Playlist 1376 opgenomen 29 januari 2023 (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé)

Festivals en nieuws voor je muzikale oren


Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Danko, Rick Small Town Talk Live at Dylan's Café 8 dec 1987
2 Morganfield, Mud Praise Him They call me Mud (2018)
3 Theesink, Hans & Big Daddy Wilson Everybody Ought to Treat a Stranger Right Pay Day(2021)
4 Robson, Giles Summa That Good stuff For Those Who need the Blues(2016)
5 Snowy White Blues 22 Driving on the 44(2023)
6 Williams, Lucinda Politican World Bob's Back Pages(2020)
7 Handsome Jack Got You Were I want You Get Humble(2021)
8 Sunny War No Reason Anarchist Gospel (2023)
9 Jansen, Sem Freak Uncle Sem (2018)
10 Jansen, Sem Part of Me Uncle Sem (2022)
11 McNeill, Ron A Hey Bob Dylan Waiting on the Day (2021)
12 Earle, Steve & The Dukes Mr. Bojangles Jerry Jeff (2022)
13 Anderson, Matt Only an Island The Big Bottle Of Joy(2023)
14 Sjoblom, Svante Devil Before it Breaks (2022)

Playlist 1375 opgenomen 24 januari 2023 (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé)

In memoriam: David Crosby

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young Almost Cut My Hair Deja Vu (1969)
2 Crosby, David Willie Gene Byrd Parts (1963)
3 Les Baxter Balladeers Baiion Byrd Parts 2 (1962)
4 Jet Set, The The Only Girl I Adore First session (1964)
5 Byrds, The Eight Miles High 5th Dimension (1966)
6 Byrds, The Everybody's been Burned Younger Than Yesterday (1967)
7 Crosby, David & Jack Casady Guinnevere Box Voyage (1968)
8 Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young Deja Vu Deja Vu (1969)
9 Crosby, Stills, Nash Shadow Captain CSN (1977)
10 Crosby, David What are their names? If I Could Only Remember my Name (1971)
11 Crosby, David &  Paul Kantner Have  you seen the stars tonight? Blows against The Empire (1970)
12 Crosby & Nash The Lee Shore C & N Live (1971) Box Voyage
13 CPR Rusty  and Blue CPR (1998)


Playlist 1374 opgenomen 22 januari 2023 (samenstelling Henk Maeghs)

In memoriam: Jeff Beck (en ook een alvast muziek van David Crosby)

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Beck, Jeff Another place Who else!(1999)
2 Byrds Everybody's been burned Originele cd: Younger than yesterday (1967)
3 Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young Laughing Originele cd: Four way street (1971)
4 Beck & Jan Hammer, Jeff Freeway Jam Live (1977)
5 Beck, Jeff Brush with the blues Who else!(1999)
6 Beck & Jan Hammer, Jeff Blue Wind Live (1977)
7 Jeff Beck group Jody Rough and ready (1971)
8 Beck, Jeff People get ready Flash (1985)
9 Beck, Jeff Shame Load hailer 
10 Beck, Jeff Star cycle There and back (1980)
11 Beck, Jeff Blackbird You had it coming (2001)
12 Beck, Jeff Cause we've ended as lovers Blow by blow (1975)
13 Beck, Jeff Nadia You had it coming (2001)
14 Beck, Jeff Where were you Beck's guitar shop (1989)
15 Beck, Jeff The final peace There and back (1980)
16 Beck, Jeff Sleepwalk eindtune Beckology (1991)


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Tears in Heaven and New on Earth

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Waco Brothers Going Down in History Going Down in History (2016)
2 Beck, Jeff Definitey Maybe The Jeff Beck Group (1972)
3 Young, Neil Hey Hey My My Rust Never Sleeps (1979)
4 Johnson, Luther "Guitar Junior" Stranded Slammin on the West Side (1996)
5 Bachman Turner Overdrive You Ain't See Nothing Yet Not Fragile(1974)
6 Pointer Sisters How Long ( Betcha' Got a Chick on The Side) Best of The Blue Thumb Recordings(1975)
7 Presley, Lisa Marie & Elvis Presley I Love You Because single (2012)
8 Lindell, Jesper Westcoast Rain Twilights (2022)
9 Paisley, Doug Sometimes it's so Easy Say What You Like (2023)
10 Deslonders, The Five Year Plan Ways & Means (2022)
11 Shane, Elvie Sympathy For The Devil Stone Cold Country (2023)
12 Beck, Jeff Sleepwalk Porky's Revenge soundtrack (1985)


Playlist 1372 opgenomen 8 januari 2023 (samenstelling Henk Maeghs)

Warm winter blues

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Devon Allman's Honeytribe  Warm In Wintertime Space Age Blues (2010)
2 Big Maceo Winter time blues The Best of Big Maceo (2000)
3 Flynn, Billy Blues Thru The Winter Time Blues Drive (2009)
4 Lightnin' Slim  Wintertime Blues Bell Ringer (1965)
5 Dylan, Bob  Winterlude New Morning (1970)
6 Collins, Judy  Winter Sky Recollections (1969)
7 Bolotin, Jay  Winter Woman Jay Bolotin (1970)
8 Olson, Mark   Winter Song The Salvation Blues (2007)
9 young, Neil  winter long Greatest Hits (2004)
10 Strawbs, The the winter and the summer Bursting At The Seams (1973)
11 The Deep Dark Woods The Winter Has Passed Yarrow (2017)
12 Wainwright III, Loudon  Winter Song Album II (1972)
13 Blood, Sweat & Tears Sometimes In Winter Woodstock (1969)

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Bandpromotie: zo doe je dat!

