Playlist 1221 opgenomen zondagavond 6 oktober 2019 (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé)

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Cream, The Sunshine of Your Love (overlijden Ginger Baker) Disraeli Gears(1967)
2 Raindogs Shore Leave Real Live Brains "Celebration of Tom Waits"(2019)
3 Diesel Park West Living in the UK Let It Melt(2019)
4 Williams, Hannah & The Affirmations 50 Foot Woman 50 Foot Woman(2019)
5 Barber, Chris, Alexis Korner & James Cotton Love me or Leave me Memories of my Trip(2019)
6 Barber, Chris & Gallagher, Rory Can't Be Satisfied Memories of my Trip(2019)
7 Kearns, Pat With a Little Time Down in the Wash(2019)
8 Reed, Dennis Roger Let The Mermaids Flirt with Me Before it Was Before(2018)
9 Coyote Brothers, The Get The Livin'Done Coyote Brother(2019)
10 Baizan, Jordi Between the Sun and The Moon Free and Fine(2019)
11 Baizan, Jordi Tears and Mascara Free and Fine(2019)
12 3Hat Trio Zion Coda Live at Zion(2019)
13 Auburn I Don't Love Him Game of Faith(2019)
14 Gilkyson, Eliza -Terry Allen - Jono Manson The Christian Thing The Christian Thing(2019)
15 Maes, The Get Your Act Together The Maes(2019)

Playlist 1220 opgenomen zondagavond 22 september 2019 (samenstelling Henk Maeghs)

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Smith, Bessie Empty Bed Blues (antiek kinderbed per ongeluk verkocht) Empress of the Blues 
2 CCR Keep on Chooglin Live at Woodstock (2019)
3 Campanella Fields of gold (Sting)  
4 Adele Make you feel my love  
5 The flat five Birmingham It's a world of love and hope (2016)
6 The free design Kites Are Fun Kites Are Fun (1967)
7 Bon Iver Hey, Ma  i,i (2019)
8 Bashi, Kishi Penny Rabbit and Summer Bear Omoiyari (2019)
9 Berkeley, David Colored Birds idem (2015)
10 Hawley, Richard Midnight train further (2019)
11 King of the world LOVE DON’T COME FROM YOU Connected
12 King of the world SPACE CAPTAIN Connected
13 Carlton Jumel Smith This is what love looks like! 1634 Lexington Ave (2019)
14 Black Pumas Colors Black Pumas (2019)
15 Los Coast  The morning weight Samsara (2019)
16 The teskey brothers Man of the universe  run home slow (2019)
17 Siegal, Ian Preaching blues Man & Guitar (2014)

Playlist 1219 opgenomen zondagavond 15 september 2019 (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé)

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Lowe, Nick Cruel To Be Kind (onthoofde kat gevonden in Venlo) Quit Please(1979)
2 Kinks, The Celluloid Heroes BBC sessions(1977)
3 Fonda, Peter His Name Was Woodrow Wilson Guthrie Tribute to Woody Guthrie(1974)
4 Canned Heat Low Down and High Up Uncanned, The Best of(1969)
5 Fritts, Donnie& Lucinda Williams Breakfast in Bed Everybody's Got a Song(1997)
6 Casal, Neil Maybe California Fade Away Daimond Time(1995)
7 Neville Brothers, The Sons and Daughters Brother's Keeper(1990)
8 Amazing Rhythm Aces Love's On the Way Out of The Blue(1997)
9 Gilberto, Joao Desafinado Brasil
10 Persuations, The The Little Red Rooster Right Around The Corner(1994)
11 Sparklehorse Hey, Joe Good Morning Spider
12 Abdel-Halim, Christine Wermutztropfen Schubladenlieder(2019)
13 Grundermann, Gerhard Ich Mache mich den Frieden Auswahl(2009)
14 Fox and Bones Love me Like A River Better Land(2018)
15 Dayton, Jesse Harvest Mixtape Vol1 (2019)
16 Planteijd, Wouter Everybody's Angry Bull Horn(2019)
17 Teskey Brothers, The Let Me Let You Down Run Home Slow(2019)
18 Teskey Brothers, The Rain Run Home Slow(2019)
19 King of The World Eyes Wide Open Connected(2019)
20 Earl, Ronnie & The Broadcasters Death Don't Have No Mercy The Luckiest Man(2017)
21 Mercy John Bad Start Let It Go Easy(2019)
22 Baizan, Jordi Desert Line Free and Fine(2019)
23 Sway Wild Chimney Fire Sway Wild(2019)

Playlist 1218 opgenomen zondagavond 8 september 2019 (samenstelling Henk Maeghs)

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Thomas, Rufus Walkin the dog (mopshondentreffen Auxiliatrix)  
2 Sas band, Julian Home feelin Live (1998)
3 Bryant, Danny Knocking on Heavens door Night Life (Live in Holland 2012)
4 Neal, Kenny My babe blues fallin' down like rain
5 Saxon (Cards) 747 (strangers in the night) Strong arm of the law (1980)
6 Guitar shorty Please mr. President Bare knuckle (2010)
7 Rein, Diana Get Down Queen of my castle (2019)
8 Harmon, Zac Gypsy Road Mississippi BarBq (2019)
9 King of the World connected connected (2019)
10 the teskey brothers Let me let you down Run home slow (2019)
11 Bryant, Don Nickel and a Nail Don't give up upon love (2017)
12 Shelley, Joan The fading Like The River Loves The Sea (2019)
13 Sioux, Mary Love like water Grief in Exile (2019)
14 Flower, Mary Baby, where you been Living with th blues again (2019)
15 Siegal, Ian Revelator Shake hands with the devil
16 Richard, Zachary Madeleine Bayou des mysteres (1991)
17 Gallagher, Rory Out on the western plain Bluesrock 1984

Playlist 1217 opgenomen zondagavond 1 september 2019 (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé)


Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Gallagher, Rory Double Vision Bluesrock 1984 (1984)
2 Vendetta Drive Careless Hands Demo(2019)
3 Vendetta Drive Wrong Side of bed Demo(2019)
4 Cards, The No Soul Live Studio(2018)
5 Dede Priest I met the Moon in Holland Candy Moon(2007)
6 Dede Priest Freddie King Way Down Deep Kinky at The Root(2011)
7 Bryant, Danny Truth Or Dare Revelation(2018)
8 Bryant, Danny Sister Decline Revelation(2018)
9 Bryant, Danny May I Have A Talk with You Revelation(2018)
10 Neal, Kenny Caught Your backdoor man Big News From Baton Rouge!!(1988)
11 Neal, Kenny Right Train, Wrong Track Bayou Blood(1992)
12 Neal, Kenny I Smell Smoke What You Got(2000)
13 Sas, Julian Stand Your Ground Stand Your Ground(2019)
14 Sas, Julian Runnin'All My Life Resurrection(2007)
15 Sas, Julian Anything Stand Your Ground(2019)
16 DeWolff Outta Step & ILL at Ease Live & Outta Sight II(2019)
17 DeWolff Double Crossing Man Live & Outta Sight II(2019)
18 DeWolff Love Dimension Live & Outta Sight II(2019)

