april 2013

Playlist 1110  van zondagavond 18 juni 2017 van 19 tot 21 uur  (non-stop blues: samenstelling Frank Schatorjé / Henk Maeghs)

Artiest Titel Titel cd
1 Electric Kings Long Distance Call red rooster 
2 Wilson, Smokey The Man From Mars red rooster 
3 Watson, Johnny guitar Gangster of love red rooster 
4 michael hills blues mob women make the world go round red rooster 
5 red devils automatic red rooster 
6 hoax bones red rooster 
7 Mighty Houserockers, the play the blues for you red rooster 
8 Weathersby, Carl A real mutha fuh ya red rooster 
9 Kane, Candye what happened to the girl red rooster 
10 amundson, monti lesson or two red rooster 
11 Paladins Keep loving me red rooster 
12 Thoroghood, George  Bad to the bone red rooster 
13 White, Bukka Pachman Farm Blues Legacy vol 1(1963)
14 Eaglin, Snooks Pine Top's Boogie Legacy vol 2(1971)
15 Champion Jack Dupree Drunk Again Legacy vol 3(1971)
16 Young, Mighty Joe Wishy Washy Woman Legacy vol 4(1972)
17 Bonner, Juke Boy I'm a Bluesman Legacy vol 5(1972)
18 Williams, Big Joe Hang it Up On The Wall Legacy vol 6(1972)
19 Memphis Sim Lets Get With it Legacy vol 7(1973)
20 Short, J.D. The Red River Run Legacy vol 8(1962)
21 Williams, Robert Pete Woman You Ain't No Good Legacy vol 9(1976)
22 Boyd, Eddie I'm A Fool Legacy vol 10(1974)
23 Sunnyland Slim Days of Old Legacy vol 11(1976)
24 Lightnin'Hopkins I Been Burning Bad Gasoline Legacy vol 12(1985)
25 Terry, Sonny & Brownie McGee The Sky is Crying American Folk Blues Festival (1967)
26 House, Son Rock Island Line American Folk Blues Festival (1967)
27 Walter, Little Got A Letter This Morning American Folk Blues Festival (1967)

Playlist 1109  van zondagavond 11 juni 2017 van 19 tot 21 uur  (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé)

Artiest Titel Titel cd
1 Griffith, Nancy Wasn't That a Mighty Storm (Venlo stormt) Other Voices Too(1998)
2 Chavez, Frankie My Religion Double Or Nothing(2017)
3 Bonamassa, Joe Lonesome Whistle Blues Live at the Greek Theatre(2016)
4 ZZ Top Mushmouth Shoutin' Rio Grande Mud(1972)
5 Brown, Chastity How Could I Forget Silhouette of Sirens(2016)
6 McBride, Martina All my Friends All my Friends(2014)
7 Howlin Wolf Killing Floor The Real Folk Blues(1966)
8 Charles, Ray Going Down Slow I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now?(1962)
9 Yardbirds Got To Hurry Crossroads(1965)
10 Yardbirds Steeled Blues Smokestack Lightning(a Collection) (1965)
11 Earth, Wind & Fire Got To Get You Into My Life Black America Sings Lennon & McCartny
12 Wells, Mary Do You Want To Know A Secret Black America Sings Lennon & McCartny
13 Four Tops The Fool On The Hill Black America Sings Lennon & McCartny
14 Bragg, Billy No One Knows Nothing Anymore Tooth & Nail(2013)
15 Jane Pumped Up Kicks Get Together
16 Schatorjé, Anouk  Too Much Time Get Together
17 Slapback Johnny Doin Tim Get Together
18 Power to the Pipo Mobile Funk Get Together
19 Curse Of Lono Each Time You Hurt Severed(2017)
20 Hamon, Baptiste W. Peut-Etre Que Nous Serions Heureux L'Insouciance(2015)
21 Moreland, John No Glory In Regret Big Bad Luv (2017) 
22 Dylan, Bob Here's that Rainy Day Triplicade
23 Page, Gregory I Can't Give You Anything But Love Let's Fall in Love Again
24 Wilco Taste The Ceiling Star Wars(2015)
25 Isbell, Jason Speed Trap Down Something More Than Free

Playlist 1108  van zondagavond 4 juni 2017 van 19 tot 21 uur  (samenstelling Henk Maeghs)

Artiest Titel Titel cd
1 World Party Private revolution Private revolution
2 Pork Chop Willie Snake drive love is the devil (2014)
3 Lucky Losers Long hard road a winning hand (2015)
4 Canales & the flood, Lance train station blues Elixir (2012)
5 Taylor, Otis tripping on this Fantasizing About Being Black (2017)
6 Garwood, Duke Move on softly Garden Of Ashes (2017)
7 Montoya, Coco I want to shout about it Hard Truth (2017)
8 Little Steven Blues is my business Soulfire (2017)
9 Drivin 'n' Cryin' When you come back Smoke (1993)
10 Cray, Robert The same love that made me laugh Hi Rhythm
11 West, Leslie Theme from an imaginary western Night of the guitar
12 Texas Sending a message Jump on Board (2017)
13 Straten, Marc Un waeg terug Live
14 Byrne, Julie Melting Grid Not Even Happiness
15 Byrne, Julie I live now as a singer Not Even Happiness
16 Nichols, Jeb Loy  I hate hate cd thorbjorn risager (Country hustle)
17 Outlaw, Sam Everyone's Looking for Home  Tenderheart (2017)
18 Dawn Brothers Get down the road Stayin' Out Late (2017)
19 Texas Tornadoes Bonito Es El Espanol Texas Tornadoes
20 Hancock, Butch Little Coyote Waltz West Texas Waltzes & Dust-Blown Tractor Tunes (1978)
21 Phillips, John April Anne John, the Wolf King of L.A. (1969)
22 Phillips, Michelle let the music begin Victim of Romance (1977)
23 Faces Stay with me  BBC sessions