Artiest Titel
1 Colvin, Gerry  Johnny Cash Shirt
2 Cash, Johnny & June Carter Cash Jackson
3 Cash, Johnny & June Carter Cash It Ain't Me Babe
4 Cash, Johnny Folsom Prison Blues (live)
5 Cash, Johnny & June Carter Cash It Takes One To Know me
6 Cash, Johnny & June Carter Cash If I Were a Carpenter
7 Cash, Johnny   Ring Of Fire
8 Cash, Johnny Hurt

Playlist 1370 opgenomen zondag 18 december 2022 (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé)

Franks Kerstshow

Artiest Titel
1 Guy, Buddy Home For Christmas
2 Rundgren, Todd Flappie
3 Herula, Donna Who's Been Cookin'in my Kitchen
4 Verlinde, Guy & The Houserockers Ho Ho Ho
5 Leger, Jerry Father Christmas
6 Winehouse, Amy I Saw Mummy kissing Santa Claus
7 Cheadle, Laura Red Ain't Everything (The Rudolph Blues)
8 Hyacynt, Heidi Santa Baby
9 Lasses, The Rise up Shepperd
10 Easterling, Angela Party Round My Favourite tree
11 Cameron, Mark Nick's Place
12 D 'Amour, Michele & The Love Dealers Naughty List
13 Turner, Benny I Want Some Christmas Cheer
14 Lindell, Jesper Christmas Card

Playlist 1369 opgenomen dinsdag 13 december 2022 (samenstelling Henk Maeghs)

In memoriam 2022

Artiest Titel Titel album Datum overlijden
1 Hawkwind Silver machine In Search Of Space (1971) Nik Turner 10-11-2022 
2 Lewis, Jerry lee Rock And Roll (With Jimmy Page) Last Man Standing (2006) 28-10-2022
3 The Band Who do you love Last Waltz (1978) Ronnie Hawkins 29-5-2022 
4 Dr. Feelgood Highway 61 Revisited Classic (1987) W. Johnson 21-11-2022 
5 Johnson, Syl Is It Because I'm Black Single 1969 06-02-2022
6 Lynn, Loretta Who's gonna miss me Full circle (2016) 04-10-2022
7 Bailey, Chris Everything i need 54 days at sea (1994) 09-04-2022
8 Procol harum Conquistador Procol Harum (1967) Gary Brooker 19-2-2022 
9 Budgie Parents acoustic version (2004) Burke Shelley 0-1-2022
10 Lanegan, Mark Grey goes black Blues funeral (2012) 22-02-2022
11 Earth & Fire Voice From Yonder To the world of the future (1975) Chris Koertz 10-12-2022 
12 Fleetwood Mac songbird Rumours (1977) C. McVie 30-11-2022  
13 America Daisy Jane Live (1977) Willie Leaco 2-2-2022 

Playlist 1368 opgenomen woensdag 7 december 2022 (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé)

Vers van de Pers

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Paisley, Doug Say what you  Like Single (2022)
2 Commoners, The Hanging On Again Find a Better Way (2022)
3 Gurney, Paul Perfect Space Blue Horizon (2022)
4 Johnson, Wilco & Roger Daltrey Can You Please Call Out Your Window Going Back Home (2014)
5 The Blues project No Time Like The Right Time Nuggets Vol 1(1967)
6 Fleetwood Mac Don't Stop Rumours (1977)
7 Perfect, Christine I'd Rather Go Blind Christine Perfect (1969)
8 Keller, Jim Bells of Notre Dame Spark & Flame (2022)
9 Arizona, Kevin Crazy Town Single (2022)
10 Hello Darlins, The Go By Feel Go By Feel (2021)
11 Blek, John Raven's Cry Until The Rivers Run Dry(2022)
12 Cannon, Hal Years Go Down Nothin'Lastin' (2022)
13 Hale Revia - Courtney Blood and Water Growing Pains (2022)
14 Miners, The Nathalie Megunticook(2022)

Playlist 1367 opgenomen zondag 27 november 2022 (samenstelling Henk Maeghs)

80 jaar Jimi Hendrix

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Hendrix, Jimi Fire Winterland, San Francisco (10th October 1968)
2 Isley Brothers Testify "1964"
3 Covay, Don Mercy, Mercy "1964"
4 Buddy & Stacey with The Upsetters Shotgun "1964"
5 Hendrix, Jimi Killing floor  "1965"
6 Hendrix, Jimi Room full of mirrors (alternative) Box set
7 Hendrix, Jimi Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band   
8 Marino, Frank Al along the watchtower Tales of the Unexpected (1979)
9 Vaughan, Stevie Ray Little Wing The Sky Is Crying (1991)
10 Gales, Eric Foxey Lady Tribute to Jimi Hendrix (2012)
11 Hendrix, Jimi Angel Cry of love (1970)
12 Hendrix, Jimi Hey baby Rainbow Bridge (1971)
13 Hendrix, Jimi Red House The Concerts (1982)


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Venlo Rocks

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Morlix, Gurf Water is Risin' Kiss of The Diamondback (2020)
2 Dan McCafferty Cinnamon Girl Dan McCafferty (1975)
3 Hawkwind Silver Machine X in Search of Space (1971)
4 Take 5 Blue Suede Shoes Venlo Rocks 2022
5 Redial Default Sunny Day in Hell Venlo Rocks 2022
6 Breakeven (Eefje & Fons) Youth Venlo Rocks 2022
7 Earth & Fire Song of The Marching Children Song of The Marching Children (1971)
8 Doobie Brothers, The China Grove The Captain and Me (1973)
9 Alabama If You're Gonna Play in Texas Live at Farm aid 1986
10 Lynn, Loretta Woman's Prison Van Lear Rose (2004)
11 Stealers Wheel Everything will Turn Out Fine Ferguslie Park (1973)
12 Golden Palominos Strong Simple Silences A Blast Of Silence (1986)

Playlist 1365 opgenomen zondag 13 november 2022 (samenstelling Henk Maeghs)

What's going on?

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Poole, Ben Too tired Live At Bluesmoose Cafe (2011)
2 Taylor, Koko Beer bottle Boogie Queen of the Blues (1985)
3 Marvelettes, The You're my remedy Single 1964
4 Lewis, Jerry lee Hadacohl Boogie (With Buddy Guy) Last Man Standing (2006)
5 Gaye, Marvin Abraham, martin and john That's the Way Love Is (1969)
6 Black Sorrows Saint Georges Road Saint Georges Road (2022)
7 Horslips Charolais Live with the Ulster orchestra (2011)
8 Waterboys Fisherman's blues Fisherman's blues (1988)
9 Beatles Yellow submarine working tape Revolver deluxe (2022)
10 Beatles Love You To (Take 1) Revolver deluxe (2022)
11 Diane, Alela Howlin wind Looking glass (2022)
12 Dylan, Bob Every grain of sand Trouble no more (2017)
13 Beck & Johnny Depp, Jeff Midnight Walker "18" (2022)

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Haandertrock met gast: Piet Jacobs