Playlist 1216 opgenomen zondagavond 18 augustus 2019 (samenstelling Huub Hovens)

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Canned Heat Going up the country Original Soundtrack of Woodstock
2 Bonamassa, Joe Double Trouble Muddy Wolf at Red Rocks
3 Cuby&The Blizzards The big bell Groeten uit Grollo
4 Hoax High Expectations Live forever
5 Fuchs, Dana I'd rather go blind Live in New York City
6 Brainbox Dark rose To You
7 Moore, Gary Texas Strut Still got the blues
8 Strikes Big Pete Boogie Bathroom Acoustics
9 Starfish-bowl Snake eyes Open Up
10 Paladins Let's buzz Million Mile Club
11 T 99 Willow Vagabonds
12 Sas, Julian Shake your money maker Julian Sas band live
13 Omar & the Howlers Lee Anne Live at paradiso
14 Trout, Walter The Mountain song Life in the jungle
15 Forsyth Band, Guy  Red Dress Red Dress live
16 Rory Gallagher A million miles away Cork City Hall

Playlist 1215 opgenomen zondagavond 11 augustus 2019 (samenstelling Peter Gubbels)

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Riggins, Kate try try again in the boys club
2 Gallagher, Rory whole lot of people rory gallagher blues
3 Risager, Thorbjorn & the black tornado I used to love yoy change my game
4 Brothers of the southland dixie highway Brothers of the southland
5 Beck, Jeff I put a spell on you emotion &commotion
6 Moore, Gary Parisienne walkways blues and beyond
7 Lavette, Bettye down to zero I've got my own hell to raise
8 Hawkins, Ted happy hour happy hour
9 Buchanan, Roy the messiah will come again roy buchanan
10 King of the world life in the fast lane cincinnati
11 Living Blues Murphy Mc Coy the golden years of dutch pop music
12 Forsyth, Guy calico girl unrepentant schizophrenic americana
13 Gales, Eric change in me middle of the road
14 Bohren, Spencer seven birds seven birds
15 Bugg, Jake seen it all jake bugg
16 Petty, Tom it's good to be king wildflowers
17 Cochrane, Tom Napoleon sheds his skin songs of a circling spirit
18 Alexander, Shane stargazer stargazer
19 America Woodstock back pages
20 Badfinger come and get it Timeless…the musical legacy
21 Roberts, Rick lights she is a song
22 Firefall girl acoustic
23 Clay band, Willy soldier rebecca drive
24 Costello, Elvis so like candy mighty like a rose
25 Matthews Southern Comfort like a radio like a radio
26 Mister Inglish the number Mister Inglish
27 Bloom, Luka diamond mountain sometimes I fly
28 Blaudzun California Blaudzun
29 Taylor, Sean the cruelty of man flood & burn
30 Chatham county line I shall be released Chatham county line

Playlist 1214 opgenomen zondagavond 14 juli 2019 (samenstelling Henk Maeghs)

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Steve Miller Band  No More Doggin’ bewoners-belfeld-gaan-zelf
Let Your Hair Down (2011)
2 Boyd, Eddie Vacation from the blues And his blues band: feat peter Green (1967)
3 Tedeschi, Susan Blues on a holiday Wait for me (2002)
4 Mayall, John Vacation Blues from laurel canyon (1968)
5 Walker, T-bone Vacation blues Good feeling (1969)
6 Diddley, Bo Bo's vacation Bo Diddley is a lover (1961)
7 Franklin, Aretha Blue holiday Take a look (1967)
8 bell, william everyday will be like a holiday Single 1967
9 Isaak, Chris Summer holiday Mr Lucky (2009)
10 Outlaws Holiday Hurry sundown (1977)
11 Nelson, Willie Dreamer's holiday Without a song (1983)
12 Coe, David Allan  Rock And Roll Holiday Coe, David Allan (1975)
13 Kinks Holiday Muswell hillbillies (1971)
14 Garfunkel, Art One less holiday Up til now (1993)
15 Who Tommy's holiday camp Tommy (1969)
16 Wilson, Brian On a holiday Presents Smile (2004)
17 Buffett, Jimmy Holiday Banana wind (1996)

Playlist 1213 opgenomen zondagavond 7 juli 2019 (samenstelling Henk Maeghs)

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Nash, Graham Millitary Madness (activiteiten 75 jaar bevrijding) Songs For Beginners (1971)
2 DeWolff Big Talk Single 2018
3 Neal, Kenny blues fallin' down like rain blues fallin' down like rain (1998)
4 Saxon (Cards) 747 (strangers in the night) Strong arm of the law (1980)
5 Santana  Carnaval / Let the Children Play Moonflower (1977)
6 Band The weight The last waltz (1978)
7 Young, Neil From Hank to Hendrix Unplugged (1993)
8 Hendrix, Jimi Fire The concerts (1982)
9 Barre, Martin (This is) My Driving Song  Roads less travelled
10 Barre, Martin Trinity Roads less travelled

Playlist 1212 opgenomen zondagavond 30 juni 2019 (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé)

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Drake, Nick Pink Moon (Roze zondag Venlo) Pink Moon(1972)
2 Bryant, Danny May I Have A Talk With You Revelation(2018)
3 Sas, Julian Runnin'All My Life Resurrection(2007)
4 Neal, Kenny Caught Your Back Door Man Big News From Baton Rouge!(1988)
5 Dede Priest Freddie King Way down Deep Kinky at The Root(2011)
6 DeWolff Mountain Strange Fruit and Undicovered Plants(2009)
7 Smither, Chris Everything on Top Call me Lucky(2019)
8 Smither, Chris Down to The Sound- B side Call me Lucky(2019)
9 Bartholomew, Dave Shrimp and Gumbo Single(1956)
10 Theessink, Hans & Blue Groove Build For Comfort Live(1994)
11 Vintage Trouble Never Mine The Swing House Acoustic Sessions(2014)
12 Blank, Judy Mary Jane Morning Sun(2018)
13 Bohren, Spencer Night is Fallen Live Heerlen 4 maart 2015
14 Bohren, Spencer Seven Birds Live Heerlen 4 maart 2015
15 Bohren, Spencer Jett Black & Jealous Live Heerlen 4 maart 2015


Playlist 1211 opgenomen zondagavond 23 juni 2019 (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé)

