Playlist 1430 opgenomen 9 juni 2024 (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé en Henk Maeghs, techniek Lilian Schatorjé)

R.I.P 2024 (tot dusver)

Artiest Titel Album
1 Clarence "Frogman" Henry Ain't Got No Home Too Fast To Live Too Young To Die (2003)
2 Duane, Eddy Rebel Rouser Have 'Twangy' Guitar Will Travel (1958)
3 Lawrence, Steve Go Away Little Girl  
4 Shangri-Las Leader Of The Pack  
5 E.L.O. laredo tornado Eldorado(1974)
6 Turtles You Showed Me Present the Battle of The Bands(1968)
7 Floyd, Gary A Better Man World of Trouble(1994)
8 Koerner, John “Spider” Delia A Nod To Bob(2001)
9 Betts & Great Southern, Dickey  Bougainvillea Dickey Betts & Great Southern (1977) 
10 Harley, Steve  Emma Uncovered (2020)
11 Clarke, W.C. Ain't it funny how time slips away Big Blues Extravaganza! (1998)
12 Wallinger, Karl Politics Now and in time to be (William Butler Yeat tribute) (1997)
13 Melanie Close to it All My First Album(1968)
14 Sparks, Randy following a dream Angel Unchained (1970)
15 MC5 Motor city is burning Kick Out The Jams (1969)

Playlist 1429 opgenomen 29 mei 2024 (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé, techniek Lilian Schatorjé)

ZIEL VAN VINYL: gitaarsolo's (maar dan anders, met Geert Driessen)

Artiest Titel Album
1 Turner, Ike prancin' the legendary ike turner and the kings of rhythm(1958)
2 Only Ones, The another girl another planet the only ones(1978)
3 Jansch, Bert blackwater side the bert jansch sampler(1966)
4 Tharpe, Sister  rosetta  that's all/denomination blues  live in france(1966)
5 Grateful Dead not fade away / goin'down the road feelin'bad skull fuck (1971)
6 Wray, Link comanche rockin' and handclappin'(1959)
7 Captain Beefheart further than we've gone bluejeans & moonbeams(1974)
8 Super Rail Band  konowale globestyle worldwide your duide(1985)
9 Revelons, The red hot woman marty thau presents 2x5 (1980)
10 Spruil, Wild Jimmy  hard grind the hard grind blues man ((1959)

Playlist 1428 opgenomen 24 mei 2024 (samenstelling Henk Maeghs, techniek Peter Gubbels)

Protest (maar dan met muziek)

Artiest Titel Album
1 Gaye, Marvin What's going on What's going on (1970)
2 Gil Scott-Heron The Revolution will not be televised Pieces of man 1971
3 Dietrich, Marlene Sag' Mir, Wo Die Blumen Sind "1963"
4 Donovan Universal soldier Universal soldier (1965)
5 Buffy saint-marie The War Racket (Unplugged) Medicine songs (2017)
6 Dylan, Bob Masters of war Freewheeling bob dylan (1963)
7 Groot, Boudewijn de De eeuwige soldaat "1965"
8 Baez, Joan Nasty man "2017"
9 Ochs, Phil I ain't marching anymore I ain't marching anymore (1964)
10 Buffalo springfield For what it's worth "1966"
11 Mayfield, Curtis  People get ready People get ready (1965)
12 Seeger, Pete Which side are you on "1940"

Playlist 1427 opgenomen 1 mei 2024 (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé, techniek Lilian Schatorjé)

Zinge in ut Dialek: Bert van den Bergh

Artiest Titel Album
1 Six Plys Tzar Destination Identity Pa Pha Da(1986)
2 Bergh, Bert van den  Hoege Hiere t Verlange(2012)
3 Bergh, Bert van den  Limburgse Zomer Kleur(2016)
4 Bergh, Bert van den  Un Slaopleedje vur Mam single (2023)
5 Cave, Nick Push The Sky Away Live met Melbourne Symphony (2021)
6 Parton, Dolly Gonna Hurry(as Slow as I Can) Dolly(2009)
7 Janssen, Huub Geej Hed van Die Daag Rust(2009)
8 Harold K Heppeneert Heppeneert(2014)
9 Bergh, Bert van den Coming Back To You A Lullaby For Suffering(2023)
10 Bergh, Bert van den Dance me to The end of Love A Lulaby For Suffering (2023)
11 Bergh, Bert van den & 't Verlange Luna & Sol Luna  & Sol (2014)

Playlist 1426 opgenomen 28 april 2024 (samenstelling Henk Maeghs, techniek Peter Gubbels)

King of ...

Artiest Titel Album
1 Little Richard King of Rock and Roll King of Rock and Roll (1971)
2 Ten Years After King of the blues Now (2004)
3 Edmunds, Dave  King of Love Rockpile (1971)
4 Chapman, Roger  King of Cats Under No Obligation (1992)
5 Rea, Chris  King of The Beach King Of The Beach (2000)
6 Neutral Milk Hotel King of Carrot Flowers In The Aeroplane Over The Sea (1998)
7 McGuinn, Roger  King of the Hill Live from Mars (1996)
8 Barrule & Paul McKenna King of the Sea Manannan's Cloak (2015)
9 Horslips King of The Fairies Dancehall Sweethearts (1974)
10 Proclaimers King of The Road King Of The Road (EP 1990)
11 Seals and Crofts King of Nothing Unborn child (1994)
12 Pendragon King of the castle Not of This World (2005)

Playlist 1425 opgenomen 21 april 2024 (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé, techniek Lilian Schatorjé)

1974 en 50 joar later!

Artiest Titel Album
1 Allman Brothers, The Jessica Brothers & Sisters(1975)
2 Clark, Gene Silver Raven No Other(1974)
3 Ozark Mountain Daredevils Jacky Blue It'll Shine When it Shines(1974)
4 Parsons, Gram Brass Buttons Grievious Angel(1974)
5 VanderVeen, Ad Good Life Rise in Love(2024)
6 Secret Sisters, The Same Water Mind, Man, Medicine(2024)
7 Decennium Oriental Weeping Woman Song of the Sad Times(1974)
8 Cooder, Ry Tamp 'Um Up Solid Paradise and Lunch(1974)
9 Cinelli Brothers, The Aint Blue But I Sigh Almost Exactly.. (2024)
10 Krissy Matthews & Friends Learn To Live With The Blues Krissy Matthews & Friends(2024)
11 Betts, Richard (Dickey) Rain Highway Call (1974)
12 Betts, Richard (Dickey) Long Time Gone Highway Call (1974)
13 Chicago Mike Beck Blues of the World Love! It's About Time(2024)
14 Boogie Beasts Sunday Morning Soul Neon Skies & Differend Heights (2024)


Playlist 1424 opgenomen 14 april 2024 (samenstelling Henk Maeghs, techniek Huub Hovens)