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Royal Southern Brotherhood  Gotta Keep Rockin' Live in Germany (2013)
2 Gales, Eric & J.Bonamassa I Want My Crown Crown (2022)
3 Bonamassa, Joe Sloe Gin Sloe Gin (2007)
4 Gladstone We're all in this Together  
5 Gallagher, Rory Shadowplay  
6 Cool O Keef War Pigs  
7 Robert Jon & The Wreck Shine a Light On Me Brother Shine a Light On Me Brother(2021)
8 Imperial Crows I Gotta Right The Calling(2016)
9 Thorogood, George One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer George Thorogood&The Destroyers(1977)

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Herfstdepressies, winter, storm en regen

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Allman Betts band Autumn Breeze Down to The River (2019)
2 Cassidy, Eva Autumn Leaves Nightbird (1996)
3 McKennitt, Loreena All Souls Night The Visit (1991)
4 & Juliette Laat December & Juliette
5 Beatles, The September in the Rain The Decca Tapes (1962)
6 Fitzgerald, Ella/ Louis Armstrong A Foggy Day Ella & Louis (1956)
7 Simon & Garfunkel Leaves That are Green Old Friends live on Stage (2002)
8 Frazey Ford September Fields Indian Ocean (2014)
9 Keer, Merel van de  Ghost in the Storm Ghost in the Storm (2022)
10 Helm, Amy Wait For The Rain What The Flood Leaves Behind(2021)
11 Neil, Fred A Little Bit of Rain Bleecker & MacDougal (1970)
12 Halford, Jeffrey & The Healers Sad Sinking Feeling Soul Crusade(2022)
13 Taubman, Lara Darkness Before The Dawn Ol'Kentucky Light (2022)

Playlist 1362 opgenomen zondag 2 oktober 2022 (samenstelling Henk Maeghs, gasten Dave-James  Hendrike en Gerard Wijnen van de Stichting B4 Music)

B4Session Ben Poole op 4 november in Apollo


Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Mylk 47th street 47th street (2015)
2 Mylk Pillar to post cd gast
3 Mylk Little bit of blues  Live it loud (2016)
4 Poole, Ben Further On Down The Line Anytime you need me (2018)
5 Poole, Ben Dirty Laundry Anytime you need me (2018)
6 Poole, Ben Too Tired Live at Arlington Arts Centre, Newbury, UK 20-2-2020 


Playlist 1361 opgenomen zondag 25 september 2022 (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé)

The house is rockin': een muzikale huiskamer

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Vaughan, Stevie Ray The House is Rockin' In Step ( 1989)
2 Spiegel, Loyd Let Your Love Lie Down Cut and Run (2019)
3 Dingemans, Nienke Tennesee River Devil On My Shoulder (2021)
4 Dingemans, Nienke Love Labours Lost Devil On My Shoulder (2021)
5 Derix, Egbert & Baer Traa Blues (Tweede Versie ) Boomasiel (2022)
6 Huijs, Etan / HI-FI Adventures Medley - Tracks  REM  
7 US Rails Take you home  
8 US Rails A Day in The Life (live) Right Where we left it (2015)


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Grooves & News in The Blues

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Bywater Call Falls Away Remain(2022)
2 Shaggy Dogs, The The One's Who Know it all Sorry For The Delay! (2022)
3 Black Cat Biscuit What Goes Around Comes Around The Way it Is (2022)
4 Jordan, Sass Chevrolet Bitches Blues (2022)
5 Blue Chevys, The Thin Line The Night Calls(2022)
6 Travellin' Blue Kings Too Many People Bending The Rules(2022)
7 Meijer, Rik Memphis Woman and Fried Chicken Rik Meijer (2022)
8 Bottleneck, Jack Loanshark Blues (live) Barn To Bar(2022)
9 Keer, Merel van de  Bending Rules Ghost in The Storm(2022)
10 Ticket West What Can a Man Do?  49 Park St. Blues (2022) 
11 Andersen, Matt People Get Ready House to House(2022)
12 Taubman, Lara Ol' Kentucky  Light Ol' Kentucky  Light(2022)
13 MacKenzie, Spencer Paranoia Blues Preach To My Soul (2022)


Playlist 1359 opgenomen zaterdag 3 september  2022 (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé en Henk Maeghs)


Bluesrock 2022               3 september             37e editie
13.00 Artiest Titel Jaartal bluesrock
  Gallagher, Rory Bullfrog Blues 1984-1989-1993
  Opening Programma    
  Paladins, The Keep on Lovin'Me 1989-2012
  Fabulous Thunderbirds Tuff Enuff 1995
  Gesprek met John Hendrikx    
  Blues 'n Trouble Honey Pot 1990
  gesprek met Toby Lee    
  Toby Lee One Foot on the Path 2022
  Robbilard, Duke To Hot To Handle 1993
  Mack, Lonnie Satisfy Susie 1994
  Red Devils Automatic 1994
14.00 Gesprek met Geert Noten    
  Rogers, Paul Feels Like Makin'Love 1995
  gesprek met What The FRNK (Frank Schurgers)    
  What The FRNK Get Down 2022
  Gales, Eric Don't Fear The Reaper 2022
  Gesprek met Beaux Gris Gris    
  Beaux Gris Gris & The Apocalips Gris Gris 2022
  Hoax, The Bones 1994-1999-2013
  gesprek met Giel Scholtens pauzemuziek    
  Julian Sas Trying to do right 2000-2005-2009-2019
15.00 Los Lonely Boys Heaven 2010
  The Southern Brotherhood Groove On 2014
  Gesprek met publiek(dove tolk en dove mensen)  
  Winter, Johnny Rock & Roll People 2006
  Michelle David & The True Tones Baptized 2017-2022
  Reed, Eli Paperboy Young Girl 2015
  gesprek met Rob Tognoni    
  Tognoni, Rob Itty Bitty Mama 2005-2022
  Moore, Gary Parisianne Walkways 2001
16.00 Little Charly & The Nightcats Dump That Chump 1992-2005
  gesprek met (Jan Smeets of) Niek Murray    
  Nine Below Zero On The Road Again 2017
  Amundson, Monti Lesson or Two 1993-1998
  Hart, Beth I'd Rather Go Blind 2004
  Chubby, Popa Little Wing 2003-2007
  gesprek met bezoekers/impressie    
  Chubby, Popa Little Wing 2003-2007
  Jones, Laurence All Along The Watchtower 2018-2022



Playlist 1358 opgenomen maandag 8 augustus 2022 (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé)


Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Little Hat Cat Squirell Wine Whiskey & Wimmen(2022)
2 What The FRNK Don't Play The Blues There's Something about You(2020)
3 What The FRNK Speed of Light Single (2022)
4 Toby Lee One Foot on The Path Aquarius(2021)
5 Toby Lee It Could Be So Easy Aquarius(2021)
6 Beaux Gris Gris & The Apocalyps Heartbreaker Love & Murder(2019)
7 Beaux Gris Gris & The Apocalyps Don't Let The Basterds Drag You Down Love & Murder(2019)
8 Tognoni, Rob New Set of Rays Catfish Cake (2020)
9 Tognoni, Rob She Waited Catfish Cake (2020)
10 Michelle David & True Tones Better Days Truth & Soul(2022)
11 Michelle David & True Tones Be Not Afraid Truth & Soul(2022)
12 Jones, Laurence What Would You do The Truth(2018)
13 Jones, Laurence Everything is Gonna Be Allright Laurence Jones Band (2021)
14 Gales, Eric Dead of Me Crown(2022)
15 Gales, Eric Change in Me (Rebirth) Middle of The Road(2017)

Playlist 1357 opgenomen zondag 24 juli 2022 (samenstelling Henk Maeghs)

Summertime blues

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Rush Summertime blues Feedback (2004)
2 Robillard, Duke  Too Hot To Handle  Too Hot To Handle (1985)
3 Musselwhite, Charlie  It's Gettin' Warm In Here Harpin' On A Riff (1999)
4 JJ Grey & Mofro slow, hot and sweaty Georgia Warhorse (2010)
5 Moreland, John High On Tulsa Heat High On Tulsa Heat (2016)
6 The Lovin' Spoonful Summer in the City Single 1966
7 Kinks Sunny afternoon Face To Face (Deluxe Edition) (1966)
8 Grant, John Global Warming Grey Tickles, Black Pressure (2015)
9 The Coronas Warm Tony Was An Ex-Con (2009)
10 Billy Bragg The Warmest Room Must I Paint You a Picture? (2003)
11 Dylan, Bob Summer Days Love And Theft (2001)
12 Morrison, Van  High Summer Back on top (2008)
13 Travers, Pat Heat in the street Live At The Iridium NYC (2015)

Playlist 1356 opgenomen zondag 17 juli 2022 (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé)

Red Rooster de bergen in

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Gaye, Marvin & Tammi Terrel Ain't No Mountain High Enough Hitsville USA (1967)
2 Sill, Judee Jesus was a Crossmaker Judee Sill (1971)
3 Guthrie, Woody Going Down The Road Feeling Bad Radio Radio vol 4 (1944)
4 Nitty Gritty Dirt Band & Doc Watson Milk Cow Blues  Will The Circle be Unbroken III (2002)
5 Dire Straits Telegraph Road Alchemy(1984)
6 Dr. John & Mavis Staples When The Saints Go Marching in Náwlinz Diz Dat Or D'Udda (2004)
7 Waterson, Norma Rags and Old Iron Norma Waterson(1996)
8 Burges, Sonny Red Headed Woman Radio Radio vol 1 (1956)
9 Noe, Ian Mountain Saint River Fools & Mountain Saints (2022)
10 Miller, Buddy & Julie Rock, Salt & Nails Buddy & Julie Miller (2001)
11 Waters, Muddy Mean Red Spider Chess Box(1948)
12 FRITS In The Dutch Mountains Dankzij de Dijken(1995)
13 Crow, Sheryl Tomorrow Never Dies Soundtrack Tomorrow Never Dies(1997)
14 Jayhawks, The Bad Time CD Single(1995)
15 Tedeschi, Susan There's a Break in The Road Back To The River(2008)
16 Kinks, The Dead end Street Face To Face (1966)

Playlist 1355 opgenomen maandag 11 juli 2022 (samenstelling Henk Maeghs)

Working Class Hero (something to be)

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 John Lennon Working class hero John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band (1970)
2 Harmonica Fats & Bernie Pearl Everyday A Working Day For Me Two Heads Are Better… (1994)
3 Loomis, Hamilton  Workin' Real Hard Kickin It (2003)
4 Morrison, Van I've Been Working His Band & The Street Choir (1970)
5 Dylan, Bob Working Man's Blues #2 Modern Times (2006)
6 Fisher Z The worker Word Salad (1979)
7 McCartney, Paul On My Way To Work New (2013)
8 Average White Band Work To Do AWB (1974)
9 Dion work song  
10 Fantastic Negrito Working Poor The Last Days of Oakland (2016)
11 Newman, Randy  Mr. President (Have Pity on the Working Man) Good Old Boys (1974)
12 Diana Jones Song for a Worker Museum of Appalachia Recordings (2013)]
13 Rush Working Man live in Frankfurt 5-28-79

Playlist 1354 opgenomen zondag 3 juli 2022 (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé)

Voorbeschouwing met StichtingB4Music op Bliërock

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 New Rising New Rising Single (2022)
2 Weak Moves One of a Kind single (2022)
3 Skuff  Building an Army of Dead Past me's Living The Sjebbetig Life (2019) 
4 Commitments, The Mustang Sally  Commitments (1991)
5 DeVille, Willie Spanish Stroll Assassin of Love(1981)
6 Blues Vocation Little Red Rooster  Grenswerk Live (2017)
7 Boys Named Sue Ring of Fire Live
8 Police, The So Lonely Greatest Hits (1978)
9 Young, Neil Don't Cry No Tears Odeon Budokan (1976)
10 Drum & Beeker Juek GRMBL ( 2022)

Playlist 1353 opgenomen zondag 26 juni 2022 (samenstelling Henk Maeghs / Danny op 't Veld)

Trots op Belfeld (gasten: Lucienne en Danny op 't Veld)

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Adams, Arno  Ode aan Belvend  Live Omroep Venlo mei 2022
2 Canned Heat Let’s work together Future Blues (1970)
3 Burnside, Cedric  We Made It Benton County Relic (2018)
4 Bonamassa & Beth Hart, Joe I’ll take care of you Beacon Theatre - Live from New York (2012)
5 Ten years after I’d love to change the world A Space In Time (1971)
6 Springsteen, Bruce  The river The River (1980)
7 Raitt, Bonnie  Walking Blues  Bonnie Raitt (1970)
8 Her A change is gonna come Her Live Tape #1 (2016)
9 Rolling Stones Happy Exile on Main St.(1972)
10 Mellencamp, John Small Town Scarecrow (1985)


Playlist 1352 opgenomen zondag 19 juni 2022 (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé en Huub Hovens)