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Barrelhouse Shake 'em On Down (Processierups in Fun Forest) Vintage Blues(2011)
2 Robbilard, Duke & Band Dear Dad Ear Worms(2019)
3 Vaughan, Jimmy No One To Talk To(But The Blues) Baby Please Come Home(2019)
4 Curse of Lono Welcome Home 4am and Counting(2019)
5 Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young Almost Cut My Hair Live 1974
6 Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young Deja Vu Live 1974
7 Rogers, Mark Right Here Laying it Down(2019)
8 Bennett Wilson Poole Wilson General Store Bennett Wilson Poole(2018)
9 Jane Overtime Otis(2019)
10 Jane The Fools Otis(2019)
11 Jane I Know Dear Otis(2019)
12 Jane Skylight Otis(2019)
13 Hackinsaw Boys Parking Lot Song Love What You Do(2005)
14 King King You Stopped The Rain Reaching For The Light(2015)
15 Yearlings, The Summer Shower Skywriting(2019)
16 Halford, Jeffrey & The Healers Deeper than Hell West Towards South(2019)
17 Teskey Brothers, The Pain and Misery Half Mile Harvest(2018)

Playlist 1210a opgenomen zondagavond 9 juni 2019 (samenstelling  Paul Hectors)

The world (of music) according to Paul Hectors

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Gallagher, Rory Too much alcohol (Bierfraude in Venlo) Irish Tour
2 Ian Hunter Band All the young dudes Live at rockpalast
3 Bailey, Ellis  What's the matter with you Road I call home
4 Gretchen Peters Lowlands Dancing with the beast
5 Martha Field West Virginia my bones Dancing shadows
6 The Marcus King Band Homesick Carolina confessions
7 The Delines The imperial The imperial
8 Joseph Parsons Come around Digging for rays
9 Rosanna Cash  The only thing worth fighting for She remebers everything
10 Dave McGraw&Mandy Fer Serotiny Seed of a pine
11 Kalyn Fay Highway driving Good company
12 Kieran Goss&Annie Kinsella Into your arms Oh, the starlings
13 Lily&Madeleine  For the week Keep it together
14 Danni Nicholls Long road home Mockingbird lane

Playlist 1210b opgenomen zondagavond 9 juni 2019 (samenstelling  Frank Schatorjé)

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Cordovas Selfish Loner That Santa Fe Channel(2018)
2 Dr. John Right Place, Wrong Time In The Right Place(1973)
3 Dr. John Such A Night The Last Waltz(1978)
4 Dr. John & BB King&Cl. "Gatemouth" Brown Hen Layin' Rooster N' Awlinz Diz Dat Or D' Udda(2004)
5 Dr.John Come Rain or Come Shine Mercernary(2006)
6 Dr.John Locked Down Locked Down(2012)
7 Vaughan, Jimmy Baby Please Come Home Baby Please Come Home(2019)
8 Robbilard, Duke Don't Bother Trying To Steal her Love Ear Worms(2019)
9 Halford, Jeffrey and the Healers West Towards South West Towards South(2019)
10 Elliott, Caleb Forever to Fade Forever to Fade(2019)
11 Jarvie, Suzanne Point Blank In The Clear(2018)
12 Williams, Lucinda Driving Down A Dead end Street This Sweet Old World(2017)

Playlist 1209 opgenomen zondagavond 2 juni 2019 (samenstelling Geert en Huub Hovens)

De 2 meter sessies: een special

Artiest Titel
1 Venice rivers never run
2 Beth Hart L.A. Song
3 Tony Joe White Good in Blues
4 Dayna Kurtz Love Gets in the Way
5 Ezio  Waiting For Too Long
6 Louisiana Blues Club  Regen (= Daniel Lohues)
7 Collin Blunstone & Rod Argent She's not there
8 Madrugada This Old House
9 My Morning Jackett  Old Sept. Blues
10 Daryll-ann Riverside
11 Paladins  How Long are You Gonna Tease Me
12 Tish Hinojosa Donde Voy (Where I Go)
13 Magna Carta Airport song
14 Wishing Well -  Wasn't I No Good (Haags Collectief (oa Remmelt & Muus & Hallo Venray)
15 Jan Akkerman & BB Queen Next To You
16 Wouter Planteijdt Rockin Chair

Playlist 1208 opgenomen zondagavond 26 mei 2019 (samenstelling Peter Gubbels)

(Southern) Rock around the clock

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Outlaws, the it's about pride Demos
2 Blackfoot left turn on a red light Strikes
3 38 Special hittin' and runnin'  Wild eyed southern boys
4 Molly Hatchet Gator Country Molly Hatchet
5 Lynyrd Skynyrd simple man pronounced leh-nerd-skin-nerd
6 Paul band, Henry grey ghost Grey Ghost
7 Allman brothers band, the Gambler's roll seven turns
8 Winter brothers band, the sang her love songs The Winter brothers band
9 Outlaws, the tomorrow's another night it's about pride
10 Drive By Truckers let there be rock southern rock opera
11 Jon, Robert & the Wreck let her go wreckage vol.1
12 Molly Hatchet fall of the peacemakers no guts,,,no glory
13 Point Blank beautiful loser second season
14 Crain, Billy skeletons in the closet skeletons in the closet
15 Zant, van black bottom road brother to brother
16 Whiskey Myers ballad of a southern man firewater
17 Stillwater mind bender Stillwater
18 Lynyrd Skynyrd call me the breeze one more from the road
19 Outlaws, the green grass and high tides bring it back alive

Playlist 1207 opgenomen zondagavond 12 mei 2019 (samenstelling Henk Maeghs)

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Gaye, Marvin Can I Get A Witness (politie zoekt getuigen van straatroof Tegelen) Single 1963   
2 Tinderholt, joakim trouble up the road hold on (2017)
3 Foley, Sue The Ice Queen The Ice Queen (2018)
4 Weight Band, The World Gone Mad World Gone Mad (2018)
5 Lindell, Eric Bayou Country Matters of the Heart (2016)
6 Harmon, Zac Boogie down Shot in the kill zone (2008)
7 Morrison, Van Got To Go Where The Love Is The Prophet speaks
8 Morrison, Van The Prophet Speaks The Prophet speaks
9 The Commands Hey it's love Single (1966)
10 Equatics Where Is Love?  Doin It!!!! (1972)
11 Henske, Judy Buckeye Jim High Flying Bird (1964)
12 Mr Day Queen of the Minstrels Dry Up in the Sun (2012)
13 Fred Williams And The Jewels Band Tell her  Single (1969)
14 Johnson, Nat Dog Neighbour of the Year (2014)
15 Harding, Aldous  The Barrel Designer (2019)
16 Swift, Richard Looking back, I should have been home more The Novelist / Walking Without Effort (2005)
17 Lane & Slim Chance, Ronnie Roll on babe Anymore for Anymore (1974)
18 Hazlewood, Lee It's Monday morning Requiem For An Almost Lady (1971)
19 Gibbard, Benjamin Duncan, Where Have You Gone? Former Lives (2012)
20 Baker, Chet Send in the clowns Live At Ronnie Scott's London (1987)