Zinge in ut Dialek: Linda Zijlmans

Artiest Titel Album
1 Zijlmans, Linda  Ik Kom Dr Aan Ik (2017)
2 Engels, Ton Wie laat Wermer as vandaag (2000)
3 Nelissen, Lex Tuin Der Lusten Tuin Der Lusten (2005)
4 Zijlmans, Linda  Lös of Leefde Ik (2017)
5 Zijlmans, Linda  Löpse Vaerder Ik (2017)
6 Krauss, Alison  Wouldn't Have Made Any Difference Forget About It (1999)
7 Mayer, John Gravity (2006) Continuum (2006)
8 Zijlmans, Linda  Honger van mien hert Vaerder (2010)
9 Zijlmans, Linda  Zoë Bin Ik Ik (2017)
10 Zijlmans & Frans Hermans, Linda  Wat as ich dich neet kin loate goan Spotify
11 Mitchell & James Taylor, Joni  Carolina in My Mind Royal albert hall (1970)

Playlist 1423 opgenomen 11 april 2024 (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé, techniek Huub Hovens)

All The News From Moulin Blues (gast Wil Wijnhoven en Huub Houben)

Artiest Titel Album
1 Little Steve & The Big Beat Just Fooling Around Another Track(2016)
2 Sister Suzie Ain't No Lady Ain't No Lady(2018)  
3 Chris O'Leary Band You Break It You Bought It The Hard Line(2024)  
4 Monster Mike Welch If I Had Possesion over judgement day Nothing But Time(2023)
5 La Perra Blanco Treat Me Like A Man Should Do Get It Out(2024) 
6 Little Hat Clema Wine, Whiskey & Wimmen(2021)
7 The Cold Stares Nothing But The Blues Voices(2023)
8 La Ratte Trouble Ashtray (2024)
9 D.K. Harrell While I'm Young The Right Man(2023)
10 Tomi Leino Trio Doreen Play That Thing(2022)
11 Danielle Nicolle Love On My Brain The Love You Bleed(2024)
12 Marlon Pichel Good Ol' Loving Good Ol' Loving(2023)
13 Robert Finley Nobody Wants To Be Lonely Black Bayou(2024)
14 The Wicked Lo-Down Kill Me Or Keep Me Out Of Line(2024)
15 The Juke Joints Mercy Mercy 35 years Of Rock Rollin Blues(2018)


Playlist 1422 opgenomen 3 april 2024 (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé, techniek Huub Hovens)

ZIEL VAN VINYL: de Vinyl Single: de geboorte, zijn puberteit en volwassenheid (met Geert Driessen)


Artiest Titel Jaar single Info
1 Sharpe, Ray Oh, my baby's gone 1959  
2 Palace Brothers Ohio River Boat Song 1992  
3 Dyke And The Blazers Funky Walk part 1 1968  
4 Young, Faron If i ever fall in love (with a honky tonk girl) 1970  
5 Anderson, Roshell  The grapevine Will lie Sometimes 1974  
6 Rob Hoeke Rhythm And Blues Group Margio 1966  
7 Junior Murvin Police & Thieves 1976 gecovered door The Clash
8 Allan, Johnny  The Promised Land 1975 Chuck berrry cover
9 Wright, Bobby  The Blood Of An American 1974 heet nu Abu jalib
10 Contours, The First I Look At The Purse 1965 gecovered door the J geils band
11 Lovin' Spoonful, The Darling be Home Soon 1967  
12 Crochet, G.L  Look out Mabel 1959  
13 Oblivian Seekers There's No Depression In Heaven 1990  

Playlist 1421 opgenomen 28 maart 2024 (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé, techniek Huub Hovens)

Nieuwe schijven van 24 (met BJ Baartmans)

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Commoners, The Hangin' On Again Find a Better Way(2024)
2 Cinelli Brothers, The Ain't Blue But I Sigh Lucky Star(2024)
3 Leeuw, Leif de Small Town Mighty Fine(2024)
4 Baartmans, Bart Jan The Other Side Ghostwriter(2024)
5 Baartmans, Bart Jan Old Habits die Hard Ghostwriter(2024)
6 Mahal, Taj Betty and Dupree Swinging Live At The Church in Tulsa(2024)
7 Dingemans, Nienke Hollywood Girl There Ain't No Hollywood Girl (2024)
8 Holcombe, Malcom Pitiful Blues Pitiful Blues(2014)
9 World Party Put The Message in a Box Goodbye Jumbo (1990)
10 Owens, Dean (& Neilson Hubbard, Will Kimbrough)   Buffalo River Pictures (2024)
11 Thompson, Richard Singapore Sadie Ship To Shore(2024)

Playlist 1420 opgenomen 28 maart 2024 (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé, techniek Huub Hovens)

Down By The River 2024: een gesprek met Gijs Cals (Grenswerk) 

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Indigo Girls  Down By The River 1200 Curfews Live 1995
2 Néomi Someone New Single (2024)
3 Hackensaw Boys Cages we're Grow in Hackensaw Boys (2022)
4 Woody & Paul Let it Shine Let it Shine(2023)
5 Brothers Moving Sass Strummin'(2024)
6 Ward, Lauren Ruth I Feel Cool EP Lauren Ruth Ward(2019)
7 Jana Mila When Times Get Rough single (2022)
8 Edwards, David Eugene Lionisis Hyacint (2023)


Playlist 1419 opgenomen 17 maart 2024 (samenstelling Henk Maeghs, techniek Peter Gubbels)

Voorbeschouwing 13e bluesrockfestival "Oppe Reuver"

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 The Bluesanovas  You hurt me  Big Love (2023)
2 The cinelli brothers choo ma gum Villa Jukejoint (2021)
3 Freischlader, Henrik Caroline Night Train To Budapest (2013)
4 The Bluesanovas  Won't You Make Up Your Mind Big Love (2023)
5 Boogie Beasts Boogie Chillun Blues from Jupiter (2022)
6 Van Bergen, Richard Right On Time Walk On In (2017)
7 The cinelli brothers hairy armpits Villa Jukejoint (2021)
8 Boogie Beasts Soul Keeps Crying Come And Get Me (2016)
9 Van Bergen, Richard Maybe Someday Walk On In (2017)
10  Freischlader, Henrik The Messiah Will Come Again Blues For Gary (2017)

Playlist 1418 opgenomen 13 maart 2024 (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé, techniek Huub Hovens)

Zinge in ut Dialek: John Theuws

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Engels, Ton Okay Okay Tattoo Herfskampioen(2017)
2 Cream Crossroads  
3 Derek & The Dominos Got To Get Better in a Little While Unreleased (1971)
4 Flink Kiepevel Kiepevel(1999)
5 Flink Rimpels van de Herfst Net Ech (2001)
6 Flink Gedachte aan de Maas Net Ech (2001)
7 Flink Wandele door de Stad Net Ech (2001)
8 Theuws, John  Ik hald van Dich Ver Weg
9 Theuws, John & Konsorte De Maas in het Midde Wae Wet(2023)
10 Theuws, John & Konsorte Benkske in ut Park Wae Wet(2023)
11 Engels, Ton Miene Versjterker Noets mier Werke(2022)
12 Engels, Ton Goij Vriende Wies Merge (2008)