Live muziek...passie en beleving


Artiest Titel Titel album
1 King, Albert Blues at Sunrise Live Wire / Blues Power (1968)
2 Allison, Luther Cherry Red Wine Live in Chicago (1999)
3 Verlinde, Guy Surrender to the groove Live at Minard in Gent (2022)
4 Clapton, Eric Cocaine Slowhand at 70, live at the Royal Albert Hall (2015)
5 Landreth, Sonny Creole Angel Live in Lafayette(2017)
6 Fuchs, Dana I'd Rather Go Blind Live in NYC (2007)
7 Bonamassa, Joe Double Trouble Muddy Wolf at Red Rocks (2014)
8 Collins, Albert Stormy Monday Live in Japan (1984)
9 Cooder, Ry The Dark end of the street Live with the corridos Famosos (2013)


Playlist 1351 opgenomen zondag 3 juni 2022 (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé)

A tribute to Ronnie Hawkins 

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Hawkins, Ronnie Forty Days The Roulette Years (1959)
2 Hawkins, Ronnie Summertime The Roulette Years (1959)
3 Hawkins, Ronnie & The Hawks Marry Lou The Roulette Years (1959)
4 Hawkins, Ronnie & The Hawks Bo Diddley The Roulette Years (1963)
5 Hawkins, Ronnie & The Hawks Who Do You Love The Roulette Years (1963)
6 Hawkins, Ronnie & The Hawks Bossman The Roulette Years (1963)
7 Hawkins, Ronnie & The Hawks High Blood Pressure The Roulette Years (1963)
8 Hawkins, Ronnie & The Hawks Nineteen years old A Musical History (1964)
9 Hawkins, Ronnie I'm in Love Again Rock & Roll Resurrection (1972)
10 Hawkins, Ronnie Brand New Tennesee Walz The Giant of Rock & Roll (1973)
11 Hawkins, Ronnie Let it Rock Let it Rock (1995)
12 Hawkins, Ronnie Down in The Alley Let it Rock (1995)
13 Band, The & Ronnie Hawkins Who do You Love The Last Walz (1978)


Playlist 1350 opgenomen zondag 29 mei 2022 (samenstelling Henk Maeghs)

You're as far away as the thirty first of June...

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Commandos, The  June's Blues B side (1958)
2 Clark, Petula The Thirty First Of June  
3 Simone, Nina Memphis In June Single (1961)
4 Morrison, Van Evening in June  What's Wrong With This Picture (2003)
5 Kinks Rainy Day In June  Face to Face (1966)
6 Everly Brothers, The June Is As Cold As December In Our Image (1966)
7 The Decemberists June Hymn The King Is Dead (2011)
8 Barnes & Suzy Jones, Dave  June  Dreaming In Electric Blue (2021)
9 Bloom, Luka  June Innocence (2005)
10 Wild Rivers Blue June Wild Rivers(2016)
11 Lynne, Shelby  Johnny Met June Suit Yourself (2005)
12 Bingham, Ryan  Snow Falls In June Fear and Saturday Night (2015)
13 Stewart, Al Last days of June 1934 Past, Present & Future (1974)
14 Terry & Brownie McGhee, Sonny  Poor Little June Bug Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Recording (1973)

Playlist 1349 opgenomen zondag 15 mei 2022 (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé)

Voorbeschouwing Down By The River (5 juni 2022)

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Allman Betts band Down To The River Down to the River (2019)
2 Dorris, Jop Lost My Spark Single (2022)
3 Dorris, Jop Won't Walk Away Single (2022)
4 Darlyn Fuel The Fire Was it a Dream(2020)
5 Drum & Beeker Juek GRMBL (2021)
6 Jimmy Diamond  Honestly Single  (2022)
7 Jimmy Diamond  Eartquake Track (2022)
8 Caps, Garreth T Never End I Love San Antone (2021)
9 Caps, Garreth T All Right, All Night All Right, All Night (2021)
10 Noe, Ian Letter To Madeline Between The Country (2019)
11 Noe, Ian Pine Grove (Madhouse) River Fools & Mountain Saints (2022)
12 LeBlanc, Dylan Domino Renegade (2019)
13 LeBlanc, Dylan Sensitive Kind EP Pasttimes (2022)


Playlist 1348 opgenomen zondag 8 mei 2022 (samenstelling Henk Maeghs)

Feel The Fifties

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Five keys She's the most Single 1956
2 Los Torontos No te Vayas (Don't go) Los Torontos (2017)
3 Los Torontos Bim Bam Los Torontos (2017)
4 Junco Shakers  Gambling man One More Drink (2021)
5 The Lucky Lucianos Rock Lomond  
6 Lovesick Duo All over again All over again (2021)
7 Lovesick Duo Ain't no other place (for you and me) All over again (2021)
8 Hoodoo Tones Here To Stay (2018) Here To Stay (2018)
9 Hoodoo Tones The rooster song Still On The Run
10 Fez and the furious Stop look and listen  


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Over het museum van weemoed en gemis

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Morrison, Van Aint Nothing You Can Do (with James Hunter) Magic time press launch (2005)
2 Hintjens, Arno Flashback Blues Santeboutique (2019)
3 Rot, Jan  Blues for Alleksander Counting sheep (singles 82-88) (1993)
4 Vreemde Kostgangers Ik Heb Een Hekel Aan De Blues Nachtwerk (2017)
5 Rick Estrin & The Nightcats Handle With Care You Asked For It... Live! (2014)
6 Hunter, James Corina Live Holland
7 Five keys She's the most Single 1956
8 Knol, Tim Clean up Tim Knol (2010)
9 Kinney, Kevn (Drivin & Cryin) Clean up Songs from the Laundromat (2012)
10 Siebel, Paul Louise Live At McCabe's with David Bromberg (2006)
11 Budgie Parents (2004 acoustic version)
12 Kayak see see the sun Chances Of A Live Time (2001)