Playlist 1206a opgenomen zondagavond 5 mei 2019 (samenstelling Wim Baltussen / Frank Schatorjé)

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Eagles, The New Kid In Town (Gemeente verwelkomt elke nieuwe baby) Hotel California(1976)
2 Buckley, Jeff Last Goodbye Grace(1994)
3 Buckley, Jeff Morning Theft Scetches For My Sweetheart the Drunk(1998)
4 Blowbeat Sand Songs From The Crazy Planet
5 Blowbeat Selfish Blowbeat
6 Blowbeat Can't my sister go Chainsaw melodies
7 Fairhurst, John The Divided Kingdom The Divided Kingdom(2019)
8 Fairhurst, John Blood and Fire The Divided Kingdom(2019)
9 Fairhurst, John Gonna See My Baby The Divided Kingdom(2019)
10 Chartrand, Brian Better Ways To Spend the Day Live in Germany(2016)
11 Parsons, Joseph Another Way Around The Vagabond Tales(2005)
12 Ragtime Rumours, The Way To Smart Rag'N Roll(2018)
13 Verlinde, Guy Ain't Nobody To Hold Me Down All is Forgiven(2019)
14 Goffa, Eli When All Hell Breakes Loose Written in Stars(2018)

Playlist 1206b opgenomen zondagavond 5 mei 2019 (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé)

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Dylan, Bob It Takes a Lot to Laugh, it Takes a Train to Cry (Gemeente waarschuwd voor Lachgas) Highway 61 Revisited(1965)
2 Byrds, The  Chimes of Freedom Mr. Tambourine Man(1965)
3 Baez, Joan & Mavis Staples Oh Freedom/Ain't Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me Around 75th Birthday Celebration(2016)
4 Beatles Blackbird White Album(1969)
5 It's A Beatiful Day White Bird Love is the Song we Sing(1969)
6 Kravitz, Lenny Freedom Train Let Love Rule
7 Carr,James Freedom Train Goldwax Singles(1968)
8 Flatlanders  Cry For Freedom Hills And Valleys(2009)
9 Newman, Randy It's A Jungle Out There Dark Matter(2017)
10 Hill, Lauryn Freedom Time MTV Unplugged(2002)
11 Harper, Ben One Road To Freedom Fight For Your Mind(1995)

Playlist 1205 opgenomen zondagavond 28 april 2019 (samenstelling Henk Maeghs)

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Nitty Gritty Dirt Band & Vassar Clements  Orange blossom special (oranje boven) Will The Circle Be Unbroken
2 Tinderholt, Joakim Trouble up the road Moulin Blues cd
3 Foley, Sue Open up your eyes Without A Warning (1993)
4 T. Band, Billy Daddy's in the mood for you Moulin Blues cd
5 AC/DC Stormy May Day Black Ice (2008)
6 Blues Bureau May Day Voodoo boogie II (2014)
7 Lamb, Paul May Day Blues (Blues For Maggie) After hours (2016)
8 Junior Walker And The All Stars What Does It Take single (1968)
9 White, Tony Joe What Does It Take Tony Joe (1970)
10 Santana What Does It Take Shangó (1982)
11 Undisputed truth Ungena Za Ulimwengu The Undisputed Truth (1971)
12 Cymande Dove Second time round (1973)
13 Bee Gees First of May Odessa (1969)
14 Fleet foxes  Third of May Crack up (2017)
15 Stewart, Al Fourth of may Orange (1972)
16 Crawford, Steven & Sabrina Palm Hope remains In Balance (2015)
17 Point Quiet Not all lies Walking in the wild (2019)
18 Dean & Britta Night nurse Lávventure (2003)
19 Banhart, Devendra I feel just like a child Cripple crow (2005)
20 The weight band Remedy World gone mad (2018)


Playlist 1204 opgenomen zondagavond 21 april 2019 (samenstelling Fons Daamen Moulin Blues)

Voorbeschouwing Moulin Blues 3 en 4 mei

Artiest Titel
1 Cash, Johnny When He Comes (Pasen)
2 Boogie Beasts Mad
3 Herrero, Dave  Old Lovin' Feeling
4 Reverend Shawn Amos, The Brothers Keeper
5 Zac Harmon Band Long Live The Blues
6 Foley, Sue  "81"
7 Walker, Joe Louis  Young Girls Blues
8 Billy T-Band Daddy's In The Mood For You
9 Tinderholt, Joakim  Trouble Up Road
10 Greyhounds No Other Woman
11 Phil Bee's Freedom Down The Line
12 Samantha Martin & Delta Sugar All Night Long
13 Studebaker John & The Hawks She's A Rocker
14 Weight Band, The  Deal
15 Lindell, Eric  Shot Down
16 Neilson, Tami  Holy Moses
17 Johnson, Jeremiah  Keep On Sailing
18 Johnson, Jeremiah  Rock & Roll Music To The World
19 Lewis, Big Joe  Hey Hey Now Baby
20 Beaux Gris Gris Don't Let The Bastards Drag You Down
21 Proven Ones, The  Cheap Thrills
22 Zito, Mike  Roll On
23 Blues Giants, The  Sugar Ray Rayford / Country Boy
24 Black Cat Biscuit Haunting Me

Playlist 1203 opgenomen zondagavond 14 april 2019 (samenstelling Henk Maeghs)

Blues en haar stijlen

Artiest Titel Titel album Style
1 Thin Lizzy  Boys are Back in Town (Zwei Gebruder terug in de stad) Live and dangerous Bluesrock
2 Principato, Tom Robert Johnson Told Me So Robert Johnson Told Me So (2013) Bluesrock
3 Kubek, smokin joe Tell me why My Heart's in Texas (2006) Bluesrock
4 Blues 'n Trouble Honey pot No Minor keys (1986) Harpblues
5 Piazza, Rod Sunbird Soul monster (2009) Harpblues
6 Led Zeppelin Since I've been loving you III slow blues
7 Bonamassa, Joe Sloe Gin Sloe Gin (2007) slow blues
8 Hammond, John Preaching blues (Footwork 1978) Acoustic blues
9 Gallagher, Rory Walking blues Geleen (1987) Acoustic blues
10 Sahm, Doug T-bone shuffle The Last Real Texas Blues (1994) Shuffle
11 Robbenford Cannonball Shuffle (For Freddie King) Keep on Running (2003) Shuffle
12 Morgan, Teddy Make up your mind Ridin' in Style (1994) Shuffle
13 Water, muddy 40 days and 40 nights Blues ballads (1956) chicago blues
14 James, Elmore The sun is shining Blues vol 2 (1960) chicago blues
16 Instigators Boogie O D volume two (1999) Boogie
17 ROBILLARD, DUKE  T BONE BOOGIE Too hot to handle (1985) Boogie
18 Hendrix, Jimi Red House The concerts Live