Playlist 1107  van zondagavond 28 mei 2017 van 19 tot 21 uur  (SPECIAL JIMMY LAFAVE: samenstelling Frank Schatorjé / Henk Maeghs)

Artiest Titel Titel cd
1 Tedeschi, Susan Lord Protect my Child (Aanslag Manchester) Hope and Desire(2005)
2 Liggins, Jim & The Honeydrippers Pink Champagne Specialty Box
3 Allman Joys, The  Spoonful Dreams Box(1966)
4 Allman Brothers, The  Whipping Post Live At Fillmore East(1971)
5 Allman Brothers, The  Wasted Words Brothers and Sisters(1973)
6 Allman, Greg Queen of Hearts Laid Back(1973)
7 Allman, Greg Oceans Awash The Gunwale Just Before The Bullets Fly(1988)
8 Allman, Greg Floating Bridge Low Country Blues(2011)
9 Brown, Chastity Lies Silhouette Of Sirens(2017)
10 Chavez, Frankie Save Double Or Nothing(2017)
11 Canales, Lance Old Red The Blessing and The Curse(2016)
12 Lafave, Jimmy Going Home Buffalo Return To The Plains(1995)
13 Lafave, Jimmy Not Dark Yet Cimmaron/Manifesto(2007)
14 Lafave, Jimmy Bluebird ROZ Live 1994
15 Lafave, Jimmy Queen Jane Aproximately The Night Tribe(2015)
16 Lafave, Jimmy Sweetheart Like You Buffalo Return To The Plains(1995)
17 Lafave, Jimmy Revival Blue Nightfall(2005)
18 Lafave, Jimmy Oklahoma Hills Trail
19 Lafave, Jimmy Woody Guthrie Texoma(2000)
20 Lafave, Jimmy Give Your Sweet Love To Me Highway Trance(1994)
21 Lafave, Jimmy One Too Many Mornings ROZ Live 1994

Playlist 1106  van zondagavond 21 mei 2017 van 19 tot 21 uur  (samenstelling Henk Maeghs)

Artiest Titel Titel cd
1 Miller, Frankie Ain't got no money (tekorten gemeente Venlo / Grenswerk) The rock (1975)
2 Big Dez Night after night  
3 Dylan, Bob Under the red sky Under the red sky (1990)
4 Oldfield, Mike B Blues  (Guitar)
5 Mercy John better to be safe This ain't new york
6 Risager, Thorbjorn I used to love you Change my game
7 Parham, Levi STEAL ME These American Blues
8 Parham, Levi YOUR BLUE EYES GIVE YOU AWAY These American Blues
9 Housemartins People get ready London 0 Hull 4 (1986)
10 Earth, Wind & Fire Ain't No Harm To Moan (Slave Song) Open your eyes
11 Wilcox, David Chet Baker's unsung swan song Sierra 13
12 Baker, Chet & Van Morrison Send in the clowns Live at Ronnie Scott's
13 Walsh, Orion Standing Bear  
14 Reid, Nadia The way it goes  (Preservation 2017)
15 Dada Outside Dada
16 Bonnie 'Prince' Billy  I see a darkness  (I See a Darkness 1999)
17 Sugarland Stay  (Enjoy the Ride 2006)
18 Hall, Kristen Thru Cryin' Women's Work
19 Jake Xerxes, Fussell jump for joy  (What in the natural world 2017)
20 Nichols, Jeb Loy Katy Blue  (Country hustle 2017)
21 Penn, Michael Coals  
22 Buckingham, Lindsey Never going back again  
23 Brown, James Lost Someone Live at the apollo 1963

Playlist 1105  van zondagavond 14 mei 2017 van 19 tot 21 uur  (samenstelling Henk Maeghs)

Artiest Titel Titel cd
1 Beck, Jeff Blues de luxe Truth
2 thackery, jimmy crazy bout a saxophone  
3 Principato, Tom Crazy Mixed up girl  
4 Morello & Sweet Betty The call me sweet Betty  
5 Gillespie, Dana  Lovin machine  
6 Castro, Tommy Big sister's radio  
7 Taylor, Joanne Shaw White sugar  
8 Trout, Walter Slap Happy  
9 Roomful of blues Flip flap Jack  
10 Shine, Johnny Too lazy  
11 R. Johnson / Foghat  Sweet Home Chicago  
12 Boone, Pat Bernadine Unforgettable memories Part VI
13 Valens, Richie Donna Unforgettable memories Part II
14 Cooke, Sam Cupid Unforgettable memories Part VI
15 Little feat Feats don't fail me now Feats don't fail me now
16 Clarke, Gene Lady of the North No Other
17 Waits, Tom The Heart of Saturday Night  The Heart of Saturday Night 
18 Cohen, Leonard Chelsea Hotel No. 2 New skin for the old ceremony
19 Lennon, John #9 Dream  Walls & Bridges
20 Harrison, George Far East Man Dark horse
21 Dylan, Bob Wedding song Planet Waves
22 Cooder, Ry Jesus on the Mainline Paradise & Lunch
23 Morrison, Van Fair play Veedon Fleece
24 Browne, Jackson Late For The Sky Late For The Sky
25 Gallagher, Rory Million miles away Irish Tour

Playlist 1104  van zondagavond 7 mei 2017 van 19 tot 21 uur  (samenstelling Henk Maeghs / Frank Schatorjé)