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Moulin Blues 2022

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Dynamite Blues Band Rebound Shakedown & Boogie(2014)
2 Interview Harald Moonen, deel 1    
3 Linton, Errol Howlin'For My Darlin' No Entry (2020)
4 Jones, Laurence Mistreated Laurence Jones Band(2019)
5 Estrin, Rick & The Nightcats I Could Deal With It Straight Up!(1994)
6 Beaver, Lindsay & Brad Stivers One Condition Beaver, Lindsay & Brad Stivers (2021)
7 James Hunter Six Till The End The Hard Way (2008)
8 Kokomo Kings She's Shakin'Up A Storm A Driver By Love Affair (2021)
9 Interview Harald Moonen, deel 2    
10 Travellin'Blue Kings Hold Your Horses Bending The Rules(2022)
11 Richville Gotta Get You Go Raw(2021)
12 GA-20 Sitting At Home Alone Does Hound Dog Taylor(2021)
13 Altered Five Blues Band Full Moon, Half Crazy Holler if You Hear me (2021)
14 Bywater Call Hometown Bywater Call  (2019)
15 Birdmens Diggin'That Rut Lockdown Loaded (2020)
16 Interview Harald Moonen, deel 3    
17 Achievers, The Cuckoo Live at The SVA (2018)
18 Robert Jon & The Wreck Shine A Light on me Brother Shine A Light on me Brother(2022)
19 Burnside, Cedric Step In I Be Trying(2021)
20 Hill, Nikki (Let me Tell yo Bout') LUV Heavy Hearts, Hard Fists(2015)

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Triduum Sacrum

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Sarjeant & hazel king, Derek  A week before easter folk matters (1973)
2 Brown, Willie Easter Bunny Boogie Jumpin' The Blues (Vol 3) (1951)
3 Guitar Shorty Easter Blues Alone In His Field (1972)
4 Cash, Johnny When he comes A Believer Sings the Truth (1979)
5 Mellencamp, John  Easter Eve No Better Than This (2010)
6 Far city Easter island Reincarnation (1969)
7 Harper, Ben  I'll Rise Welcome to the cruel world (1994)
8 Chris Thomas King What Would Jesus Do Rise (2006)
9 Kinney, Kevn Which jesus Pre-Approved Pre-Denied (2010)
10 Droge, Pete The Lord is busy Find a door (1996)
11 Dylan, Bob When he returns Slow train coming (1979)
12 Smith, Patti Easter Easter (1978)

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New Orleans Rhythm & Blues

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Bartholomew, Dave Schrimp & Gumbo single 1956
2 Johnson, Al Carnaval Time single 1960
3 Armstrong, Louis Do You Know What it Means To Miss New Orleans Single 1946
4 Lewis, Smiley I Hear You Knocking single 1955
5 Tuba Fats' Chosen Few Brass Band Mardi Grass in New Orleans Street Music(1985)
6 ReBirth Brass Band Feel Like Funkin' it Up Feel Like Funkin' it Up (1989)
7 Cleary, John More Hipper The Absolute Monster Gentleman(2002)
8 Toussaint, Allen Southern Nights Southern Nights (1975)
9 Buckweat Zydeco Hot Tamale Baby On A Night Like This (1987)
10 Riley, Steve & The Mamou Playboys La Craive de Faim Happytown(2001)
11 Champion Jack Dupree Way Down Back Home in New Orleans (1990)
12 Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown Dollar Got The Blues Allright Again (1991)
13 Landreth, Sonny South of 1-10 South of 1-10 (1995)

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Dwars door de Lage Landen in Blues & Roots

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Muskee Brother Booze Box 35 jaar Cuby & Blizzards (1997)
2 Focus Sylvia Focus III (1972)
3 Focus Harem Scarem Hamburger Concerto (1974)
4 King of The World Eyes of a Child Royal Ten(2022)
5 Dingemans, Nienke Tennesee River Devil On My Shoulder(2022)
6 JW Roy De Negende Zaligheid Kouwe Kermis(2022)
7 Deneckere, Bruno Can't Keep Myself Satisfied Walking On Water(2011)
8 Duffhues Stone Murder Call(2022)
9 Tip Jar Tell Me Something One Lifetime (2021)
10 Liseth & The Satellites Daddyo (live Acoustic) Miss(2021)
11 AJ Plug Gimme a Smile Killer King(2022)
12 Benton, Oscar Live Your Life Today Home(2003)
13 Jack Bottleneck Loanshark blues (Live) Cow Country(2022)
14 Flavium Buy Me A Bottle Old Love(2010) Live 10-10-2010


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Campaign songs (non-stop)

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Springsteen, Bruce We Take Care Of Our Own Barack Obama democraat 2008
2 Creedence Clearwater Revival Fortunate Son John Kerry democraat 2004
3 Fleetwood Mac Dont Stop Bill Clinton democraat 1996
4 Mellencamp, John  Our Country John Edwards democraat 2008
5 Guthrie, Woody  This Land Is Your Land George H. W. Bush republikein 1988
6 Janovsky, Peter  High Hopes John F. Kennedy democraat 1960
7 Brand, Oscar  Adams and Liberty John Adams Federalist 1800
8 Brand, Oscar  California, Here We Come Ronald Reagan republikein 1980
9 Green, Pat Wave On Wave George W. Bush republikein 2000
10 Smokey Robinson & The Miracles Get Ready Chris Dodd democraat 2004
11 The Rolling Stones You Can't Always Get What You Trump republikein 2016
12 Nelson, Willie  Crazy Ross Perot onafhankelijk 1992 
13 Clash Rudie Can't Fail Rudy Giuliani republikein  2008
14 Fosko, Bob  Een Mens Is Meer SP 2002

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Nieuwe releases en speciale aandacht voor Fons Daamen


Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Taylor, James You've Got a Friend Live (1993)
2 Taylor, Joanne Shaw Keep On Lovin'Me The Blues Album(2022)
3 Jones, Seth Lee Desiree Flathead(2022)
4 Hart, Beth Black Dog A Tribute To Led Zeppelin(2022)
5 Mark Pontin Group Everything, Tomorrow Kaleidoscope(2022)
6 King of The World Pressure Royal Ten(2022)
7 Theessink, Hans & Big Daddy Wilson Virus Blues Pay Day(2022)
8 Delines, The This ain't no getaway The Sea Drift(2022)
9 Anderson, Matt Other Side of Goodbye House to House(2022)
10 Lanegan, Mark Untitled Lullaby Free The West Memphis 3 (2000)
11 Procol Harum Pandora's Box Box - All This and More….(2009)
12 Sadies, The Message to Belial you tube / Single 2022
13 Colvin, Gerry One More Week Back & Forth(2017)

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Find the cost of freedom

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young Find The Cost Of Freedom Single 1970
2 Hendrix, Jimi Freedom Isle of Wight (1970)
3 Allison, Luther Freedom Rich Man (1987)
4 Springsteen, Bruce Chimes Of Freedom Chimes Of Freedom (1988)
5 Limeliters Times are getting hard boys Heisenberg's Playlist (2014)
6 Barclay James Harvest Kiev Face to Face (1987)
7 Marley, Bob Redemption song Uprising (1980)
8 Gaye, Marvin What's going on What's going on (1970)
9 Impressions People get ready Single 1971
10 Seeger, Pete Where have all the flowers gone Song 1960
11 Cockburn, Bruce If I had a rocket launcher 2 Meter Sessies ; vol.1 (1991)
12 Waters, Roger Mother Lock down sessions (2020)
13 Band I shall be released (a-capella) Music from Big Pink - BONUS (1968)