Playlist 1202 opgenomen zondagavond 31 maart 2019 (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé)

Een reis langs de podia in Venlo en de regio

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Pink Floyd Bike (Goede doel met de fiets langs eredivisieclubs) The Piper At The Gates of Dawn(1967)
2 Jones, Laurence What would You do The Truth(2017)
3 Nine Below Zero Tore Down Live 2014
4 Sas, Julian All I Know Resurrection(2007)
5 Foley, Sue & Jimmy Vaughan The Lucky One's The Ice Queen(2019)
6 King King A Long History of Love Standing in The Shadows(2013)
7 Space Age Travellers Costa California Adventures in the Shadow(2019)
8 Space Age Travellers Phoneline Adventures in the Shadow(2019)
9 Holliday, Billie Rocky Mountain Blues Billie's Blues'(1956)
10 Reverend Shawn Amos, The Put Together The Reverend Loves You(2015)
11 Hat Fitz and Cara Power Wiley Ways(2012)
12 Taylor, Sean Tobacco and Whiskey The Path Into Blue(2019)
13 Verlinde, Guy Gotta Let Go All Is Forgiven(2019)
14 Dickenson, Jarrod Faint of Heart Ready The Horses(2018)
15 Brown, Pieta & Mark Knopfler Street Tracker Postcarts(2017)
16 Brian Chartrand Trio What I'm Looking For Live in Germany(2016)
17 Hiatt, John All The Way To The River The Eclipse Sessions(2018)
18 Hansard, Glen Shadows and Light Unreleased session 2018
19 Mitchell, Joni California Blue(1971)
20 Kilzer, John Marilyn Dean and James Monroe Busman's Holiday(1991)
21 Goss, Kieran & Annie Kinsella Come Back Liza Oh, The Starlings(2018)
22 Walker Brothers, The Young Man Cried After The Lights Go Out (1966)
23 Walker, Scott Hero of The War Scott 4 (1969)
24 Anderson, Matt Quarter on the Ground(A Song For Uncle Joe) Halfway Home By Morning(2019)
25 Bailey, Elles What's The Matter With You Road I Call Home(2019)

Playlist 1201 opgenomen zondagavond 24 maart 2019 (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé)

Special Down by the River (Grenswerk)

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Simon, Paul Run That Body Down (Venloop) Paul Simon(1971)
2 Blank, Judy Tangled Up In You Morning Sun(2018)
3 Blank, Judy Mary Jane Morning Sun(2018)
4 Atkins, Nicole Goodnight Rhonda Lee Goodnight Rhonda Lee(2017)
5 Atkins, Nicole I Love Living Here(Even when I Don't) Goodnight Rhonda Lee(2017)
6 Gillespie, Dana Eat Your Heart Out Take it off Slowly(2018)
7 Gillespie, Dana Press That Button Ring That Bell Take it off Slowly(2018)
8 Mercy John This Ain't New York This Ain't New York(2017)
9 Mercy John Bad Start Let it Go Easy(2019)
10 Vasquez, Matthew Logan Ballad in My Bed Light'n Up(2019)

Vasquez, Matthew Logan

I Love My Boy Light'n Up(2019)
12 Brother Brothers, The Mary Ann Some People I Know(2018)
13 Brother Brothers, The Banjo Song Some People I Know(2018)
14 Cordovas Selfish Loner That Santa Fe Channel(2018)
15 Cordovas Talk To Me That Santa Fe Channel(2018)
16 Cordovas The One Who Needs You Tonight That Santa Fe Channel(2018)
17 Young, Neil & Bruce Springsteen Down By The River Live New York 1990
18 Philips, David Nowhere Get Along(2018)


Playlist 1200 opgenomen zondagavond 24 maart 2019 (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé)

Cultuurpodium De Speelplaats (programma 2019-2020) - Jochum Hof Steyl

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Borger, Willem Er Komen andere Tijden Dylan Geit Plat(28 febr 1998)
Mercy John 26 september 2019    
2 Mercy John Demons  
3 Mercy John Good Night Good Night Let it Go Easy(2019)
Live From Laurel Canyon Trio 7 nov 2019    
4 Live From Laurel Canyon Trio Sister Golden Hair Life From Laurel Canyon Trio
5 Live From Laurel Canyon Trio Running On Empty Life From Laurel Canyon Trio
Dieter van Der Westen Band 21 nov 2019    
6 Dieter van Der Westen Band Driving Home Me And You(2018)
7 Dieter van Der Westen Band Sometimes Me And You(2018)
Joep's Kapel  19 dec 2019    
8 Joep's Kapel Ozze Leeven Hier 2019
9 Joep's Kapel Kammeroad 2019
David Munnelly & Shane McGowan 23 januari 2020    
10 David Munnelly & Shane McGowan  titel onbekend Live from Volver
11 David Munnelly & Shane McGowan titel onbekend Live from Volver
Martin Harley  12 maart 2020    
12 Harley, Martin Feet Don't Fail Me Now Static in The Wires(2017)
13 Harley, Martin Can't Help Moving Live at Southern Ground(2015)
Bjorn van der Doelen 16 april 2020    
14 Doelen, Bjorn van der  De Jaloezie Eerwaarde Vader Zegen Mij Want ik Heb Gezondigd(2018)
15 Doelen, Bjorn van der  De Woede Eerwaarde Vader Zegen Mij Want ik Heb Gezondigd(2018)
David Philips  14 mei 2020    
16 Philips, David My Gravity Get Along(2018)
16 Philips, David Nowhere Get Along(2018)


Playlist 1199 opgenomen zondagavond 17 maart 2019 (samenstelling Henk Maeghs)