Playlist 1417 opgenomen 7 maart 2024 (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé, techniek Huub Hovens)

Southern Blues Night 2024 gast: Jos Potting

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Square Keys, The Shake it Off Tonight Tales(2023)
2 Cinelli Brothers, The Last Cigarette Last Cigarette(2022)
3 Robinson, Tad Sunday Morning Woman Back in Style(2010)
4 BB & The Blues Shacks Little Mae Jive Talk Slow Walk(1995)
5 Meena Cryle & The Chris Fillmore Band I Beg You Tell Me (2014)
6 Duijf, Robbert Verse 8 Change Myself (2023)
7 La Ratte Whiskey Astray(2023)
8 Subterranean Street Society Masters of War Masters of War(2023)
9 Reverend Shawn Amos & The Brotherhood Counting down the days Blue Sky(2020)
10 Kitty Liv Money The River That Flows(2021)
11 Andersen, Matt Devil's Back Live From The Phoenix Theatre (2023)

Playlist 1416 opgenomen 3 maart 2024 (samenstelling Henk Maeghs, techniek Peter Gubbels)

Behoud het goede en ontdek het nieuwe

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Morrison, Van  Two Hound Dogs Accentuate The Positive (2023)
2 Foley, Sue Oh baby it ain't no lie One guitar woman (2024)
3 Henry, Katie Voodoo woman Get goin' (2024)
4 Bonamassa, Joe Is It Safe To Go Home Blues Deluxe Vol. 2 (2023)
5 Johan Time For Change the great vacation (2024)
6 Real Estate Somebody new Daniel (2024)
7 Taylor, Julian  Long Time Ago Anthology Vol. 1 (2023) 
8 Ester  Living Room Laundry album (2023)
9 Clay, Scott  One for the road Jade
10 Bailey, Liam Boy Zero Grace (2024)
11 Sola, Vera Bad Idea Peacemaker (2024)
12 Adams, Ryan Darkness Star Sign (2024)


Playlist 1415 opgenomen 28 februari 2024 (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé en Geert Driessen, techniek Huub Hovens)

ZIEL VAN VINYL: Rond de Wereld in een uur (met Geert Driessen)

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Adams, Justin & Mauro Durante Dark Road Down Still Moving (2021) (UK / Italie)
2 Mtukuzi, Oliver  Dzandimomotera zZmbabme (1990) (Zimbabwe)
3 Evora, Cesaria Sodade Miss Perfumado (1992) (Kaap Verdie)
4 Gabby Pahinui Hawaiian Band (feat. Ry Cooder), The  Aloha Ka Manini Volume One (1977) (Hawaii)
5 Ali Farka Touré (feat. Ry Cooder) Diabary Talking Timbuktu (1994) (Mali)
6 Ahmed, Sharhabil Argos Farfish The King of Sudanese Jazz (2020) (Sudan)
7 Mataja, Branko Tesko Mi Je Zaboravit Tebe Plays Over The Fields And Mountains (2022) (Servie)
8 Wild Tchoupitoudas, The Brother John Wild Tchoupitoudas (1976) (Louisiana)
9 Tinariwen Ten Hert Imidiwan: Companions (2009) (Mali)
10 Albion Band, The Poor old Horse Rise Up Like The Sun (1978) (UK)


Playlist 1414 opgenomen 18 februari 2024 (samenstelling Henk Maeghs)

Vastentijd: 40 days & 40 nights

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Primer & Clark Jr. Gary, John  40 Days and 40 Nights Muddy waters 100 (2015)
2 Kid Stormy Weather Bread and Water Blues History of New Orleans Rhythm & Blues Vol. 2 (2013)
3 Wells, Junior Broke & Hungry Black & White (2015)
4 Big Bill Broonzy Hungry Man Blues Big Bill Broonzy Vol. 2 (1932-1934)
5 Liggins, Jimmy  No More Alcohol Looking Better Every Beer (1954)
6 Finnegan, Mike  Bread and Water Cameo Parkway On the Northern side (1965)
7 The Teddy bears Fourty days Snackbaren Pĺ Hjřrnet (1984)
8 Bingham, Ryan Bread and water Mescalito (2007)
9 Gill, Vince  Bread and Water Guitar Slinger (2011)
10 Robison, Bruce Can't get there from here Country Sunshine (2001)
11 Dylan, Bob Ain't No More Cane Basement tapes (1965)
12 Waters, muddy 40 days and 40 nights Live at Cambridge (1966)

Playlist 1413 opgenomen 04 februari 2024 (samenstelling Henk Maeghs)

Vasteloavend: "Wat trekke we aan?"

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Adams, Arthur All Dressed Up Look What The Blues Has Done For Me (2017)
2 Guy Forsyth Band Red Dress Red Dress (2015)
3 Them Black dress The Angry Young Them (1965)
4 Melly Frances & The Distilled Spirits -  Blue Dress The Album (2014)
5 Kirsten Pink dress The Chick Singer (2001)
6 Herring, Caroline  White dress Camilla (2012)
7 Russel, Leon  Angel In Disguise Angel In Disguise (2006)
8 Rondstadt, Linda   Prisoner In Disguise Prisoner in Disguise (1975)
9 Presley, Elvis  Devil in disguise Elvis' Gold Records Volume 4 (1986)
10 Morrison, Van Who Was That Masked Man Veedon Fleece (1974)
11 Bragg, Billy The man in the iron mask Life's A Riot With Spy Vs.Spy (1983)
12 Baker, Chet  Send in the clowns Live at Ronnie Scott's (1986)

Playlist 1412 opgenomen 28 januari 2024 (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé)

Americana Outlaws van toen en nu

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Cash, Johnny Redemption American Recordings(1993)
2 Fussel, Jake Xerxes Carriebelle Good and Green Again(2022)
3 Martin, Jeffrey There is a Treasure Thank God We Left The Garden(2023)
4 Foley, Blaze Oval Room Oval Room / Live At The Austin Outhouse(1989)
5 Sullivan, Jim Sandman If The Evening were dawn(Songs from 1969) release 2019
6 Noe, Ian Lonesome as it Gets River Fools & Mountain Saints(2021)
7 James, Early & Sierra Ferrell Real Low Down Lonesome Strange time to be Alone(2023)
8 Prine, John The Great Compromise Diamonds in The Rough(1972)
9 Kaye, Thomas Jefferson All Cried Out First Grade(1974)
10 Owens, Dean Companero Sinner's Shrine(2022)
11 Childers, Tyler Peace of Mind Country Squire(2019)
12 Dunn, Willie I Pity The Country Creation Never Sleeps, Creation Never Dies(1971)

Playlist 1411 opgenomen 21 januari 2024 (samenstelling Henk Maeghs)