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Gemeenteraadsverkiezingen 2022: Tom Verhaegh (CDA)

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Berry, Chuck School Days Single Januari 1957
2 Iron Maiden Wasted Years Somewhere in Time(1986)
3 Guns N Roses Paradise City Appotide For Destruction(1987)
4 Queen Innuendo Innuendo(1991)
5 Dire Straits Walk Of Life CAMPAGNELIED Brothers in Arms(1985)

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Gemeenteraadsverkiezingen 2022: Natascha Kroonstuijver (50PLUS Venlo)

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Crosby Stills Nash As I come of Age 1975 / 2012 (mix)
2 Adams, Oleta  Window Of Hope Evolution (1993)
3 Depeche Mode Everything counts  Live Pasadena (1988)
4 Village People Can't Stop The Music CAMPAGNELIED Single 1980

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Gemeenteraadsverkiezingen 2022: Jan Valize (PVV)

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Katie Melua In my secret life Pictures (2007)
2 Simon & Garfunkel I am a rock Sounds of Silence (1966)
3 Parker jr, Ray Ghostbusters Ghostbusters
4 Long, Robert Settela Nu (1996)
5 Horner, James The sinking CAMPAGNELIED Titanic

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Gemeenteraadsverkiezingen 2022: Vera Kuijs (VSP)

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Bluebells, The Young at Heart Single Collection (1984)
2 Parton, Dolly  9 to 5 Odd Jobs(1981)
3 Rouleaux, Kristel Door de Wind Opname 2021
4 Rogers, Kenny The Gambler The Gambler (1978)
5 Alphaville Forever Young CAMPAGNELIED Forever Young (1984)

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Gemeenteraadsverkiezingen 2022: Stefan Hugues (SP)

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Fosko, Bob Een mens is meer Campagnelied 2003
2 Vaughan, Stevie Ray Voodoo Child (Slight Return) Couldn't Stand the Weather (1984)
3 Vai, Steve  Bad Horsie Alien Love Secrets (1995)
4 Chickenfoot Turning Left (Live in Phoenix) CAMPAGNELIED (Live 2007)

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Heavenly releases en musicians in heaven

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Led Zeppelin The Song Remains The Same Houses of The Holy (1972)
2 King Of The World Someone Like You Royal Ten (2022)
3 Bailey, Ellis Sunshine City Shining in The Half Light (2022)
4 Weber, Brothers, The & Timothy Bracken Schoolin' Choose Your Own Adventure (2021)
5 Weber, Brothers, The & Timothy Bracken Something You Can Talk About Choose Your Own Adventure (2021)
6 Young, Neil Heading West Barn (2022)
7 GA-20 Give me Back my Wig Does Hound Dog Taylor (2021)
8 Fussell, Jake Xerxes Love Farewell Good and Green Again(2022)
9 Johnson, Syl I Wanna Satisfy Your Every Need Back For A Taste(1973)
10 Johnson, Jimmy & Syl Johnson Living The Life Two Johnsons are better than one(2001)
11 America (Willie Leacock) Tin Man Holiday(1975)
12 Waterson, Norma Dreaming The Very Thought of You(1999)
13 Butterfield Blues Band (met Sam Lay vocals & drums) I Got My Mojo Workin' The Butterfield Blues Band (1965)

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Gemeenteraadsverkiezingen 2022: Wim Janssen (GroenLinks)

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Ochs, Phil Changes Live 1964
2 Cash, Johnny Man in Black Man in Black  (1971)
3 Winehouse, Amy & Tony Bennett Body & Soul Single 2011
4 Cray, Robert Don't Be Afraid of The Dark Don't Be Afraid of The Dark (1988)
5 Presley, Elvis & Junkie XL A Little Less Conversation CAMPAGNELIED (single 2003)

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Gemeenteraadsverkiezingen 2022: Roel Konings (EENLokaal)

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Stray Cats Rock This Town Stray Cats (1981)
2 Hendrix, Jimi Red House Are You Experienced (1967)
3 Hoax, The  Groove Breaker Live Forever(1999)
4 Vaughan, Stevie Ray Pride and Joy Texas Flood (1983)
5 Verwijst, Wiel Venlo Stedje van Lol en Plezeer CAMPAGNELIED

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Gemeenteraadsverkiezingen 2022: Remy Maessen (D66)

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Cohen, Leonard Democracy The Future (1992)
2 Sambora, Richie  Harlem Rain Undiscovered Soul (1998)
3 Klein Orkest Over De Muur Single 1983
4 Springsteen, Bruce Thunder Road Born to run (1974)
5 Scene Iedereen Is Van De Wereld CAMPAGNELIED cd Blauw (1990)

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Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Cardinals, The The Door is Still Open Atlantic R&B (Vol 3) (1955)
2 Crosby Stills, Nash & Young Wooden Chips Woodstock (1970)
3 Mountain Theme From an Imaginary Western Woodstock Two (1971)
4 Dylan, Bob Highway 61 Woodstock '94 (1994)
5 Traffic Pearly Queen Woodstock '94 (1994)
6 Adams, Ryan Manchester Big Colors(2021)
7 Adams, Ryan Middle of the Line Big Colors(2021)
8 A.J. Plug Gimme a Smile Killer King (2021)
9 Dingemans, Nienke Tennesee River Devil On My Shoulder (2021)
10 Captain Morgan Express Hanging Tree No Weirdos Please (2021)
11 Bacon Fat Louis Wait and See BFL#3 (2021)
12 Old Salt Pastures of Plenty Live in Room 13 (2021)
13 Noe, Ian Irene  Between The Country (2019)
14 Brace, Eric & Last Train Home If I Had A Nickel Everything will Be(2022)