Artiest Titel Titel cd
1 Canales, Lance Deportee The blessing and the curse
2 Little Louis Burning hell Hanging in the alley (2002)
3 Dylan, Bob New Pony Street Legal (1978)
4 Robillard, Duke Tell me how Turn it around
5 Spann, Otis Riverside blues Kings of  the blues
6 Brozman, bob honeymoon blues Golden slide
7 Keylock, Aaron Just one question Cut Against The Grain
8 Bull, Sandy Gospel Tune  
9 The Frank Cunimondo Trio A House Is Not a Home Introducing Lynn Marino
10 Young, Neil Down by the river decade
11 Tyson, Cale Dark Dark Careless Soul
12 Stelling, Christopher Paul Warm Enemy Labor Against Waist
13 Knol, Tim Days Days
14 Page, Gregory On My Own Way So It Goes
15 Any Vegetable The Name of The Game Veg Out!
16 Eaglesmith, Fred Engineer Tambourine
17 Dawn Brothers, The Stayin'Out Late The Dawn Brothers
18 Tyson, Cale Somebody Save Me Careless Soul
19 Stelling, Christopher Paul Scarecrow Labor Against Waist
20 Nick Schnebelen Band Spoonful Live At Knuckleheads Vol. 1

Playlist 1103  van zondagavond 30 april 2017 van 19 tot 21 uur  (samenstelling Fons Daamen Moulin Blues 2017)

Artiest Titel Titel cd
1 First Aid Kid Met Up With The King (100 willekeurig geselecteerde burgers bij afterparty koning) Sierra / The Big Black and Blue 
2 Detonics I Can't Be Satisfied Live Evidence
3 Labotz, Jake How I Wish She Was Mine Get Right
4 Schnebelen, Nick Fool Live In Knasas City
5 Risager, Thorbjorn & The Black Tornado Holler n Moan Change my Game
6 Risager, Thorbjorn & The Black Tornado Train Change my Game
7 Cash Box Kings Gotta Move Out Of The Suburbs Holding Court
8 Big Creek Slim You Don't Love Me Keep My Belly Full
9 Jensen, Jeff ft Brandon Santini Brunette Woman The River City Sessions
10 Woody Pines Junco Partner Woody Pines
11 Bluestime Full Court Press Bluestime(1994)
12 Lil' Jimmy Reed Going To New York Blues In Paradise
13 Mr. Sipp Jump The Broom The Mississippi Blues Child
14 Shake Down Tim & The Rhythm Revue How Long Hard To Catch
15 Canales, Lance The Farmer The Blessing And The Curse
16 Goldwasser, Frank "Pars Slim"   I'm A Love You Bluju
17 Knowles, Davy  Ain't No Grave The Outsider
18 Eaglesmith, Fred Time To Get A Gun The Official Bootleg Series Volume Two
19 Southern Avenue Don't Give Up Southern Avenue
20 Bramhall II, Doyle Mama Can't Help You Rich Man

Playlist 1102  van zondagavond 23 april 2017 van 19 tot 21 uur  (samenstelling Henk Maeghs)

Artiest Titel Titel cd
1 Clapton, Eric Running on faith Journeyman
2 Kubek, Smokin Joe Still a fool  
3 Bergson, Chris Gist & Ist Bitter Midnight
4 lance canales & the flood Digging Elixir
5 Dirty Aces My angels might die too From the basement
6 Taylor, Joanne Shaw My Heart's Got a Mind of It's Own Wild
7 Keylock, Aaron AGAINST THE GRAIN  Cut Against The Grain
8 Keylock, Aaron SPIN THE BOTTLE Cut Against The Grain
9 Orbison, Roy Only the lonely The wonderful world of
10 Byrne, Julie morning dove Not Even Happiness 2017
11 MacDonald, Amy Down by the Water Under stars
12 Parham, Levi wrong way to hold a man These American Blues 2017
13 Forster, Robert  The River People Danger in the Past 1990
14 McLennan, Grant  Girl in a beret Horsebreaker Star 1994
15 Felice Brothers Diamond bell Life In The Dark 2016
16 Coal porters shelter from the storm No 6 2016
17 Johnston, Freedy Bad Reputation This Perfect World (1994)
18 GOLDEN SMOG Jane Weird tales (1998)
19 Jackson, Luke Hometown stories This family tree
20 Havens, Richie W.O.L.D. tribute Harry Chapin)

Playlist 1101  van zondagavond 16 april 2017 van 19 tot 21 uur  (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé)

Artiest Titel Album
1 Cooder, Ry President Kennedy (Kennedymars Sittard 2017) Boomer's Story
2 Watermelon Slim Pickup My Guidon Golden Boy(2017)
3 Henrik Freischlader Trio Techno Openness(2016)
4 Big Time Bossmen Sneaky Messaround Working On A Plan(2017)
5 J Geils Band First I Look At The Purse "Live" Full House(1972)
6 Paladins, The Let's Buzz Slippin'In Ernesto's(2015)
7 Granfelt, Ben Another Day Another Day(2016)
8 Granfelt, Ben You Are What You is Another Day(2016)
9 Allman Brothers Band Soulshine Where it All Begins(1994)
10 Taylor, Joanne Shaw Get You Back Wild(2016)
11 Dylan, Bob Blowin in the Wind Bootleg Series Vol 7/No Direction Home
12 Bergson, Chris  5:20 Bitter Midnight(2017)
13 Roy, JW Angel Bird Dry Goods & Groceries(2016)
14 Adams, Ryan Hounted House Prisoner(2017)
15 Gunther Brown I believe in Love again North Wind
16 Walker, Ryley The Great and Undecided Golden Sings That I've been sung(2016)
17 Jackson, Luke Paul Caitlin This Family Tree(2015)
18 Knol, Tim Must Assist Tim Knol (2010)
19 Springfield, Dusty No Easy Way Down Dusty In Memphis(1969)
20 Humblebums, The/Rafferty, Gerry Look Over The Hill and Far Away The New Humblebums(1969)
21 Eaglesmith, Fred I Like Trains Official Bootleg Series Vol 1(2002)
22 Eaglesmith, Fred Alternator Official Bootleg Series Vol 1(2002)
23 Eaglesmith, Fred Joe Official Bootleg Series Vol 1(2002)

Playlist 1100  van zondagavond 9 april 2017 van 19 tot 21 uur  (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé)