Zinge in ut dialek: Paul Breuer

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Breuer, Paul You're a big girl now Live Omroep Venlo 24 mei 2021
2 Pollux, Frans Duuster as ik dans Pollux Duit Springsteen (2012)
3 Engels, Ton Kal toch plat Wies Merge (2008)
4 Fender, Sam Spit Of You Seventeen going under (2021)
5 Rolling Stones & Lady Gaga & Stevie Wonder Sweet sounds of heaven Hackney Diamonds (2023)
6 Kwante Hippe Moeijer Moeijer EP (2023)
7 Kwante Hippe Alles kump good Moeijer EP (2023)
8 Live Paul Breuer Ich un bang Live in de studio
9 Live Paul Breuer De waereld is moej Live in de studio
10 Chicago Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is Live at Carnegie Hall (1971)

Playlist 1410 opgenomen 14 januari 2024 (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé)

Zinge in ut dialek: Marion Vervoort

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Cassidy , Eva Autumn Leaves Live at Blues Alley(1997)
2 Engels, Ton De Nevel Alles in de grip( 2010)
3 Laverman, Nienke De Dream Plant (2021)
4 Lohues, Daniel Zo Weit alles Ooit Vurbei Hout Moet (2011)
5 Vervoort, Marion Stille vlinder Nachtvogel(2022)
6 Vervoort, Marion Allien Weend Nachtvogel(2022)
7 Vervoort, Marion Als of ut Laeve good is zoe Nachtvogel(2022)
8 Vervoort, Marion Deze Stilte Nachtvogel(2022)
9 Vervoort, Marion & Egbert Derix Straolend Leeg Kersmis in Venlo(2019)
10 Brun, Ane & Teitur Rubber & Soul  Duets(2005)
11 Rambags, Sanne/ Vincent Courtois/Julian Sartorius Autumn in May Twigs(2023)


Playlist 1409 opgenomen 7 januari 2024 (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé en Henk Maeghs)

Eerbetoon aan Hubert van Hoof (overleden op 31-12-2023)

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Beatles, The  In my life Rubber soul (1965)
2 Crooker, Brendan Dreaming my Dreams  CD 30 jaar Hubert on The Air, Live L1 Radio (2001)
3 Lafave, Jimmy The Open Road ROZ Live 1994
Gesprek Arnold Rypens (The Originals)    
4 Morrison, Van Slim Slow Slider (Long Version) Astral weeks (1968)
5 Dylan, Bob Forever young Shadow Kingdom (2023)
6 Carboon Leef is Mie Land   Witse nog Koempel(1976)
7 Charles, Bobby It Must Be in a Good Place Now Bobby Charles(1972)
8 Willy DeVille  Heaven Stood Still Acoustic Trio in Berlin (2003)
9 Kinney, Kevn Bird Op slag van maandag (1994)
Gesprek Jan Donkers (VPRO)    
10 Jayhawks, The Gonna Be a Darkness Back Roads and Abandoned Motels (2018)
11 Diddley, Bo Heart O Matic Love Bo Diddley(1958)
12 Dion (DiMucci) Attraction Works Better Than Promotion You're Not Alone (1971)
13 Circo di sento Across the borderline Live radio Maastricht (2003)

Playlist 1408 opgenomen 30 december 2023 (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé en Henk Maeghs)

Eindejaarsuitzending Red Rooster voor het goede doel: De Wensambulance.

Artiest Titel Titel album  
1 Coldplay  A Head Full of Dreams A Head Full of Dreams (2015) 2015
2 Rascal Flatts My Wish Me and My Gang (2006) 2006
3 Hermans, Toon  Leven Is Leven Als De Liefde (2000) 2000
7 Maffay, Peter Uber sieben Brucken muss du gehen Revanche (1980) 1980
4 Redding, Otis  I've Got Dreams To Remember The Immortal Otis Redding (1968) 1968
5 Theuws & Konsorte, John Troubadour Live Omroep Venlo 2023
6 Theuws & Konsorte, John Maas in het midden Live Omroep Venlo 2023
8 Vera, Danny  Roller Coaster Pressure Makes Diamonds 1 & 2 (2019) 2019
9 Arnold, Billy Boy  I wish you would Back Where I Belong (1993) 1993
10 Shaffy , Ramses  Onmogelijke droom Laat Me (2009) 2009
12 Theuws & Konsorte, John Kump allemoal good Live Omroep Venlo 2023
11 Bergh, Bert van den  Op Zeuk Verzameld (2009) 2009
13 Fogerty, John Wish it was true Fogerty’s Factory (2020) 2020
14 Orbison, Roy  In Dreams Black & White Night (2006) 2006
15 Franklin, Aretha  Don’t Let Me Loose this Dream I Never Loved a man the Way I Love You (1967) 1967
16 Springfield, Dusty  Wishin'and hopin' A Girl Called Dusty (1964) 1964
17 Neet oet Lottum Hald mich ens vas Krak (2004) 2004


Playlist 1407 opgenomen 20 december 2023 (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé)

ZIEL VAN VINYL viert Kerst (met Geert Driessen)

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Finnigan, Kelly Santa's Watching You A joyful sound (2020)
2 Seeger, Mike, Peggy and Penny  Cradle hymn American folk songs for Christmas(1989)
3 Simone, Nina Children go where i send you The amazing Nina Simone(1962)
4 Prine, John Christmas in prison Sweet Revenge(1973)
5 Tex, Joe I'll make every day christmas  (for my woman) Soul Christmas(1967)
6 Fahey, John Hark the angles singing/ come all ye faithfull Christmas guitar vol one(1982)
7 Fishbone Slick nick, you devil you It's a wonderful life(1987)
8 Odetta Oh Jerusalem Christmas spirituals(1960)
9 Chenier, Clifton It's Christmas time King of the Bayous(1970)
10 Jackson, Mahalia o holy night Christmas with Mahalia(1968)

Playlist 1406 opgenomen 17 december 2023 (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé)

Bandpromotie 7-1-2024 Stichting B4 Music - met Twan Linders en Gerard Wijnen

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Bowie, David White Heat, White light Soundtrack Ziggy Stardust(2003)
2 Tedeschi Trucks Band Oh You Pretty Things Let Me Get By(2016)
3 Fatal Flowers Heroes Leidsekade Live 3FM (1990)
4 Nirvana The Man Who Sold The World Unplugged in New York (1994)
5 Cowboy Junkies Five Years Five Years(2022)
6 Bowie, David Wild is The Wind Station To Station(1976)
7 Bowie, David Let's Dance Let's Dance(1983)


Playlist 1405 opgenomen 3 december 2023 (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé)

Hipgnosis: de hoezen en de muziek

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here Wish You Were here(1974)
2 Pink Floyd Let There Be More Light A Saucerful of Secrets(1968)
3 Barrett, Syd Terrapin The Madcap Laughs(1970)
4 T-Rex Cosmic Dancer Electric Warrior(1970)
5 Wishbone Ash Warrior Live Dates(1973)
6 10CC Blackmail The Original Soundtrack(1974)
7 Golden Earring Sleepwalkin' To The Hilt (1975)
8 Led Zeppelin The Song Remains The Same Houses of The Holy(1973)
9 Gabriel, Peter Solsbury Hill Peter Gabriel I (of Car) (1977)
10 Wings Jet Wings Greatest(1977)
11 Solution Third Line (part 2) Cordon Bleu (1975)