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New goods

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Jessie Lee & The Alchemists Get Out Of My Head Let it shine 2021
2 The Ragged Roses  Do Me Right Do Me Right (2021)
3 The Blue Chevys Willow Tree The Night Calls (2022)
4 Kardang Magic  
5 Dipner, Pierce  We're Not Leaving Goin' Back (2022)
6 Sugar Queen & The Straight Blues band Better Ways  
7 PD Martin Come To Bed Sinle (2021)
8 Guitar Jack Wargo Livin' In The Blues Til The Money's Gone (2021)
9 Big Red Machine Phoenix (feat. Fleet Foxes) How Long Do You Think It's Gonna Last?
10 Bony Man Cinnamon Fields Cinnamon Fields (2021)
11 Mick Flannery & Susan O'Neill Trouble In the Game (2021)
12 JW Roy Laat Het Leven Maar Zweven Kouwe Kermis (2022)
13 Woodpickers All Life Matters The Woodpickers Singles (2021)
14 Gov't Mule Snatch It Back And Hold It Heavy Load Blues (2021)

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Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Van Morrison  Song of Being a Child The Philosophers Stone (1998)
2 Earl, Ronnie Beatiful Child Language of the Soul (1994)
3 Carpaneto, Henry Angel Child Voodoo Boogie (2014)
4 Mayfield, Curtis  If I were Only A Child Again Back To The World (1973)
5 Gaye, Marvin Save The Children What's Going On (1971)
6 Kinks, The Mindless Child Of Motherhood BBC Session (1970)
7 Old Crow Medicine Show Child of The Mississippi Volunteer (2018)
8 Taylor, Chip Storybook Children Hit Man (1996)
9 Simon, Paul Mother and Child Reunion Paul Simon (1971)
10 Earle, Steve Nothing But A Child Copperhead Road (1988)
11 Earle, Justin Townes Kids in The Street Kids in The Street (2017)
12 Holiday, Billie God Bless The Child Best Of (1942)
13 King, Carole Child of Mine The Carnegie Hall Concert (1971)
14 Isbell, Jason  Only Children Reunions (2020)
15 Lowe, Nick Children Go Where I Send Thee Quality Street(2013)


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In Memoriam 2021

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 John Miles Now that the magic has gone Upfront (1993)  
2 Charlie Watts The Red Rooster The London Howlin' Wolf Sessions (1971)
3 BBA (Tim Bogart) Blues deluxe Live (1974)
4 Moore, Gary  In My Dreams How Blue Can You Get (recensie)
5 Moore, Gary  Done Somebody Wrong How Blue Can You Get (recensie)
6 Nancy Griffith Love At The Five And Dime One Fair Summer Evening (1988)
7 Poco (Rusty Young & Paul Cotton) Hoe down From the inside (1971)
8 Carlsberg (Jaap Castricum) All The President's Men Single 1979
9 Nesmith, Michael (Monkees) Tomorrow and me And the Hits Just Keep on Comin' (1972)
10 Michael Stanley Let's Get The Show On The road  Friends & Legends (1973)
11 Staple Stingers (Pervis Staples) A Hard Rain's A Gonna Fall This Little Light (1964)
12 Supremes (Mary Wilson) You move me Right On (1970)
13 ZZ TOP (Dusty Hill) Tusk Live At Montreux (2014) 


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Eerbetoon aan wijlen Jan Duyf

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 PF Sloan From A Distance Sailover (2006)
2 Lux, Kaz Between Alpha and Omega Guitar/Vocal (2001) 
3 Lee, Albert  If I Needed You  Heartbreak Hill (2003)
4 Derix, Egbert & John Helliwell Mood Piece for John Anthony Paintings in A Minor Lila (2012)
5 Matthews, Iain & Egbert Derix Buddha dials your Number In The Now (2012)
6 Rens, Sue van No Words Closure (2008)
7 Jodymoon Never Run Out A Love Brand New (2019)
8 Hinojosha, Tish Aquela Noche Aquela Noche (1991)
9 Baartmans, BJ Klaar Voor / Achter (2010)
10 Baartmans, BJ & Mike Roelofs Goodnight Lester Ins Blaue Hinein(2019)
11 Kuhn, Josie La Luna Loca La Luna Loca (2000)
12 Kvitnes, Henning Younger Voices Scandicana
13 Adams, Arno D'r is gen Verschil D'r is gen Verschil ( 2000)
14 Engels, Ton & Egbert Derix In de Kroeg In het zuiden opklaringen (2005)
15 Matthews, Iain Morgan The Pirate If you saw Thro'My Eyes (2005)
16 Matthews, Iain If you saw Thro'My Eyes If you saw Thro'My Eyes (2005)

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Black Friday

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 STEELY DAN BLACK FRIDAY (Geen Black Friday maar Black Flaaiday) Katy lied (1975) 
2 Los Lonely Boys Friday Night Live At Blue Cat Blues (2006)
3 SEALS, SON Friday AGAIN Bad Axe (1984)
4 TRAVERS, PAT BLACK FRIDAY Don't Feed the Alligators (2000)
5 Lewis, Alfred  Friday Moan Blues Trains On The Highway (1996)
6 King, Chris Thomas Friday night bleu Hotel Voodoo (2017)
7 Rascal Flatts Friday  Changed (2012)
8 Easybeats Friday on my mind Single 1966
9 Yola Diamond Stutted Shoes. Stand for myself (2021)
10 Yola Stand For Myself  Stand for myself (2021)
11 J.J. Cale Friday "5" (1979)
12 Sinatra, Nancy Friday’s child Nancy in London (1966)
13 Carlton, Larry  Friday Night Shuffle Eric Clapton's Crossroads Festival - Dallas (2004)

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Een muzikale ontdekkingstocht

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Moody Blues, The The Story in Your Eyes Every Good Boy Deserves Favour(1971)
2 Bryant, Danny Rescue Me The Rage To Survive(2021)
3 Boogie Beasts Howl Love Me Some(2021)
4 Bailey, Ellis Sunshine City Shining In The Half Light(2022)  single release
5 McKeon, Scott Third Eye Witness New Morning(2021)
6 McKeon, Scott Take me Back New Morning(2021)
7 Seven Stars over Sicily The Loner & The Lifeguard The Endless Sea(2021)
8 Ragged Roses, The Do Me Right Do me Right(2021)
9 Tip Jar Tell Me Something One Lifetime(2021)
10 Pollux, Frans & Baer Traa t Waas Beloaf Single(2021)
11 Eric Devries Little White Lies Song & Dance Man(2021)
12 Honeyrunners, The Honeymoon Everything is on Fire(2021)
13 Curse Of Lono Let Your Love Rain Down On Me People in Cars(2021)
14 Verlinde, Guy Ain't Nobody Gonna Hold Me Down All is Forgiven(2019)