Artiest Titel Album
1 Eagles, The Take The Devil Eagles(1972)
2 Paladins, The Powershake Slippin'At Ernesto's(live 8 april 2015 Sittard)
3 Mr.Sipp They Got Me Messed Up It's My Guitar(2013)
4 Harman, Jo No One Left to Blame People we Become(2017)
5 Brooks, Lonnie Roll of The Tumbling Dice Roadhouse Rules(1996)
6 Bell, Lurrie Drifting Can't Shake This Feeling(2016)
7 Fish, Samantha Either Way I Lose Chills & Fever(2017)
8 Bergson, Chris Just Before The Storm Bitter Midnight(2017)
9 House, Son & Mance Lipscomb Pony Blues Great Bluesmen at Newport(1960?)
10 Fink's Black Curls Sunday Night Blues Club(2017)
11 De Kat Fool No More De Kat(2016)
12 Tinez Roots Club Chimpanzee Have You Heard?!(2017)
13 Bibb, Eric Masters of War Migration Blues(2017)
14 Soo, Betty Forever Heat Sin Water Skin(2009)
15 Fracasso, Michael Texas Lost Highway Red Dog Blues(2007)
16 Brooks Williams Joker's Wild My Turn Now(2016)
17 Ochs, Phil Knock on The Door All the News That's Fit To Sing(1964)
18 Vanderveen, Ad All The Waiting Worlds Within(2017)
19 Jackson, Luke paul Is It Me? This Family Tree(2015)
20 Timber Timbre Velvet Gloves & Spit Sincerely, Future Pollution(2017)
21 Dawn Brothers, The Get Down The Road Stayin'Out Late(2017)
22 Taylor, Sean The Cruelty of Man Flood & Burn(2016)
23 Indigo Girls All along the watchtower Live-Back on the Bus Y'all(1991)

Playlist 1099  van zondagavond 2 april 2017 van 19 tot 21 uur  (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé)

1 Newman, Randy Simon Smith and the Amazing Dancing Bear (beer Missiemuseum) Sail Away
2 Allison, Luther Give Me Back My Wig Hound Dog, A Tribute to Hound Dog Taylor
3 Beck, Jeff Hobo Blues From Clacksdale tot Heaven A Tribute John Lee Hooker
4 Chubby, Popa Foxy Lady The Jimi Hendrix Music Festival
5 Hayes, Warren Come and Go Blues Tribute To Gregg Allman
6 Gallagher, Rory Showbizz Blues Peter Green Songbook
7 Osborne, Joan & The Holmes Brothers Nobody's Fault But Mine Shout, Sister,  Shout! Tribute Sister Rosetta Tharpe
8 Moore, Nicky Whiskey in The Jar The Boys Are Back, Tribute Thin Lizzy
9 Walsh, Joe John Barleycorn Must Die Dear Mr. Fantasy, Tribute Jim Capaldi
10 BB King Woman's Got Soul A Tribute To Curtis Mayfield
11 Los Lobos Bertha Deadicated, Tribute Grateful Dead
12 Wayne, Bob Sympathy For The Devil Hits The Hits(Tribute to the Hits)
13 McGuinn, Roger Anna Adios Amigo, A Tribute to…..
14 Harper, Ben My Father's House Bruce Springsteen's Nebraska, A Tribute to….
15 Dylan, Bob My Blue Eyed Jane The Songs of Jimmie Rodgers
16 Knight, Chris Flesh & Blood Dressed in Black, A Tribute to Johnny Cash
17 Raitt, Bonnie When The Spell is Broken Beat The Retreat, Songs By Richard Thompson
18 Williams, Lucinda The Pretender Looking Into You, A Tribute To Jackson Browne
19 Hillman, Chris & Steve Earle High Fashion Queen Return of The Grievous Angel, Tribute to Gram Parsons
20 Wainwright, Rufus Across The Universe I Am Sam, Soundtrack
21 Matthews, Iain Flower Lady What's That I Hear? The Songs of Phil Ochs
22 Clark, Guy To Live's To Fly Poet, A Tribute to Townes van Zandt
23 Vanderveen, Ad The Days That Used To Be This Note's For You Too! Tribute Neil Young

Playlist 1098  van zondagavond 26 maart 2017 van 19 tot 21 uur  (samenstelling Henk Maeghs VENLOOP-special)

Artiest Titel Titel cd
1 Dirty dozen brass band My feet can't fail me now  
2 Robbenford Keep on running RR 12
5 buchanan, roy running out A street called straight
7 Trout, Walter Road runner  
9 Blind Boys of Alabama RUN ON FOR A LONG TIME  
12 McCartney, Paul Run Devil Run Run Devil Run
13 Reed, Eli Paperboy You Can Run On  
14 Bibb, Eric Walking blues again Bookers guitar
15 Crystals da doo run run  
16 Charles, Ray Hit the road Jack  
18 Weller, Paul Why Walk When You can Run  
19 Etheridge, Melissa I run for life  
21 VENICE RUNNING HOME  Born and raised
23 CCR Run throught the jungle cosmo's factory
24 isbell, Jason the devil is my running mate  
25 Macdonald, Amy Run This is the life
26 Young, Neil Long may you run Decade
27 Rainbow Difficult to cure Final Vinyl

Playlist 1097  van zondagavond 19 maart 2017 van 19 tot 21 uur  (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé)