Old - New - Known - Forgotten - Close

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Houston, Cisco  I Ain’t No Home in this World Anymore (uitvaart zwerver Graat is rond na crowdfunding) The Greenwich Village Folk Scene(1962)   
2 Hooker, Archie lee 90 days Chilling(2018)
3 Clark Jr., Gary Pearl cadillac This land (2019)
4 Fletcher, Kirk You need me Hold on (2018)
5 Johnson, Jeremiah Rock and roll music to the world straitjacket (2018)
6 Foley, Sue This time  Big City Blues (1995)
7 Sopwith Camel Fazon The Miraculous Hump ret  fr the Moon (1973)
8 Jones, Cotton Gotta cheer up Paranoid Cocoon (2009)
9 Isley Brothers Ohio Machine gun Givin' It Back (1971)
10 Wright, Willy I'm so happy now Tell the truth (1977)
11 Teitur Josephine Poetry and Aeroplanes 2003)
12 Marley, Bob Waiting in Vain Exodus (1977) 
13 CCR Who'll stop the rain Cosmo's factory (1970)
14 Allen, Jon Tightrope Blue flame (2018)
15 Allen, Jon Hold You In My Heart Blue flame (2018)
16 Gunn, Steve stonehurst cowboy The Unseen in Between (2019)
17 Harding, Aldous Barrel Designer (2019)
18 Ultimate Painting Ultimate Painting Ultimate Painting (2014)
19 Alexander Skip Spence Little hands Oar (1969)
20 Harpers Bizarre witchi tai to Harpers Bizarre 4 (1969)
21 Ford, Frazey  Indian Ocean Indian Ocean (2014)
22 PP Arnold  You've Made Me So Very Happy cd Jon Allen - The turning tide (1971-2017)
23 War Don't let no one get you down Why can't we be friends (1975)
24 Williams, Marlon  Dark Child  Live at Auckland (2019)

Playlist 1198a opgenomen zondagavond 10 maart 2019 (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé)

"A cold wind blows"

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Santana Carnaval/Let The Children Play (Vasteloavend voorbij/Intertoys gesloten) Moonflower(1977)
2 Brox, Kyla Bluesman's Child Pain & Glory(2019)
3 Black Cat Biscuit Haunting Me That's How The Cookie Crumbles(2019)
4 Bailey, Ellis What's The Matter With You Road I Call Home(2019)
5 Anderson, Matt What Would Your Mama Say Halfway Home By Morning(2019)
6 Verlinde, Guy Dance Through the Night All Is Forgiven(2019)
7 Jodymoon The Song's No Good A Love Brand New(2019)
8 Jodymoon A Love Brand New A Love Brand New(2019)
9 Goffa, Eli When all Hell Brakes Loose Written in the Stars(2018)
10 Taylor, Sean A Cold Wind Blows The Path into Blue(2019)
11 Ford, Frazey Three Golden Trees Songs Inspired by Joni Mitchell(2019)

Playlist 1198b opgenomen zondagavond 10 maart 2019 (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé)

Special: Southern Blues Night Heerlen 16 maart 2019

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Michael Hills Blues Mob Woman make the World Go Round (Voorname Venlose gehuldigd/ Internationale vrouwendag jl vrijdag 8 maart) Have Mercy(1996)
2 Allison, Bernard Blues Party Let it Go(2018)
3 Hooker, Archie Lee Big Ass Fun Chilling(2018)
4 Gilmore, Joey Cold Cold Feeling Brandon"s Blues(2015)
5 Carpaneto, Henry Welfare Woman Voodoo Boogie(2014)
6 Coleman, Tony TC Take me as I Am Take me as I Am (2018)
7 Coleman, Wallace Southbound Train Remembering Robert Jr Lockwood(2010)
8 Phil Bee's Freedom Wheels of Motion Home(2019)
9 Bruijn, Jan de Any Which way  
10 King, Guy I Gotta Right To Sing The Blues Truth(2016)

Playlist 1197a opgenomen zondagavond 24 februari 2019 (samenstelling Henk Maeghs)

It's All Happening

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Dylan, Bob Girl from the North country (denise-of-jessy-wordt-de-eerste-tegelse-prinses) Nashville Skyline (1969)
2 Thorogood, George Bad to the bone (edit) George Thorogood and the Destroyers (1982) 
3 raskolnikov, ripoff Shark small world (2018)
4 Melly Frances Blue Dress The album (2018)
5 Williams, Brooks You never can tell Sings and plays guitar (2016)
6 Bader, Tobias Oh yeah Rise and fall  (2019)
7 Sam & Julia Come cry So far, so good (2019)
8 Lafave, Jimmy It makes no difference Peace town (2018)
9 Away with birds Fortune Away with birds (2019)

Playlist 1197b opgenomen zondagavond 24 februari 2018 (samenstelling Henk Maeghs)

George Harrison: A Celebration

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Harrison, George Save the world (Spullen en geld gestolen bij inbraak Wereldpaviljoen Steyl) Somewhere in England (1981)
2 Beatles  If I needed someone Rubber soul (1965)
3 Beatles  While my guitar gently weeps White album (1968)
4 Beatles  Something Abbey Road (1969)
5 Harrison, George My sweet Lord All Things Must Pass (1970)
6 Harrison, George Give Me Love (Give Me Peace on Earth) Living in the Material World (1973)
7 Harrison, George Dark Horse Dark Horse (1974)
8 Harrison, George This Guitar (Can't Keep from Crying) Extra Texture (1975)
9 Harrison, George This Song Thirty Three & 1/3 (1976)
10 Harrison, George Your Love Is Forever  George Harrison (1979)
11 Harrison, George That's the Way It Goes Gone Troppo (1982)
12 Harrison, George When We Was Fab  Cloud Nine (1987)
13 Harrison, George Run so far Brainwashed (2002)
14 Harrison, George All Things Must Pass Early Takes: Volume 1 (2012)
15 Harrison, George Here comes the sun The Concert for Bangladesh (1971)

Playlist 1196 opgenomen zondagavond 17 februari 2018 (samenstelling Henk Maeghs)

Simon says

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 DeVille, Willy Ruler of My Heart (Nieuwe 'heersers' in Tegelen en Venlo) Victory Mixture(1990)
2 Jesus christ Superstar (Dana Gillespie) Everything's allright Original cast
3 Gillespie Meets Al Cook, Dana  Take It Off Slowly Take It Off Slowly (2018)
4 Johnson, Jeremiah bonneville shuffle Straightjacket
5 Santana In search of mona lisa (edit version) In search of Mona Lisa (2019)
6 Rawls, Lou Bring it on home to me Single 1962
7 Morrison, Van The Prophet Speaks The Prophet Speaks (2018)
8 Allen, Jon Stay Blue flame (2018)
9 Brother brothers Mary Ann Some people i know (2018)
10 Brother brothers The Gambler Some people i know (2018)
11 Simon, Harper  Berkely girl Harper Simon (2009)
12 Simon, Paul Duncan   (Live From A Prairie home companion (1972)
13 Everything But The Girl Only Living Boy In New York Home movies (1993)
14 Ward & The Dominoes, Billy Bells Single 1952
15 Backus & Friend, Jim  Delicious Single 1958
16 Cornershop Good To Be On The Road Back Home When I was born for the 7th time (1997)
17 Headless heroes True love will find you in the end The Silence of Love (2008)
18 Amor, Jon Faith reborn colour in the sky (2018)
19 Shelby Lynne & Allison Moorer The Color of a Cloudy Day  Not Dark Yet (2017)
20 Barre, Martin Trinity Roads Less Travelled (2018)
21 smither, chris she said she said Call me lucky (2018)
22 Delines Eddie & polly Imperial (2019)
23 Campbell, Glen Wichita Lineman Wichita Lineman (1968)
24 Lee, Peggy Is that all there is Single 1969