Playlist 1404 opgenomen 26 november 2023 (samenstelling Henk Maeghs)


Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Giddens, Rianne  Last Kind Words Tomorrow is my Turn (2015)
2 Haslam, Annie It's all over now baby blue Portraits of Bob Dylan (1999)
3 Griffin, Patti  Where I Come From Patty Griffin (2021)
4 Denny, Sandy  You Never Wanted Me Sandy Denny (1970)
5 Valazza, Kassi  Room in the City Knows Nothing (2023)
6 Felix, Julie Geordie Changes (1966)
7 Merchant, Nathalie  Carnival Tigerlily (1995)
8 Collins, Judy Dark Eyes  Sings Dylan (1993)
9 Griffith, Nanci  Speed of The Sound of Loneliness Other Voices, Other Rooms (1993)
10 Hall, Kristen Thru Cryin' Putumayo Presents: Women's Work (1996)
11 Waterson, Norma  Black Muddy Water Norma Waterson (1996)
12 Baez, Joan Diamonds and rust From the heart (1975) - Live

Playlist 1403 opgenomen 19 november 2023 (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé)

Randy Meisner…gewaardeerd? ….ondergewaardeerd?

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Eagles, The Take it To The Limit One of These Nights(1975)
2 Poor, The  Come Back Baby The Poor (1968)
3 Poco First Love Pickin'Up The Pieces(1969)
4 Nelson, Rick & The Stone Canyon Band She Belongs to Me In Concert at the Troubadour (1969)
5 Taylor, James Country Road Sweet Baby James(1970)
6 Ronstadt, Linda & The Stone Poney's Birds Linda Ronstadt (1971)
7 Eagles, The Midnight Flyer On the Border(1974)
8 Eagles, The Try and Love again Hotel California(1975)
9 Meisner, Randy Take it To The Limit Randy Meisner (1978)
10 Meisner, Randy Anyway Bye Bye One More Song(1982)
11 Meisner, Swan & Rich My How Things Have Changed The Eagle, The Dove, The Gold(2006)
12 Poco Nothin'To Hide Legacy(1989)

Playlist 1402 opgenomen 29 oktober 2023 (samenstelling Henk Maeghs)

Zinge in ut dialek: Peter Beeker

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Ongenode Gaste Ik Wil Dich Veur Dees Nach (2004)
2 Mooder Hellup & Huub Stapel Golde Jaore Single 1992
3 Waits, Tom  Martha Closing Time (1973)
4 Red Devils Goin' to the church King King
5 Beeker, Peter  Door ut stof neet mier Dylan in het plat 2008
6 Drum&Beeker Blood wie water  Blood wie water (2023)
7 Drum&Beeker Kom tot os Blood wie water (2023)
8 Drum&Beeker Blood wie water dictasonic Blood wie water (2023)
9 Mr. Airplane man Believe Jacaranda Blue (2018)
10 Kwante Hippe Moejer EP 2023
11 Drum&Beeker De Koel Blood wie water (2023)

Playlist 1401 opgenomen 19 oktober 2023 (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé)

Diamonds & Stones

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Georgia Crackers, The Diamond Joe Single (1927)
2 Smokin'Joe Kubek & Bnois King Diamond Eyes Fat Man's Shine Parlor (2015)
3 Black Crowes, The Cursed Diamond Freak 'n Roll…Into The Fog!  Live San Francisco (2006)
4 Rolling Stones Angry Hackney Diamonds (2023)
5 Rolling Stones & Lady Gaga Sweet Sounds of Heaven Hackney Diamonds (2023)
6 DeVille, Willie Big Blue Diamond Live Acoustic in Berlin (2002)
7 St.Paul & The Broken Bones Tears in The Diamond Sea Of Noise(2016)
8 T.Rex & Marc Bolan Diamond Meadows T.Rex(1970)
9 Harris, Emmylou Diamond in My Crown The Ballad of Sally Rose(1985)
10 Cash, Johnny & Mother Maybelle Carter Diamonds in The Rough album (1973)
11 Simon, Paul Diamonds on The Soles of Her Shoes Graceland (unreleased Track) (1986)
12 Moore, Christy Shine On You Crazy Diamond Listen(2009)


Playlist 1400 opgenomen 15 oktober 2023 (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé)

Haandert Rock 4 november 2023 (gast Thijs Schwillens en Piet Jacobs)

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Little Feat Down on the Farm Live From Neon Park(1996)
2 Duke, The Painted On  
3 Call To Rise For we Are  
4 Joost de Lange Band Love Fear & Uncertainty Hypnotized(2022)
5 Joost de Lange Band The Night Train Hypnotized(2022)
6 Allman, Devon A Night Like This Ride or Die(2016)

Playlist 1399 opgenomen 1 oktober 2023 (samenstelling Henk Maeghs)

Herfstblues in Venlo

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Mississippi John Hurt blue harvest blues "1929"
2 Siegal, Ian  Hand in Hand  Stone By Stone (2022) 
3 Castro, Tommy   Blues Prisoner  A Bluesman Came to Town (2022) 
4 Cuby & The Blizzards  Baghdad Blues  Cats Lost (2009)
5 D James, Nathan Better left unsaid I May Crawl(2023)
6 Mother's Finest Mickey's Monkey Another Mother Further (1977)
7 Led Zeppelin Custard Pie Physical Graffiti (1975)
8 Wiegman & Carl Carlton, Melanie A hard rain's gonna fall Glory of love (2023)
9 Jong, Timo de  Unparalleled Heart at rest (2023)
10 Morrison, Van  Autumn song  Hard nose the highway (1974)
11 Crosby Stills Nash & Young Love the One You're With Four way street (1971)

Playlist 1398 opgenomen 20 september 2023 (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé)

De Ziel van Vinyl: Geert Driessen

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Castro, Tommy Somewhere A Bluesman Came To Town(2021)
2 Decennium Oriental Weeping Woman Song of The Sad Times(1973)
3 Flamin'Groovies Teenage Head Teenage Head(1971)
4 Jenkins, Johnny Leaving Trunk Ton Ton Macoute(1970)
5 Crowbar Murder in the first degree Bad Manners (1971)
6 King Biscuit Boy Highway 61 King Biscuit Boy & Crowbar(1970)
7 Pink Stones, The No Rain, No Flowers You Know Who!(2023)
8 Taylor, Julian Love Enough The Ridge(2020)


Playlist 1397 opgenomen 17 september 2023 (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé)

"Mijn Dichtboek Open" (Pieter Simons)