Artiest Titel Titel cd
1 Black Sorrows, The The Chosen Ones (verkiezingsuitslag 2017) The Chosen Ones
2 Bibb, Eric With a Dolla' in my Pocket Migration Blues(2017)
3 Mars, Johnny You Don't Have To Go -1980
4 Buck, Willie Doing Good and Bad at The Same Time -2011
5 Brox, Kyla Lifting The Blues Throw Away Your Blues(2016)
6 Pryor, Richard "Rip Lee" Shake Your Boogie -2014
7 Jones, Laurence Live it Up Take me High(2016)
8 Jones, Laurence Higher Ground Take me High(2016)
9 Matjas Pribojski Band Fat Mama Boogie -2016
10 Bigwood Leonard Blood, Smoke & Burning Trees -2015
11 Easton, Tim Elmore James American Fork(2016)
12 Cotton, James Honest I Do Take Me Back(1988)
13 Berry, Chuck Brown Eyed Hansome man The Definitive Collection(1956)
14 Stills, Jennifer Love The One You're With Music Is Love(2012)
15 Stills, Chris For You Chris Stills(2005)
16 Stills, Stephen As I Come Of Age Stills(1975)
17 Giddens, Rhiannon Better Get it Right The First Time Freedom Highway(2017)
18 Willard Grant Conspiracy Piece of Pie Ghost Republic(2013)
19 Adams, Arno Ut Rioel Maondaagmorgezon(2013)
20 Bohren, Spencer Night is Falling Live bij Hubert on the Air (2015)
21 Bohren, Spencer Seven Birds Live bij Hubert on the Air (2015)
22 Bohren, Spencer Jett Black & Jealous Live bij Hubert on the Air (2015)
23 Bohren, Spencer Cairo Blues Live bij Hubert on the Air (2015)

Playlist 1096  van zondagavond 12 maart 2017 van 19 tot 21 uur  (samenstelling Henk Maeghs)

Artiest Titel Titel cd
1 Young, Neil  Campaigner (verkiezingen 2017) Decade 
2 southbound snake charmers Snake Oil rhythm n rust 2017
3 Granfelt, Ben shine like the sun over me. Another Day (2016)
4 Jones, Laurence Got no place to go Take me high
5 Thorbjřrn Risager & The Black Tornado  I used to love you Change My Game (2017)
6 Jackson, George Aretha, Sing one for me cd Laurence Jones
7 Imperial Crowns LIBERATE The Calling
8 Imperial Crowns Papa Lawd The Calling
9 lance canales & the flood hummingbird blues Elixir)
10 Hardy, Jack  Honky Tonk Hangover Blues  
11 Paladins Ticket home Ticket Home 1994
12 Golden Earring Long as the wind blows Naked Truth
13 Allen, Terry  Little Sandy Human remains
14 Adams, Ryan Broken anyway Prisoner
15 Droge, Pete Lord is busy Find a door (1996)
16 Gauthier, Mary Walk throught the fire  Filth & fire '92
17 Wilco If i ever was a child schmilco (2016)
18 Romano, Daniel  Valerie Leon Mosey
19 Avidan, Asaf Gold Shadow Gold Shadow (2015)
20 Rundgren, Todd Maybe You'll Go Your Way and I'll Go Mine  Faithfull (1976)
21 Lucky Bones Fault  
22 Woody Pines make it to the woods Woody Pines (2015)
23 Mayor Hawthorne Breakfast in bed Mad about town
24 Avett Brothers At The Beach Mignotte (2004)
25 Sexsmith, Ron Almost Always Rarities (2003)
26 Nick Schnebelen Band Sleepwalk Live At Knuckleheads Vol. 1

Playlist 1095  van zondagavond 5 maart 2017 van 19 tot 21 uur  (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé)

Artiest Titel Titel cd
1 Newman, Randy Political Science (verkiezingen 2017) Sail Away(1972)
2 Trampled Under Foot Desperate Heart Badlands (2013)
3 Gallagher, Rory Walk On Hot Coals Blueprint(1973)
4 King King Rush Hour Reaching For The Light (2015)
5 Mars, Johnny Desert Island Southern BluesNight 2017 (1980)
6 Buck, Willie Doin'Good and Bad at the Same Time Southern BluesNight 2017 (2011)
7 Ohlman, Christine & Sonny Landreth Crazy For My Baby The Songs of Willie Dixon (1999)
8 Dixon, Willie Crazy For My Baby Giant of The Blues (1953)
9 Earl, Ronnie Blue and Lonesome Ronnie Earl and Friends (2001)
10 Tinez Roots Club JL Boogie Have You Heard?! (2017)
11 Marchall Tucker Band, The This Ol' Cowboy Take The Highway  Live Chicago 5 mei 1977
12 Bohren, Spencer Dissapearing Nightly Seven Birds(2015)
13 Mercy John Don't Leave Me Now This Ain't New York (2017)
14 Redwing Here I Go Again Take Me Home (1973)
15 Isaac, Oscar Hang Me, Oh Hang Me Soundtrack "Inside Llewyn Davis" (2013)
16 Russel, Tom South Coast Songs of the West (1997)
17 Watchman, The Columbus Stockade Dorset Moon(2016)
18 Harlan, Matt & Rachael Jones In The Dark In The Dark(2016)
19 Harlan, Matt & Rachael Jones Mozart In The Dark(2016)
20 American Aquarium Wichita Falls Wolves(2016)
21 Easton, Tim On My Way American Fork (2016)
22 Pure Prairie League Two Lane Highway Roslyn, Live New York 23 februar 1976
23 Pure Prairie League Gimme Another Chance Roslyn, Live New York 23 februar 1976

Playlist 1094  van zondagavond 19 februari 2017 van 19 tot 21 uur  (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé)