Playlist 1195a opgenomen zondagavond 10 februari 2018 (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé)

One Bourbon, one Scotch (and another whiskey)

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Jones, Ricky Lee Easy Money (Flitspalen wezelseweg leveren veel geld op) Ricky Lee Jones(1979)
2 Thorogood, George One Bourbon, One Scotch , One Beer Live (2004)
3 Livin' Blues Whiskey & Gin Wang dang Doodle(1970)
4 Lynyrd Skynyrd Poison Whiskey Pronounced Lynerd Skynerd(1973)
5 Molly Hatchet Whiskey Man Flirtin'With Disaster(1979)
6 Procol Harum  Whiskey Train Home(1970)
7 Scott, Beverly Jo Whiskey Blues The Wailing Trail
8 Canned Heat & JL Hooker Whiskey and Wimmen' Best of JL Hooker & Canned Heat
9 Block, Rory Lovin'Whiskey Best Blues & Originals(1987)
10 Tedeschi Trucks Band Whiskey Legs Made Up Mind(2013)
11 Thin Lizzy Whiskey in the Jar BBC John Peel Sessions(1995)
12 Drive By Truckers Woman Without Whiskey Southern Rock Opera(2001)

Playlist 1195b opgenomen zondagavond 3 februari 2018 (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé)

Give me another Bourbon and Cheers (Whiskey special deel 2 )

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Cooder, Ry How Can You Keep on Moving (Hekwerk houdt fietsers niet tegen) Into The Purple Valley(1971)
2 Penner, Cam Whiskey Lips To Build A Fire(2012)
3 Rodrigues, Carry & Chip taylor Must Be The Whiskey Live from The Ruhr Trienale(2007)
4 Moore, Christy Smoke and Strong Whiskey Smoke and Strong Whiskey(1991)
5 Lund, Corb Time To Switch To Whiskey Five Dollar Bill(2002)
6 Del Amitri Whiskey Remorse Be My Downfall(1993)
7 Welch, Gillian Whiskey Girl Hell Among The Yearlings(1998)
8 Williams III ,Hank Whiskey Weed & Wimmen Lovesick, Broke and Driftin'(2002)
9 Morrison, Van Moonshine Whiskey Tupelo Honey(1971)
10 Pogues, The Streams of Whiskey Red Roses For Me(1984)
11 Zac Brown Band Whiskey's Gone You Get What You Give(2010)
12 Russell, Tom  Canadian Whiskey Heart on a Sleeve(1984)
13 Seasick Steve Whiskey Ballad You Can't Learn an Old Dog New Tricks(2011)


Playlist 1194a opgenomen zondagavond 3 februari 2018 (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé)

The (Laurel) Canyon of Love 1965-1975

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Dyke Parks, Van Come To The Sunshine (Pastoor Tegelen-Belfeld- Steyl terug naar Phillipijnen) Single (1966)
2 DeShannon, Jackie & The Byrds Splendor in the Grass Where The Action is? Single 1966
3 Hearts And Flowers Tin Angel Where The Action is? Single 1968
4 Buffalo Springfield Nowadays Clancy Can't Even Sing Buffalo Springfield (1967)
5 Mayall, John Laurel Canyon Home Blues From Laurel Canyon(1968)
6 Little Feat Willin' Little Feat (1971)
7 Mitchell, Joni Ladies Of The Canyon Ladies of the Canyon(1970)
8 Crosby, Stills & Nash Suite: Judy Blue Eyes Ccrosby, Still & Nash (outtake)(1969)
9 Love You'll be Following Where The Action is? Love(1966)
10 Ronstadt, Linda & The Stone Poneys I'll Be Your Baby Tonight Hand Sown…Home Grown(1969)
11 Doors, The Take it as it Comes The Doors(1967)
12 Nesmith, Michael Lady of The Valley Loose Saluut(1970)
13 Father John Misty I Went to The Store One Day I Love You Honeybear(2015)


Playlist 1194b opgenomen zondagavond 3 februari 2018 (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé)

God made an Awful Mistake (but it wasn't us)

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Martyn, John Certain Surprise (LVK Lied Bram en Ruud) One World(1977)
2 Hat Fitz & Cara Robinson Doing It Again After The Rain(2016)
3 Tiny Legs Tim In The Morning Elswhere Bound(2019)
4 Heron, Rob & The Tea Pad Orchestra Double Meaning, Double Entendre Soul of My City(2019)
5 Amor, Jon Faith Reborn Colour in the Sky(2018)
6 Amor, Jon Februari Tree Colour in the Sky(2018)
7 Holly, Buddy Well….All Right Buddy Holly(1958)
8 Jellyman's Daughter, The I Hope Dead Reckoning(2018)
9 Black Bottle Riot Fire Fire(2019)
10 Watson, Johnny "Guitar" I don't think so Bow Wow(1994)
11 Heritage Blues Orchestra Clarcksdale Moan And Still I Rise(2011)
12 Mercy John God made an Awful Mistake This Ain't New York(2017)
13 Ford, Frazey Three Golden Trees You turn me on….(2015)

Playlist 1193a opgenomen zondagavond 27 januari 2018 (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé)

Is it news? It's music

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Bragg, Billy Accident Waiting to Happen Don't Try This at Home(1991)
2 Tiny Legs Tim In The Morning Elsewhere Bound(2019)
3 Bramhall, Doyle Is it News? Is It News(2007)
4 Trout, Walter Going Down The River Survivor Blues(2019)
5 Ledbetter, Mike & Monster Mike Welch I Can't Please You Right Place Right Time(2018)
6 Gallagher, Rory Fuel To The Fire Photo-Finish(1978)
7 Ripov Raskolnicov Band The Way The Wind Blows Small World(2018)
8 Ripov Raskolnicov Band Small Town Beauty Small World(2018)
9 Heron, Rob & The Tea Pad Orchestra There's a Hole (where my Pocket Used to be) Soul of My City(2018)
10 Sieben, Theo Jezus is a Mighty Good Leader Delphinidin(2016)
11 Muldaur, Maria Without a Friend Like You Louisiana Love Call(1992)
12 Bourbon, Claude Soldier Of Fortune Cold River(2018)


Playlist 1193b opgenomen zondagavond 27 januari 2018 (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé)

Blues & roots 'For Everyman'