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Thompson, Richard & Linda Thompson Dimming Of The Day Acoustic Classics (2014)
2 Pulsief / Simons, Pieter Ruumte Ruumte(2003)
3 Pulsief / Simons, Pieter Saame Sterk Ruumte(2003)
4 Simons, Pieter Rozeroze Lang Gezwegen (2014)
5 Simons, Pieter Nieuwe Papa Lang Gezwegen (2014)
6 Parelmoer De Vrolijke Crisis Vloerwerk(2008)
7 Pulsief / Simons, Pieter oetgeprocedeerd Ruumte(2003)
8 Simons, Pieter Marjolein Lang Gezwegen(2014)
9 Simons / Simons, Pieter Iemand Roept Mijn Naam Kopstukken(2018)
10 Simons, Pieter Loupe Renne Simons
11 Thompson, Richard Beeswing Box "The Life & Music of Richard Thompson (2006)


Playlist 1396 opgenomen 9 september 2023 (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé)

Red Rooster Live in de Doolhof

    Artiest Track  album
13.00   Begintune RR    
  1 Gallagher, Rory Messin With The Kid Live in Europe(1972)
  2 Paladins Going Down To Big Mary's  Years since Yesterday (1990)
  3 Red Devils Devil Woman King King (1992)
    Gesprek met Roger Rutten(Tirr) en Lou Giesen    
  4 Neal, Kenny Blues ain't Nothing But a good man Feeling bad Whaat You Got(2000)
13.45   gesprek met The Original Strikes    
  5 Strikes, The Watch Yourself Bathroom Acoustics(2004)
  6 Zito, Mike Get Buzy Livin' Keep Coming Back(2015)
  7 Taylor, Koko Evil Queen of The Blues (1985)
  8 Fuchs, Dana I'd Rather Go Blind Live in NYC (2007)
14.00 9 Juke Joints, The Walking Down Memphis  Walking Down Memphis(2008)
  10 Bryant, Danny Rise Rise (2023)
  11 Waters, Muddy Mannish Boy Muddy "Mississippi"Waters Live(1979)
  12 Hart, Beth Love is a Lie Fire on The Floor(2016)
    Sessie en gesprek met Jimi Barbiani    
  13 Barbiani, Jimi Voodoo Chile Acoustisch Live in De Doolhof 2023
  14 Barbiani, Jimi Rude Mood Acoustisch Live in De Doolhof 2023
  15 Bonamassa, Joe Sloe Gin Sloe Gin (2007)
  16 Mack, Lonnie Strike Like Lightning Strike Like Lightning (1985)
  17 Sas, Julian Get On Up Stand Your Ground(2019)
  18 Living Blues Wang Dang Doodle Wang Dang Doodle(1970)
  19 Copeland, Shemekia Clotildas On Fire Uncivil War(2022)
15.00 20 Allman Betts Band Down To The River Down ton The River(2019)
  21 JJ Cale Magnolia Naturally(1972)
  22 Taylor, Joanne Shaw  Summertime Wild(2016)
  23 Tedeschi Trucks Band  Anyhow Let me Get By (2016)
    Sessie The Juke Joints    
  24 Juke Joints, The Bad Boy Acoustisch Live in De Doolhof 2023
  25 Juke Joints, The Out On The Western Plain Acoustisch Live in De Doolhof 2023
  26 Juke Joints, The Got Your Heart Acoustisch Live in De Doolhof 2023
    gesprek met Peter Kempe van The Juke Joints    
  27 Freischlader, Hendrik  Down The Road Nighttrain To Budapest(2013)
    Gesprek met Julian Sas    
  28 Sas, Julian Tell Me Why Stand Your Ground(2019)
  29 Castro, Tommie  Enough is Enough Stompin'Gound(2017)
16.00   Gesprek met Jos Potting/presentator     
  30 Trout, Walter  Me My Guitar and the Blues Survivor Blues (2019)
16.20   einde uitzending    


Playlist 1395 opgenomen 3 september 2023 (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé)

Venblues 16 september 2023 Terrein Meulewiekers Venlo

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Drum & Beeker De Koel Blood wie Water(2023)
2 Luca & Uncle Rudi Fire Heyhoef Backstage live
3 Bullfrog Taste Express Going To My Hometown Bluescafe Apeldoorn 2014
4 Doghouse Sam & His Magnatones Love To Spend Buddha Blue(2013)
5 Doghouse Sam & His Magnatones Go Get Some Grub Going Places(2017)
6 Lucy & The Heartbreakers Baby Work Out Cultuurhuis Heerlen 2023
7 Tognoni, Rob New Set Of Rays Catfish Cake(2020)
8 Tognoni, Rob She Waited Catfish Cake(2020)


Playlist 1394 opgenomen 27 augustus 2023 (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé)

De Doolhof 9 sept 2023

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Gallagher, Rory Walk on Hot Coals Blueprint (1973)
2 Juke Joints, The Out on The Western Plain 35 years of rock & Rollin Blues (2016)
3 Strikes, The Crack Smokin'Woman Bathroom Acoustics(2004)
4 Barbiani Band, The Jimi Couse we've ended as lovers Boogie Down The Road(2017)
5 Sas, Julian Stand Your Ground Stand Your Ground(2019)
6 Freischlader, Band, The Henrik She's Back (For another Try) Tour 2010 Live
7 Band of Friends Leap of Faith Too Much is Not Enough (2013)
8 Band of Friends If I Had a Reason Too Much is Not Enough (2013)
9 Bryant, Danny Too Far Gone Means of Escape(2019)
10 Bryant, Danny Rise Rise(2023)

Playlist 1393 opgenomen 20 augustus 2023 (samenstelling Henk Maeghs)

Colly Franssen, Robbie Robertson en meer blues in augustus

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Veldman Crossfire Rock & Blues tussen de Dijken in Tiel (2022)
2 Sas, Julian Home feelin' Julian Sas Plays Rory Gallagher (2006)
3 Jimi Barbiani Band Cause We've Ended As Lovers Boogie Down The Road - Live! (2017)
4 the juke joints bullfrog blues Let It Roll(2008)
5 Hudson, Cary  August Afternoon The phoenix (2002)
6 king, carole  the first day in august rhymes & reasons (1972)
7 Baez, Joan  The 33rd Of August Blessed Are... (1971)
8 Robertson, Robbie  Fallen angel Robbie Robertson (1987)

Playlist 1392 opgenomen 23 juli 2023 (samenstelling Henk Maeghs)

World on Fire

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Hendrix, Jimi Fire Winterland (1968)
2 Kubek, Smokin' Joe  burnin' to the ground Show Me The Money (2004)
3 St. Paul & The Broken Bones Burning Rome Sea Of Noise (2016)
4 Deep Purple Burn Burn (1974)
5 Principato, Tom House On Fire House On Fire (2003)
6 Johnson, Brent Set the world on fire Set the world on fire (2014)
7 Morrison, Van Burning Ground The Healing Game (1997)
8 McLachlan, Sarah  World On Fire Afterglow Live (2004)
9 Fogelberg, Dan  Face The Fire Phoenox (1979)
10 Dylan, Bob & The Band This wheels on fire The Basement Tapes (1965)
11 Douglas Kirkpatrick, Frederick  The Cities Are Burning Everybody's got a right to live (1968)
12 Vanderveen & Iain Mathhews, Ad Funk & Fire Witness (live in Amsterdam 2002)

Playlist 1391 opgenomen 26 juni 2023 (samenstelling Henk Maeghs)