Artiest Titel Titel cd
1 Bragg, Billy Northern Industrial Town (Ken Loach film Daniel Blake) William Bloke(1996)
2 Webster Band, Sean You Got To Know Leave Your Heart at the Door(2017)
3 Freischlader, Hendrik  Today, I'm gonna Change Openess(2016)
4 Reverend Horton Heat Baby, You Know Who Smoke 'em if you got 'em(1990)
5 Brox, Kyle If You See Him Throw away your Blues(2016)
6 Barrelhouse Hard Feelings Almost There(2016)
7 Boogaart, Andre van den & Tornado's Terugweg van Nergens Single(2017)
8 Lake, Meschiya & The Little Big Horns Lectric Chair Blues Bad Kids Club(2015)
9 Morrison, Van Going Down To Bangor Keep me Singing(2016)
10 Jarreau, Al Sweet Potato Pie We Got By(1975)
11 Waterboys, The A Home in the Meadow Too Close To Heaven(2001)
12 Muldaur, Maria My Sisters and Brothers Southern Winds(1978)
13 Muldaur, Geoff Mary of the Wild Moors Password(2000)
14 Muldaur, Jenny Comatose Town Dearest Darlin'(2010)
15 Trooper, Greg Make It Through This world Make It Through This world(2005)
16 Prine, John Taking A Walk Fair & Square(2005)
17 Stills, Stephen (Manassas) It Doesn't Matter Carry On (Box) (2013)
18 Adams, Ryan Tightrope Prisoner(2017)
19 Ward, Madisen and The Mama Bear Down in Mississippi Skeleton Crew(2015)
20 JJ Cale New Orleans Silvertone Years(1989)
21 Trooper, Greg Dream Away The Blues The Back Shop Live januari 2006
22 Trooper, Greg Green Eyed Girl The Back Shop Live januari 2006

Playlist 1093  van zondagavond 12 februari 2017 van 19 tot 21 uur  (samenstelling Henk Maeghs)

Artiest Titel Titel cd
1 Carolina Chocolade Drops Sittin' On Top Of The World (Piet Keizer overleden) Heritage  
2 Jones, Laurence Higher ground Take me high
3 Beck, Jeff I Put a spell on you Emotion & Commotion
4 Blackberry Smoke Running through time Like an arrow
5 Vargas Blues band Bottleneck blues Hard time blues (2016)
6 Vargas Blues band Space Jam Hard time blues (2016)
7 Sullivan, Quinn Buddy's blues  
8 Guy, Buddy (& Van Morrison) Flesh & Bone Born to Play Guitar (2015)
9 Blood, sweat & Tears Show Queen  new blood
10 Fussel, Jake Xerxes Raggy Levy Jake Xerxes Fussell (2015)
11 Duarte, Chris Shiloh Guitar shop (Tex. Sugar Strat Magik 1994)
12 Adams, Ryan Haunted house Prisoner
13 Honeycutters All You Ever Me Oh My (2015)
14 McMurtry, James Copper Canteen Complicated game (2015)
15 Drive-By Truckers What It Means American Band (2016)
16 The Walcotts HANGING TREE Let the Devil Win
17 The Walcotts CURIOUS AND KIND Let the Devil Win
18 Veils iodine & iron Total Depravity (2016)
19 Hackett, Steve Man in a long black coat Wild orchids
20 Grin Pioneer Mary Grin
21 Bloom, Luka January Blues  Frugalisto
22 Doobie Brothers Jesus Is Just Alright Farewell tour

Playlist 1092  van zondagavond 5 februari 2017 van 19 tot 21 uur  (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé)

Artiest Titel Titel cd
1 Cash, Johnny Hurt (Frenk Breuer overleden American IV - The Man Comes Around
2 Brooks, Ronnie Baker Show me Times Have Changed (2017)
3 Juke Joints, The Walking Down Memphis Walking Down Memphis(1999)
4 Robson, Giles Shady Heart For Those Who Need The Blues (2016)
5 Allman Brothers Band, The Stormy Monday At Fillmore East(1971)
6 New Orleans Suspects Get it Started Kaleidoscoped(2016)
7 Mott The Hoople Ballad Of Mott( March 26th 1972 Zurich) MOTT(1974)
8 Family Burlesque Bandstand(1972)
9 Bibb, Eric Sugar Mama Roadworks (1999)
10 Johnson, Luther"Guitar Junior" Stranded Slammin' On The West Side(1995)
11 McClinton, Delbert Don't Do It Prick of The Litter(2017)
12 Tasjan, Aaron Lee Memphis Rain Silver Tears(2016)
13 Mandolin Orange  Lonesome Whistle Blindfaller(2016)
14 James, Jason I'll Set You Free Jason James(2015)
15 Kooper, Al  Hollywood Vampire Act Like Nothing's Wrong(1976)
16 Beach Boys, The You Need A Mess of Help to stand Alone Carl & The Passions "So Tough"(1972)
17 Prophet, Chuck Situation Vacant Something Else "A Tribute to the Kinks"(2017)
18 Burrell, Reto Red Red Wine Part 2 Side A & B(2017)
19 Peeters, Maarten De Treinen Hebben Kleur Bevroren Tranen(1999)
20 Watchman, The Dorset Moon Dorset Moon(2016)
21 Nation, Adrian The Coming of The Day Live At Crossroads(2013)
22 Nation, Adrian Brightest Star Live At Crossroads(2013)

Playlist 1091  van zondagavond 29 januari 2017 van 19 tot 21 uur  (samenstelling Henk Maeghs)

Artiest Titel Titel cd
1 Lafave, Jimmy Out on the weekend Trail V
2 Reed, Eli paperboy Movin My way home
3 The james Hunter Six Light of my life Hold On! (2016)
4 Williams, Andre Hall of fame I Wanna Go Back To Detroit City
5 moreland & arbuckle woman down in arkansas promised land or bust
6 Neal Black And Larry Garner  ride with me Guilty Saints
7 White, Tony Joe Hoochie woman Rain crow
8 Robinson, Rich For to give Flux
9 Magness, Janiva Long as I can see the light Love wins again
10 Buchanan, Roy Chokin kind Dancing on the Edge (1986)
11 Molinari, Pete Dear Angelina A virtual landslide
12 Beck, Jeff Shame Loud hailer
13 Violet, Madison The ransom No Fool for Trying  (2009)
14 City and colour Lover come back If I should go for you
15 Rey, Lana Del God Knows I Tried Honeymoon
16 Carlile, Brandi That year  Give up the ghost
17 Wainwright III, Loudon Lullaby The squid and the Whale OST
18 Rhodes, Emitt Come Ride, Come Ride The American Dream (1971)
19 Hester, Benny No the end is not near Benny (1972)
20 Rivers, Johnny The poor side of town  
21 Combs, Andrew Foolin All these dreams
22 Parker, Graham You Can't Be Too Strong  Squeezing Out Sparks (1979)
23 Lucky Bones Fault  
24 Bragg & Joe Henry, Billy  Rock Island line Shine A Light
25 Betts & great southern, Dickey Jessica The odean cleveland (2004)