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Landes, Dawn What's The Color of The Soul (Tegelse Bril voor kleurenblindheid) Meet me At The River(2018)
2 Band of Heathens, The Cracking The Code Duende(2016)
3 Browne, Jackson & David Lindley For Everyman Bread & Roses Festival (1979)
4 Dr.Hook & The Medicine Show Makin'it Natural Sylvia's Mother(1972)
5 Young, Neil Harvest Moon Harvest Moon(1992)
6 Young, Pegi Fake Pegi Young(2007)
7 Select Captain Off To Save The World Off To Save The World(2018)
8 Billy & Bloomfish Warriors of The Rainbow Happy Incomplete(2018)
9 Broussard, Marc Sunday Kind Of Love SOS Save Our Soul II(2016)
10 Delines, The Cheer Up, Charly The Imperial(2019)
11 Williams, Lucinda Hickory Wind The Life&Songs of Emmylou Harris(2016)
12 Crowell, Rodney You're still on my Mind The Life&Songs of Emmylou Harris(2016)

Playlist 1192a opgenomen zondagavond 20 januari 2019  (samenstelling Henk Maeghs)

January 21: Blue Monday, songs about lonelines

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Harper, Ben & The Innocent Criminals  The Drugs don’t Work (controle-vrachtvervoer-leidt-tot-drugsvondst-venlo) Live From Mars(2001)  
2 Orbison, Roy Only the lonely single (1960)
3 Trout, Walter Lonely Blues for the modern daze (2012)
4 White, Snowy Lonely man blues In our time of living (2008)
5 rascals lonely too long Collections (1967)
6 Easybeats sad and lonely blue It's 2 Easy (1966)
7 Four tops  Ask the lonely Single 1965
8 Taylor, ted Only the lonely know Taylor Made (1972)
9 Adams, Johnny Lonely man Heart & Soul (1969)
10 junior braithwaite & wailers It hurts to be alone It hurts to be alone (1965)
11 drive by truckers goddamn lonely love the dirty south (2004)
12 Wilco The lonely one Being there (1996)
13 Bonamassa, Joe  No good place for the lonely Blues of desperation (2016)

Playlist 1192b opgenomen zondagavond 20 januari 2019  (samenstelling Henk Maeghs)

Banty Holler: interview and live performance

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Byrds, The Mr. Spaceman (astronaut-andre-kuipers-voor-schoolvoorstelling-naar-venlo) Fifth Dimension(1966)  
2 Banty Holler Swing on by Tradition EP
3 Banty Holler Rock, Salt & Nails live
4 Banty Holler Not fade away live
5 Banty Holler Moonshiner / Mercenary song live
6 Childers, Tyler Feathered indians Purgatory (2017)

Playlist 1191a opgenomen zondagavond 13 januari 2018 (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé)

The last albums, the latest songs.

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Dylan, Bob High Water (voorkeur voor zelfsluitende waterkering in Steyl) Love and Theft(2001)
2 Boogie Beasts Mad Deep(2018)
3 Penner, Cam Right Here, Right There like That At War With Reason(2018)
4 Raskolnicov, Ripoff I'll Walk Away Small World(2018)
5 Williams, Brooks Rock Me Lucky Star(2018)
6 Lafarge, Pokey Wellington Manic Revelations(2017)
7 Hiatt, Lilly Rotterdam Trinity Lane(2017)
8 Hiatt, John Poor Imitation of God The Eclipse Sessions(2018)
9 Goss, Kieran & Annie Kinsella Jewel of The South Oh, The Starlings(2018)
10 Wall, Colter Saskatchewan in 1881 Songs Of The Plains(2018)
11 Doelen, Bjorn van der  De Woede/Wie de schoen past Eerwaarde Vader zegen mij want ik heb gezondigd(2018)
12 Groot, Boudewijn & The Dutch Eagles De Boom Even Weg(2018)
13 Milligan, Malford & The Southern Aces I'm So Glad To Do It Life Will Humble You(2018)
14 Jodymoon A Love Brand New A Love Brand New(2019)

Playlist 1191b opgenomen zondagavond 13 januari 2018 (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé)

All in the family: Fairport Convention

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Hamilton Pool One That Got Away (Man ligt urenlang op explosief) Return To Zero(1995)    
2 Fairport Convention Who Knows Where the Time Goes Live at The BBC (1969)    
3 Fairport Convention Here's to Tom Paine Kind Fortune(2000)
4 Thompson, Richard & Linda The Poor Boy is Taken Away Poor Down Like Silver(1975)
5 Thompson, Richard Do all These Tears Belong to You  13 Rivers(2018)
6 Thompson, Richard No Matter  13 Rivers(2018)
7 Matthews Southern Comfort Blood Red Roses Second Spring(1970)
8 Fotheringay Peace in The End Fotheringay(1971)      
9 Denny, Sandy It'll Take A Long Time Live at the BBC (1972)   
10 Ian Campbell Folk Group Rockin'The Cradle This is the Ian Campbell Folk Group!(1964)   
11 Albion Band, The & Shirley Collins Murder Of Maria Marten No Roses (1971)     
12 Steeleye Span Lovely on The Water Please to see the King(1971)  
13 Swarbrick, Dave Wat Ye Wha I met The Screen/The Ribbons of the Red Head Girl/Ril Gan Ainm Smiddyburn(1981)  

Playlist 1190a opgenomen zondagavond 6 januari 2019  (samenstelling Henk Maeghs)

THE LOST ONES: Forgotten songs and singers (part 2)

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Eaglesmith, Fred  Freight train (Treinongeluk Venlo) Ralph’s Last Show(2001)  
2 The Isley Brothers Shout (Part 1 & 2) single (1959)
3 Santana & The Isley brothers love, peace, happiness Power of peace (2017)
4 Cleary, Jon In The Mood Alligator Lips And Dirty Rice (1994)
5 BB & The blues shacks buckle up (instrumental) businessmen (2014)
6 Jones, Laurence All Along The Watchtower Live
7 McManus, Pat Oldest rocker walking through shadows (2011)
8 Nine below zero treat her right Don't point your finger (1981)
9 Watts, Matt Joanne How Different It Was When You Were There (2017)
10 Frank & Walters Lately Grand Parade (1997)
11 Dylan, Bob Buckets of rain More blood (2018)
12 Drivin' N' Cryin'  Space eyes Songs 'bout Cars,Space And Ramones (2012)

Playlist 1190b opgenomen zondagavond 6 januari 2019  (samenstelling Henk Maeghs)

THE LOST ONES: Forgotten songs and singers (part 2)

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Thompson, Richard Fast food (Mie Schreurs van het frietei overleden) Mirror blue (1994)
2 Dickinson, James Luther Louise Dixie Fried (1972)
3 Dorough, Bob Three is a magic number Schoolhouse Rock: Multiplication Rock (1973)
4 Cowell, Jeff Running Plain (1973)
5 Callier, Terry Ho Tsing Mee (A Song of the Sun) What Color Is Love (1972)