Voorbeschouwing Blierock 16 juli

Gasten zijn Gerard Wijnen en Roel Konings (StichtingB4Music)

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 What The Frnk Get Down There's Something About You (2020)
2 What The Frnk Because Of You There's Something About You (2020)
3 Krissy Matthews band Why Blues boy (2005)
4 Voltage Rollin' With The Punches Tomorrow Hits Today
5 Krissy Matthews band Blues For Robert (part1) Blues boy (2005)
6 What The Frnk There's Something About You (Live) Live

Playlist 1390 opgenomen 18 juni 2023 (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé)

Cosmic country

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Byrds, The One Hundred Years From Now Sweetheart of The Rodeo(1968)
2 Cosmic Country wat is het?  Wat is er anders?   
3 International Submarine Band Blue Eyes Safe At Home(1967)
4 Parsons, Gram In My Hour Of Darkness Grievous Angel(1974)
5 Flying Burrito Brothers Hot Burrito # 1 Gilded Palace of Sin(1969)
6 Capps, Garreth T All Right, All Night All Right, All Night(2019)
7 Sahm, Doug (Sir Douglas Band) Juan Mendoza Texas Tornado(1973)
8 Nesmith, Michael Nevada Fighter Nevada Fighter (1971)
9 Rose City Band Slow Burn Garden Party(2023)
10 Donato, Daniel Fire on the Mountan A Young Man's Mountain (2020)
11 Grateful Dead Sugar Magnolia American Beauty(1970)
12 Pink Stones, The Who's Laughing Now You Know who(2023)
13 Simpson, Sturgil Oh Sarah A Sailor's Guide To Earth  (2016)
14 Romano, Daniel Just Between You and Me Come Cry With Me(2012)
15 Midland Burn Out On The Rocks(2017)


Playlist 1389 opgenomen 11 juni 2023 (samenstelling Henk Maeghs)

Spot aan: The Strawbs

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 The Strawbs Will you go bursting at the seams (1973)
2 The Strawbs Lay down Bursting at the seam (1973)
3 The Strawbs Golden Salamander Nomadness (1975)
4 The Strawbs Or Am I dreaming The Strawbs (1969)
5 The Strawbs New World Grave new world (1972)
6 The Strawbs Forever just a collection of antiques and curios (1970)
7 The Strawbs who knows where the time goes With Sandy Denny (1968)
8 The Strawbs part of the union Bursting at the seam (1973)
9 The Strawbs poor jimmy wilson The Strawbs (1969)
10 The Strawbs Witchwood From the Witchwood (1971)
11 The Strawbs the shepherd's song From the Witchwood (1971)
12 The Strawbs you and i (when we were young) Ghosts (1974)
13 The Strawbs The Familiarity of Old Lovers The Ferryman's Curse (2017)
14 The Strawbs we'll meet again sometime just a collection of antiques and curios (1970)


Playlist 1388 opgenomen 5 juni 2023 (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé)

Down by the river (Grenswerk)

Gast Edith Spies-Wawrowska (Violet's Tale)

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Young, Neil Down By The River Austin City Limits TV Show(1984)
2 Down By The River 2023 25 juni     
3 Cordovas, The Rain On The Rail Destiny Hotel(2020)
4 Cordovas, The Frosen Rose That Santa Fe Channel(2018)
5 Violet's Tale Driving To Texas A Thousand Miles From Nowhere(2021)
6 Violet's Tale Right Or Wrong A Thousand Miles From Nowhere(2021)
7 Boogie Beasts The One Love me Some (2021)
8 Boogie Beasts Run You Down Love me Some (2021)
9 Westen, Dieter van der  Driving Home Me and You(2020)
10 Rose Marin  Rewind Single 2023
11 Reverent Peyton's Big Damn Band Ways and Means Dance Songs For The Hard Times(2022)
12 Reverent Peyton's Big Damn Band Dirty Hustlin' Dance Songs For The Hard Times(2022)
13 Biram, Scott H Can't Stay To Long Fever Dreams(2020)
14 Rose Marin Moving On Southern Comfort(2021)


Playlist 1387 opgenomen 25 mei 2023 (samenstelling Henk Maeghs)

Dancing at Whitsun (Pinksteren)

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Maddy Prior & Tim Hart (Steeleye Span) Dancing at Whitsun Summer Solstice (1971)
2 Los Lonely Boys Heaven Single (2004)
3 Delevantes Little bit of heaven Long About That Time (1995)
4 Blind faith Presence of the lord Blind faith(1969)
5 Thin Lizzy Dear lord Bad Reputation (1977)
6 Harper, Ben Waiting on an angel Welcome to the Cruel World (1994)
7 Crowell, Rodney Closer to heaven 35 Years of Stony Plain (2011)
8 Parton, Dolly Stairway to Heaven Halos & Horns (2002)
9 Tea party Heaven Coming Down TRIPtych (2003)
10 Owens, Dean Hallelujah Whisky Hearts (2007)
11 Lafave, Jimmy only one angel Roots festival 2003
12 First Aid Kit Heaven Knows Stay Gold (2014)
13 Buchanan, Roy Thank you Lord Second album (1973)


Playlist 1386 opgenomen 7 mei 2023 (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé)

Van d'n Hemel noa de Maas

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Bachman - Turner - Overdrive  You ain't see nothing Yet Not Fragile(1974)
2 Black Bottle Riot Still Got My Soul That's Amore(2023)
3 Ticket West & Greg Izor Chucufu Chucufu(2023)
4 Lightfoot, Gordon Early Morning Rain Lightfoot!(1964)
5 Lightfoot, Gordon Sundown Sundown(1974)
6 Morton, Pete Madam Or Sir Hunting the Heart (2000)
7 Vile, Kurt Shame Chamber Walking on a Pretty Day(2013)
8 Vreeswijk, Cornelis Misschien wordt het morgen beter Misschien wordt het morgen beter(1972)
9 Vreeswijk, Jack Till Den Det Vederbor Underbart(2004)
10 Reverent Peyton's Big Damn Band, The Rattle Can Dance songs from the Hard Times (2021)
11 Cordovas, The Warm Farewels Destiny Hotel (2020)
12 Westen, Dieter & Eric van der  Erie Canal The Sun will Rise Again (2021)

Playlist 1385 opgenomen 30 april 2023 (samenstelling Henk Maeghs)

Moulin Blues Ospel en Bluesfestival Tegelen 2023


Artiest Titel Titel album
Moulin Blues Ospel    
1 Belafonte & Bob Dylan Midnight Special "1961"
2 Greg Izor & The Box Kickers I'm Yours I Was Wrong (2010)
3 Backyard casanovas You Don't Give A Damn Backyard Stomp (2023)
4 Delta generators It's Been Hard Get On The Horse (2014)
5 Cat Lee & his cocks Drinkin' wine Cock Tales (2018)
6 Rawls, Johnny Stay with me Waiting for the train (2017)
7 Handsome Jack Got You Where I Want You Rock And Love (2022)
Bluesfestival Tegelen    
8 the juke joints bullfrog blues Let It Roll (2008)
9 Sas, Julian tattoo'd lady [live] Julian Sas Plays Rory Gallagher (2006)
10 Scherpenzeel, Marcel Hendrix Remember (2009)
11 Jimi Barbiani band Cause We've Ended As Lovers Boogie Down The Road - Live! (2017)
12 bryant, Danny Knocking on heaven's door Night Life (2012)