Playlist 1090  van zondagavond 22 januari 2017 van 19 tot 21 uur  (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé)

Artiest Titel Titel cd
1 Jackson, Joe Steppin'Out (Obama verlaat Witte Huis) Night and Day
2 Hill, Steve Rollin'& Tumblin/Stop Breaking Down Solo Recordings Vol 3
3 Guy, Buddy & Joss Stone (Baby) You Got What It Takes Born to Play Guitar 
4 Hart, Beth & Joe Bonamassa Don't Explain Don't Explain
5 Gonzales, Tino Mi Tierra Modern Day Hobo
6 Ford, Robben Rose of Sharon Into The Sun
7 Los Lobos Mis-Treater Boogie Blues Gates of Gold
8 Lofgren, Nils Frankie Hang On Sacred Weapon
9 Theessink, Hans You Gonna Need Somebody on your Bond Jedermann Remixed (The Soundtrack)
10 Tiny Legs Tim & Steven Troch Second Round Melodium Rag
11 Johnson, Blind Willie Soul of a man The Complete Blind Willie Johnson
12 Cooke, Sam Movin'And groovin' The man Who Invented Soul (box)
13 No Blues Diggin a Grave Hela Hela
14 Erelli, Mark & Jeffrey Foucauld Philadelphia Lawyer Seven Curses
15 Douglas Firs  22:22 The Long Answer is No
16 Isbell, Jason Speed Trap Town Something More Than Free
17 Rouse, Josh Too Many Things On My Mind The Ember of Time
18 Shindell, Richard The Deer on The Parkway Careless
19 Shindell, Richard Abbie Careless
20 Simpson, Sturgill All Around You  A Sailor's Guide To Earth
21 Ford, Marc Badge Of Descension Holy Ghost
22 Newbury, Mickey You're not my same sweet baby Frisco Mabel Joy/ American Triology
23 Prophet, Chuck You're not my same sweet baby Frisco Mabel Joy Revisited
24 Miles, Lynn Cant Stop My Heart From Breaking Downpour
25 King of The World Can't Go Home Live at Paradiso

Playlist 1089  van zondagavond 15 januari 2017 van 19 tot 21 uur  (samenstelling Henk Maeghs)

Artiest Titel Titel cd
1 Waits, Tom Eggs and Sausage (beste frietei komt uit Venlo) Nighthawks at the Diner  
2 Record company In the mood for you Give it back to you
3 Fantastic Negrito  Working Poor Last days of Oakland
4 King, Chris Thomas Rolling in the deep Les bleus was born in louisiana
5 Devaughn, William Give the little man a great big hand Be Thankful For What You've Got (1974)
6 kiwanuka, michael  Love & hate Love & hate
7 Earl & The Broadcasters, Ronnie IMAGINATION Maxwell Street
8 Earl & The Broadcasters, Ronnie BROJOE Maxwell Street
9 Dickinson, James Luther Louise Dixie fried
10 Dolan, Terry Dog Mountain Blues (Demo Version)  
11 Weyes Blood Seven Words Front row seat to earth
12 The slow show Strangers Now Dream darling
13 Obel, Agnes Mary Citizen of Glass (2016)
14 Go-Betweens Streets Of Your Town 16 lovers lane
15 Sexsmith, Ron Wishing wells retriever (2004)
16 Lynyrd Skynyrd I know a little A collection (Street Survivors 1977)
17 Lucky Bones Together we are all alone Together we are all alone (2011)
18 Nilsson, Harry I Guess The Lord Must Be In New York City Harry (1969)
19 Cat's eyes The Best Person I Know Cat's eyes
20 City And Colour Body In A Box Bring Me Your Love (2008)
21 Grin Everybody's Missing the Sun grin (1971)
22 Baez, Joan Cambodia Live

Playlist 1088  van zondagavond 8 januari 2017 van 19 tot 21 uur  (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé)

Artiest Titel Titel cd
1 Lowe, Nick Freezing (Ede zonder gas) Dig My Mood
2 Blackberry Smoke Like an Arrow Like an Arrow
3 Taylor, Joanne Shaw Wild is the Wind Wild
4 Starlite Campbell Band Don't Let me Wrong Blueberry Pie
5 Zetterberg, Sven I Think You Need a Shrink Permanently Blue
6 Cash Box Kings, The JuJu Holding Court (Staccato CD)
7 Mayall, John Double Trouble Looking Back
8 Mayall, John Out Of Reach A Hard Road (bonus tracks)
9 Status Quo Living On An Island Whatever You Want (1979)
10 Doors, The The Mosquito Full Circle
11 Presley, Elvis Steamroller Blues Elvis By The Presleys
12 Bowie, David Young Americans Young Americans (Best of)
13 Leningrad Cowboys & Red Army Choir Knocking On Heavens Door Happy Together
14 Hudson, Gary Snow in Mississippi Bittersweet Blues
15 Lafave, Jimmy Out on the Weekend Trail Five
16 Mandolin Orange Picking Up Pieces Blindfaller
17 Mandolin Orange Hard Travelin' Blindfaller
18 Paddy's Heavy Circus The Traveller Where's Annimal
19 No Blues Black Cadillac Ya Dunya
20 Anderson. Paak Celebrate Malibu
21 Coleman, Gary BB St. James Infirmery If You Can Beat Me Rockin'
22 Tampa Red Turpentine Blues Chicago Blues
23 Tampa Red Love Her With a Feelin' Chicago Blues