Playlist 1384 opgenomen 23 april 2023 (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé)

Moulin Blues 5 en 6 mei 2023

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Venable, Ally Bring on the Pain Heart of Fire(2021)
2 Lafarge, Pokey Central Time Pokey LaFarge (2013)
3 Lindell, Jesper Twilight Twilights(2022)
4 Davis, Guy Chocolade Man Blues People (2014)
5 Bluesanovas, The Misery Woman Blues "N Roll(2020)
6 Ozdemirs, The Midnight Blues Introducing The Ozdemirs(2023)
7 Blood Brothers (Mike Zito&Albert Castiglia) Hey Sweet Mama Hey Sweet Mama(2023)
8 Mackenzie, Spencer Preach to My Soul Preach To My Soul(2023)
9 Little Charly & The Nightcats I could Deal With it Straight Up(1995)
10 Ray, Sugar & Bluetones Radiades That Charm Knock Out(1989)
11 Bailey, Ellis Riding Out The Storm Shining in the Half Light(2022)
12 Corritore, Bob & Johnny Rawls The World is in a Bad Situation Bob Corritone & Friends(2022)

Playlist 1383 opgenomen 16 april 2023 (samenstelling Henk Maeghs)

Is this the end (of Bluesrock Tegelen)?

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Corritore, Bob  ((feat. Diunna Greenleaf) You Shocked Me You shocked me(2022)
2 John Tiven group End of the blues Blue Guru (1997)
3 Tasby, Finis Dead end street What My Blues Are All About (2005)
4 Holt, Adam The End Kind of Blues (2019)
5 Guy, Buddy This is the end Southern Blues 1957-63 (1994)
6 BB King The Thrill has gone The King Of The Blues (1993)
7 Block, Rory Future Blues Best Blues and Originals(1987)
8 Clarke, William Looking To The Future Blowin' Like Hell (1990)
9 Freischlader, Henrik A new beginning  
10 Mayall, John Brand New Start The Blues Alone (1967)
11 Gallagher, Rory For the last time BBC Sessions Studio (1999)


Playlist 1382 opgenomen 5 april 2023 (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé / Geert Driessen)

That Sounds great!

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 STRAF Het Beest Zeppelin! (2023)
2 Ozdemirs, The Teach Me Introducing The Ozdemirs(2023)
3 DeWolff Tombstone Child Live & Outta Sight II (2019)
John Peel eerbetoon van Geert Driessen    
4 Grinderswitch Picking The Blues Macon Tracks (1975)
5 Medicine Head When the Night Falls New Bottles Old Medicine (1970)
6 Winston, Stanley No More Getto's in America Single (1970)
7 Captain Beefheart Big Eyed Beans from Venus Clear  Spot(1972)
8 Jansen, Sem Part of me Uncle Sem(2023)
9 Dorris, Jop Lost My Spark Single (2021)


Playlist 1381 opgenomen 26 maart 2023 (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé)

Golde Joare 50 joar geleeje!

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Led Zeppelin The Song Remains The Same Houses of the Holy(1973)
2 ZZ Top Jesus just Left Chicago Tres Hombres(1973)
3 Gallagher, Rory Cradle Rock Tattoo(1973)
4 Clapton, Eric Layla Rainbow Concert(1973)
5 Buchanan, Roy Filthy Teddy Second album(1973)
6 Allman, Gregg Queen of Hearts Laid Back(1973)
7 Steve Miller Band Evil The Joker(1973)
8 Waits, Tom Little Trip to Heaven(On the Wings of Your Love) Closing Time(1973)
9 Coyne, Kevin Marlene Majory Razorblade(1973)
10 Young, Neil Don't Be Denied Time Fades Away(1973)
11 Brinsley Schwartz I Won't Make it Without You Please Don't Ever Change(1973)
12 Little Feat Two Trains Dixie Chicken(1973)
13 Wonder, Stevie Don't You Worry "Bout a Thing" Innervisions(1973)
14 Alquin Convicts Of The Air The Mountain Queen(1973)
15 Yes Mood For a Day Yessongs(1973)

Playlist 1380 opgenomen 19 maart 2023 (samenstelling Henk Maeghs)

Alex Akela & Birgit Wijdemans

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Incredible Bongo Band (Jim Gordon X 13-3-2023) Apache single 1973
2 Alex Akela & Birgit Wijdemans Singing to strangers Live studio Omroep Venlo
3 Alex Akela & Birgit Wijdemans Serendipity Live studio Omroep Venlo
4 Alex Akela & Birgit Wijdemans Muzikant Live studio Omroep Venlo
5 Alex Akela & Birgit Wijdemans Someone else's shoes Live studio Omroep Venlo

Playlist 1379 opgenomen 12 maart 2023 (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé)

Heavenly Music

Artiest Titel Titel album
Harry de Winter 22 mei 1949 - 7 maart 2023  
1 Miller, Steve  Wintertime Book of Dreams (1977)
Gary Rossington 4 dec 1951 -5 maart 2023  
2 Rossington Collins Band Winners and Losers Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere (1980)
3 Rossington Collins Band Gonna Miss it When It's Gone This is The Way(1981)
4 Lynyrd Skynyrd Simple Man Pronaunced'Len-Nerd'Skin-Nerd (1973)
5 Lynyrd Skynyrd Sweet Home Alabama Endangered Spacies(1994)
David Lindley 21 maart 1944 -3 maart 2023  
6 Lindley, David Mercury Blues El Rayo-X (1981)
7 Kaleidoscope Please Side Trips (1967)
8 Cooder, Ry & David Lindley If Walls Could talk Family Tour Live 1995
9 Zevon, Warren Numb as Statue The Wind(2003)
10 Browne, Jackson Running On Empty Running On Empty(1977)
Wayne Shorter 25 aug 1933 - 4 maart 2023  
11 Shorter, Wayne & Miles Davis Sanctuary Bitches Brew (1969)
12 Mitchell, Joni Not To Blame Turbulent Indigo (1994)
13 Steely Dan Aja Aja(1977)
14 Henley, Don The End of The Innocence The End of The Innocence(1989)


Playlist 1378 opgenomen 26 februari 2023 (samenstelling Frank Schatorjé)

25 jaar Southern Blues Night

Artiest Titel Titel album
1 Foster, Willie & Juke Joints You Promised me Love Walking Down Memphis(1999)
2 Gates, Phil Turn Me Up The Twelve Rhythms (2016)
3 Salgado, Curtis Wiggle Outa This Wiggle Outa This (1999)
4 Goldwasser/Rannenberg/Wade She's Hip Crazed and Dangerous (2022)