Playlist 1087  van zondagavond 1 januari 2017 van 19 tot 21 uur  (samenstelling Geert Hovens)

Artiest Titel Titel cd
1 Clapton, Eric It Hurts Me Too From the Cradle
2 Williams, Lucinda Joy Car Wheels on a Gravel Road
3 Raitt, Bonnie Everybody's Crying Mercy  
4 Shiner Twins Great Day Four Souls – One Heart
5 James, Elmore Anna Lee  
6 Bland, Bobby I'll Take Care of You  
7 Guitar Slim Things That I Used to Do  
8 Williams, Larry Little School Girl  
9 Jimmy & Walter Easy Complete Sun Singles
10 Reed, Jimmy Baby What You Want Me to Do  
11 Presley, Elvis Reconcider Baby  
12 Little Willie John Need Your Love So Bad  
13 Buchanan, Roy Please don't Turn Me Away Sweet Dreams: the Anthology
14 ZZ Top Blue Jean Blues  
15 Earl, Ronnie & The Broadcasters Double Trouble Maxwell Street
16 Smith, Elliott Waltz #2 Xo
17 Madrugada This Old House Industrial Science
18 Musselwhite, Charlie Faithless Lover Labour of Love: Nick Lowe
19 Richmond Fontaine Always on the Ride Post to Wire
20 Thomas, Irma There Must Be a Better World Till the Night is Gone: Doc Pomus
21 Kurtz, Dayna Love Gets in the Way Postcards from Downtown
22 Croce, A.J. Music Box Early on
23 Drake, Nick Day is Done Five Leaves Left
24 Buena Vista Social Club Pueblo Nuevo Buena Vista Social Club
25 Unthanks, The Testimony of Pateince Kershaw, the Here's the Tender Coming
26 Teitur Was Just Thinking Poetry & Aeroplanes
27 Merchant, Nathalie Motherland Motherland
28 LaMontagne, Ray New York City's Killing Me God Willin' & the Creek don't Rise
29 Wainwright III, Loudon Westchester County  

Playlist 1086  van zondagavond 25 december 2016 van 19 tot 21 uur  (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé / Henk Maeghs)

Artiest Titel Titel cd
1 Utopia Love is The answer Oops! Wrong Planet
2 Buchanan, Roy The Messiah will come again A Street Called straight
3 Wonder, Stevie I Wish Songs in the Key of life
4 Block, Rory Great Change Since I've Been Born I Belong to The Band
5 Marley, Bob Redemption Song The Very Best(in Memoriam)
6 Foster, Ruthie Up Above My Head I Hear Music In The Air The Fenomenal
7 Band, The  I Shall Be Released Music From Big Pink
8 Charles, Bobby I Must Be In A Good Place Now Bobby Charles
9 Staple Singers, The  Touch A Hand(Make A Friend) Be What You Are
10 Earle, Steve Nothing But A Child Copperhead Road
11 Gilkyson, Eliza Peace Call Land Of Milk and Honey
12 Springsteen, Bruce Jesus  was an only son Devils & Dust
13 Lee, Amos Jesus Mission Bell 
14 Mitchell, Joni  If I Had A Heart Shine
15 Niedecken, Wolfgang Jeder's manchmohl einsam, nit nur du Leopardefell
16 Cash, Johnny When He Comes God
17 Wilco Jesus Yankee Hotel Foxtrot
18 Morrison, Van If I Ever Needed Someone His Band and the Street Choir
19 Blind Boys of Alabama Jesus Gonna Be Here Spirit of the Century
20 Peoples, Dottie I Believe In You Gotta Serve Somebody
21 Manassas Jesus Gave Love Away For Free Manassas
22 Seeger, Pete All Mixed Up Pete
23 Lowe, Nick Failed Christian Dig My Mood
24 Byrds, The There must be someone Ballad of Easy Rider
25 Axton, Hoyd Evangelina Bread and Roses
26 Beach Boys, The God Only Knows Pet Sounds
27 Harrison, George Give me Love Living in a Material World
28 Los Lobos The Neighborhood The Neighborhood
29 Harper, Ben & Blind Boys Of Alabama There will be a light There will be a light
30 Brown, Jackson For Everyman Bread & Roses

Playlist 1085 van zondagavond 18 december 2016 van 19 tot 21 uur  (samenstelling Henk Maeghs)

Artiest Titel Titel cd
1 Hendrix, Jimi Voodoo Chile (Ontdekte Mexicaanse vetplant krijgt de naam van Jimi Hendrix) Concerts
2 U.P. Wilson Roll over whirlwind 
3 Schorr, Sari ain't got no money A force of nature
4 Niedecken, Wolfgang Leopardefellhoot  Leopardefell
5 Professor Longhair Mean old world Rock 'n Roll Gumbo (1974)
6 Ten years after Love like man I'm going home (Cricklewood Green (1970)
7 Little Steve & The Big Beat  Things Another Man
8 Little Steve & The Big Beat  I gotta know Another Man
9 Rogers, Jimmy  That's allright Blues volume 2
10 Imperial Crowns the calling the calling
11 staple singers when will we be paid The very best of
12 Tom Gillam & The Kosmic Messengers Good day in Hell beautiful dream
13 Earl, Ronnie blues for david maxwell Maxwell street
14 Firefall within you, without you Tribute
15 hiss golden messenger  biloxi heart like a levee (deluxe edition 2016)
16 Courtney, Martin Vestiges Many Moons (2015)
17 Schroeder, Andrea Black Sky Void
18 Acoustelicious without you  
19 Cave, Nick  Skeleton Tree Skeleton Tree (2016)
20 Sampson, Carter Wilder side Wilder side
21 Josienne Clarke & Ben Walker the waning crescent Overnight
22 Bon Iver Strafford apts 22, A Million (2016)
23 Gaye, Marvin Inner city blues